If you want to entertain yourself with your mobile phone you should know What to play with Siri? This way you can easily have fun.

What can I play with Siri?

Siri is the personal assistant of all Apple devices, its operation is carried out by means of the well-known artificial intelligence. And it helps you to solve different problems, and you can even have fun with it.

According to many users, Siri works as an excellent company, and it is that it is not only in charge of controlling your schedule, or helping you with tasks, it also gives you a fun time that you can enjoy even with friends. For this reason, we leave you the different ways in which you can play with Siri.

Have fun using the Heads and Tails game

This is one of the main games that you can enjoy in the company of your friends, and who hasn't played heads and tails? It is so used that it even helps you make some decisions.

The best thing is that, just by saying "Hey Siri, flip a coin". he will listen to you, and immediately he will have the answer.

It is important to clarify that the coin is obviously not seen rotating on the screen of your mobile device, however, Siri tells you the result. Once you give the order to Siri, what she responds is "heads or tails".

Throw the dice

Games of chance are one of Siri's favorites, for this reason, in addition to the popular heads and tails, it also helps you with the roll of the dice. As in the previous case, Siri will not show you the dice, but it will notify you of the result.

You have the option to tell Siri to roll one or two dice, In either case, the personal assistant will reply with the results. Note that the dice are still numbered one through six.

It is one of the best games that you can enjoy with Siri. Even if you're playing with your friends and they don't have any dice, or you don't want any of them to cheat, just ask Siri to help you roll the dice and you're done. But remember that, many times he can play tricks on you, and still tell you the results.

Siri can help you with board games

Despite the fact that currently table games may not be one of the favorites by users, they are still available, and it is also a way in which you can unite your friends and have a different time together .

Siri is an excellent board game helper, and the best part is that she doesn't have preferences, all its results are fair, regardless of whether you are his favorite.

It's a good option, especially if you're alone at home and want to have fun, Siri is in charge of rolling the dice on her turn, and mentioning the number of squares she has to move. Even in this way she can beat you, so do not trust yourself.

You know, if at any time you find yourself bored, or you don't have enough players for a board game, Siri is your best option.

Play cards with Siri

Another of Siri's favorite games are cards, even from voice commands this personal assistant you can create different and fun magic tricks that will make you have an incredible moment.

Remember that the important thing for Siri to work perfectly is to create a conversation, and wait for it to respond to you.

In this case with the letters the process is very similar to the previous ones, you must tell Siri "Hey Siri, throw a card." In this way, you will immediately have your answer.

Siri generally likes to play with the French decks, it is important to keep this in mind when starting the game so that there is no confusion.

With this game, you can even create different dynamics or riddles for your friends to guess the Siri letter. You can also play the odds and set some penalties for the loser.

Play by asking questions with Siri

A fun proposal for you to entertain yourself in the company of Siri is the game of questions and answers. You can't imagine all the crazy things it can say to you during those minutes of fun, I assure you that you will hear unique and fun phrases.

You can ask the most difficult questions, or about topics that interest you, and Siri will always have an answer for you, even if you don't have any knowledge on the subject. Another easier option is to tell him to tell you a joke, and let yourself be surprised by his witticisms.

You can also take advantage and ask for a song, which will immediately begin to play. Thus, you have the possibility of including games with music, to make the experience more fun.

Play Free Fire

Playing Free Fire with Siri is another of the options we have for you, and if you didn't know them, this is a game that you can synchronize with your device without problems. In this way, Siri knows all the information about what you are playing, and can help you anytime you need it.

According to some gamers, Siri has helped them a lot during their games, because the moment they ask you a question related to the game, you immediately look for an answer and advice consistent with the situation you are experiencing in Free Fire.

Keep in mind that it will not make you win, however, all of its tips and tricks are great to help you become a winner.

Siri works mainly as a personal assistant for devices with the iOS operating system, however, over time it has become one of the best aids for users, and that is, just by mentioning the phrase "Hey Siri" A sea of ​​possible solutions, questions or answers to your concerns opens up.

And, as if that were not enough, you also have fun using all its functions, without a doubt it is one of the best creations.