Activate Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is an application that, over the years, has undoubtedly positioned itself as one of the best media players on the Internet. The truth is that it is one of the most essential accessories to be able to watch videos, view images and even listen to music.

Developed by Adobe Systems and launched on the market in 1996, it carries out one of the main functions of any self-respecting computer: facilitate the reproduction of any multimedia element. The only problem is that you have to have it updated and activated to be able to use it safely and without any type of restriction.

In case you have certain problems and it is not clear to you by activating Adobe Flash Player, then we want to give you the solution and explain how to do it in each and every one of the most popular browsers today.

How to activate Adobe Flash Player on PC and Android browsers

Follow the instructions that we will provide you later to be able to activate Adobe Flash Player in any of today's most popular browsers:

Activating Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome

First open Google Chrome and update it to the latest version if you don't have it. When you are inside the program, go to the upper right corner and click on the button shaped like three vertical circles. Now, within this drop-down, click on the “Settings” section, then you must go down until you find the “Advanced settings” section.

Within the advanced settings we have to find the “Content settings” section and click on it. Among the options that appear, we will go to “Flash” to enter the settings. Now we just have to click on the button above so that the option “Ask before (recommended)” is marked.

Clever! Starting today, every time you need to use Adobe Flash Player, Google Chrome will ask you if you want to give it permissions and you will have to click “Allow”. This is just a simple security measure, nothing more.

Activating Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer Edge

First open the browser and place yourself inside it. Then go to the top right corner and click on the button shaped like three ellipses. Now, inside said dropdown, find the section of "Setting", then scroll down and click "Advanced configuration".

Already within the advanced configuration, one of the first fields that will appear is that of "Use Adobe Flash Player". Now press the button that you will have below to activate it in case it is deactivated. Finally, close Internet Explorer Edge and reopen it. Clever! From now on when you enter a website that requires Adobe Flash Player An icon shaped like a puzzle piece will appear above you. Just click on it, and then on "Allowing once".

Activation of Adobe Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox

First open the browser and go to the top right corner. Next, click on the button shaped like three horizontal lines. Now, within said dropdown you should find the section of "Complementos" and click it.

Now you are inside the "Add-on manager". In this section you must go to the section of "Extensions" to be able to manage the applications you have installed.

Now you have to try to find an extension with the name “Shockwave Flash” or “Adobe Flash”. When you find her, look at the bottom right corner dropdown inside the hood and click on it. Then check the option Ask to activate.

And that's it! We just need to restart the browser by closing it completely and reopening it. From now on, when we need the help of Adobe Flash Player to run any type of content, we will have to click on the “Activate Adobe Flash” button in the pop-up window that appears.A

Activating Adobe Flash Player in Safari

First of all, open the Safari browser and click on the gear-shaped button. A menu should then drop down. Well, now we have to go to the section of "Preferences" and click on it. In the window that will appear next, we must access the “Security” section.

Now an additional window will appear. Here we have to search for “Adobe Flash Player” and check the box. Clever! Now every time Safari requires Adobe Flash Player to run any type of content, it will ask you first if you want to activate the application or not.

Activating Adobe Flash Player in Opera

Open Opera and then click on the button with three lines inside the navigation screen.

Then scroll down as far as you can and click “Go to browser settings”. Now go to the section "Advanced" and look for the section of "Content settings". When you get it, go in and choose the field called "Flash".

When you are already inside, make sure to enable the following option: Allow sites to run Flash content. Later, since we are here, we will mark the option “Ask before (recommended)”.

Clever! Hereinafter the browser will ask you whenever you need to use this extension.

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