[toc] Surely it has happened to you many times, you are waiting for something to be downloaded on Utorrent, that movie you want to see, some program for your PC or another type of file, it doesn't matter, and it takes sooo long to download this file.

If this is something that happens to you frequently…

In this guide we are going to give you the most recommended settings for you to try to speed up Utorrent, we will start with basic program settings and end with the use of external programs to increase this speed. Let's start!

Before starting you have to take into account how this system works, through the Torrent system you can download any file, but it must be on some servers, the more popular what you download is on more servers it will be and the easier you can download it while if it is something that is not very popular it will be in few servers and it will cost you more to download it.

Therefore, if you are trying to download something that has few sources (also called peers), don't worry, it is normal for it to be slow and you can't do much, but if it is a file that is popular, keep reading.

The most important tips when optimizing uTorrent

To be able to download your video games and movies much faster than ever, you need to make a series of configurations to the uTorrent client itself. Although first of all I would like to comment that increasing the download speed does not only depend on the software configuration, but also depends on other different factors:

Internet connection

Just to be clear, if you don't have a fast Internet speed right now, you'll never be able to download at a relatively acceptable speed.

server quality

The quality of the server from which you are downloading the files. As you know, torrents base their operation on a huge network of nodes that have the content you most want, so what your client does is take small fragments of it until the download is complete.

Having said all this, we will now show you the optimal settings for this program. I assure you that you will be able to download your favorite movies in much less time than you are doing now.

A good Internet connection is essential for your downloads to go at the speed they should, since this acts as a bottleneck on many occasions, and means that no matter how well optimized you have Utorrent, you cannot download faster, some factors that matter are:

  • No. MB contracted
  • Actual upload and download speed
  • Number of devices connected to the network
  • Wi-Fi usage of these devices

To find out the true Internet connection you have, you can take a free online test:

You just have to search for that in Google and click on the button that appears to tell you your Internet speed, if you have low speed and still have a good connection, continue reading...

Disable Bittorrent Options

Edit this you it will save a lot of resources and will allow files download much faster. To do so, simply go to Options>Preferences>Bittorrent and make sure all the boxes are unchecked.

Set up the queue

The queue is nothing more than the order in which the files are downloaded. I'm sure you know that you can download more than one torrent at a time, however, is not recommended because speed can really suffer. It is best to put limitations to increase the speed of uTorrent.

To set these limitations, you simply have to go to Menu>Preferences>Queue and set a 1 in both fields of the queue options.

Improve your connection in uTorrent

In order to improve uTorrent and your connection you will need two things.

  • Increase your connection speed. To do this go to Menu>Preferences>Connection and put the exact value of “34914” instead of the default value “30273” in the “Port used for incoming connections” field.
  • Set your bandwidth. In order to improve your bandwidth you must go to Menu> Preferences> Bandwidth and in the value of «Maximum upload speed» you must place a 0.

disable the limiter

Disable the limiter will guarantee that you have no download limits at any time, making uTorrent more efficient and download much faster than it already does.

To deactivate the limiter you must go to Menu> Preferences> Limiter and uncheck the option «Activate transfer limiter».

All of the above not working for you? Keep reading

If all the above has not worked for you, I have a few tips more prepared than I hope they do work for you. Pay attention!

Enable NAT-PMP port mapping and Windows Firewall Exception

  • First you have to open uTorrent as usual. Then click on the tab Options on top.
  • There you have to click on "Preferences". You can also access this menu with the shortcut "Ctrl + P". Afterwards, go to where he says “Folders”.
  • Here we can configure everything that has to do with the storage of files. Now we have to go to the settings that have to do with our connection.
  • We click on "Conexión" and we will check the box that says “Enable UPnP port mapping”, as well as the one that says “Enable NAT-PMP port mapping”.
  • Since you're here, you can also check another box that says “Turn on Windows Firewall Exception”. Activating this box will help you so that the firewall of your operating system does not interrupt the download of the files.

Utorrent connection settings

  • Click on "Bandwidth" and enter the speed provided by your Internet provider. If you do not know the exact data you can leave this field as 0.
  • Now go into your settings “Number of connections” and place the global maximum which is 2329. Also check the option that says “Use additional upload slots if speed <90%”.
  • Following this dynamic, you must check all those boxes that are in the “Basic Bittorrent Features”. Try to avoid checking any box that says “Limit bandwidth to local peers”.
  • Now activate the option that talks about the outgoing encryption protocol. Please check the box that indicates “Allow incoming legal connections”.
  • Finally click on the option next to BitTorrent that says “uTorrent Queue”. Where says “Maximum number of active torrents” You should put a 60 on it.
  • Then put a 63 in the option that says “Number of active downloads” and 100% in the field where it says “minimum share ratio”.
  • Finally, click on "Apply" and in "Okay" to confirm the settings.

Bandwidth Settings

  • To start configuring uTorrent without external programs, open it and go to the menu "Options" to access the option "Preferences".
  •  In the panel that you will see on the left, you must enter "Connection". There you will see a section that says "Port used for incoming connections."
  • Once there you must enter the number «45682» to speed up the download of the files.
  • Next you should go to "Bandwidth" to select your new “maximum upload speed”. In this field we will place a «10». Then where does it say “Max download speed” we should leave it with a «0».
  • Then in the option it says “Number of total connections” we must place a «1.000».
  • After all this, we go to the section of “Max upload posts per torrent”, and we will place a «50».
  • Now let's go back in where it says "Tail" and we will see another five boxes to fill in. Here we will place the following sequence, counting from top to bottom: 6, 8, 100, 0, 0.
  • Next, click on the section "advanced" and we will see an option that says “bt_allow_same_ip”. Here we must verify that we actually have by placing a "True."
  • Finally, choose once what you are going to download and right click on it with the mouse to be able to access the option where it says "Assign Bandwidth". Here we will select "Unlimited"
  • Ready! From now on you should notice how uTorrent will have speeded up just by configuring it.

Optimize Utorrent with external resources

As a last resort, there two more ways to optimize uTorrent. To achieve this we can use a specific program or not, whatever we want. Let's go there!

Add “trackers” to downloads

By using “trackers” you can considerably increase the speed of your downloads with Utorrent.

A tracker is a server that has all the information of the sources that connect to other sources in a way that helps the BitTorrent protocol. In short, they deal with finding more sources of downloads.

To add trackers it is done individually, you will have to right click on the .torrent file> Properties > General and add these trackers in the «Trackers«.

List of trackers to copy and paste

  • udp://public.popcorn-tracker.org:6969/announce
  • udp://tracker.ilibr.org:80/announce
  • http://atrack.pow7.com/announce
  • http://bt.henbt.com:2710/announcehttp://mgtracker.org:2710/announce
  • http://mgtracker.org:6969/announcehttp://open.touki.ru/announce.php
  • http://p4p.arenabg.ch:1337/announce
  • http://pow7.com/announcehttp://retracker.krs-ix.ru:80/announce
  • http://secure.pow7.com/announce
  • http://t1.pow7.com/announce
  • http://t2.pow7.com/announce
  • http://thetracker.org:80/announce
  • http://torrentsmd.com:8080/announce
  • http://tracker.bittor.pw:1337/announce
  • http://tracker.dutchtracking.com:80/announce
  • http://tracker.dutchtracking.nl:80/announce
  • http://tracker.edoardocolombo.eu:6969/announcehttp://tracker.ex.ua:80/announce
  • http://tracker.kicks-ass.net:80/announce
  • http://tracker1.wasabii.com.tw:6969/announce

Use a VPN

If the speed of your Internet connection is slow, no matter how many settings you optimize, it will not increase speed, so first of all it is necessary to have a very good connection, and in these cases it is usually a good option to resort to a VPN.

In addition to this with the use of one of these services we guarantee privacy and security in the files we download from the Internet, since our connection becomes linked to one of these companies that will ensure that no one else accesses.


And sExpressVPN service It offers us very fast speeds, with which we can speed up the download of our files. The negative part is that it has one of the most expensive prices on the market (1 month from €12)

We have unlimited and secure access to any of the pages with which we connect, and what's more, we can even control the configuration of this VPN from an extension in our browser.

This service has a very interesting option which is the "Split tunnel" in which we can apply the VPN configuration only to one browser, for example.


IPVanish specializes in speeding up our downloads from the Internet, especially from Utorrent. It has a very interesting anti-error policy and outstanding protection with the OpenVPN, PPTp and L2TP protocols.

The good part is that it has much cheaper plans than its competitors and we can have a month with this service for less than €5 per month.


CyberGhost is another VPN specialized in increasing the speed of our downloads through Utorrent, it has a similar price to other services (The plans range from €3 to €12 per month, depending on the period) and, like the others, it ensures us more speed and security in our downloads.

The best part of Cyberghost is that it has a good encryption system, applications for both Windows, Mac and mobile devices, and up to 45 days to try the service.

How to speed up uTorrent to the maximum with Cheat Engine

If none of this has worked for you, you can use a program that “tricks” your PC so that it manages more resources for Utorrent instead of other functions of the computer, it is a delicate function, use it with care.

  • Before you start, make sure you have downloaded both the Cheat Engine such as uTorrent.  
  • Now yes, open uTorrent and look for the download you want to make.
  • Then open the Cheat Engine and activate the "Speed ​​hack".
  • To the Speedhack field you have to indicate a «0.'4».
  • Ready! You will have already accelerated the download speed without having to configure anything in the program.

Most frequently asked questions

What is the first thing we should check?

The first thing you should check is your internet connection and the number of sources that the file you are trying to download has.

How can I speed up utorrent without touching these two factors?

You can speed it up by optimizing the program's settings or using VPNs.

Is it easy to make optimization settings?

Yes! There are several adjustments that can considerably improve the speed of your downloads.

By Manuel Garrido

Graduated in Computer Science, passionate about writing and technology. In Digital Guides I am going to offer you the best tutorials of the tools that I master the most, as well as recommendations of apps and programs that will surely interest you.