Each new version of Android is presented as a truly important event for the most fanatical of the Green Martian. This is mainly due to the great changes and improvements that each of them usually includes.. And it is that in addition to changes, completely new tools are also usually implemented to the system, so it is totally reasonable that you are looking forward to the new version and thus enjoy the new qualities of everyone's favorite Martian.

Although it will largely depend on the model and brand of mobile you are using, it is usually possible to update it to the latest version through the settings of the device itself. However, there are many users who are unable to update their terminal to the latest version. Why? We will try to answer this question using all the possible solutions currently available to us, so read on!

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Why is my mobile device not updating?

This question has 100% two possible solutions:

  • That the update has not yet arrived and is about to fall.
  • May your mobile device never be updated again.

As a general rule, official updates usually take up to 2 years. The catch comes when we discover that this only applies to high-end and mid-range terminals. The cheapest range, that is, the low range, sometimes it is updated only once and sometimes it is not updated at all.

What happens after the manufacturer completely abandons a mobile terminal? Mainly that it will stay as it is, unless you take some action on it. Let's go there!

How to Update an Android Mobile Device Using an Over The Air Update

“Over The Air” updates are the easiest method to get the latest version of the Android operating system. These updates usually arrive automatically in the form of a notification, so when the new version is ready, you just have to confirm its download and installation through the notification bar. This process is valid for both mobile devices and Android tablets.

There are some occasions when Over The Air updates do not arrive automatically and need to be forced manually. If this happens to us, we must force said update through the settings of our device. In case someone does not know where to go, they should look for the "about the phone" section or similar and then enter the updates section.

If you can't update your Android device with an Over The Air update, either because you can't get it to arrive, or because the manufacturer has blocked that specific update, there are other more individualized update methods that will depend on the model and brand of the device. On going!

How to update a Samsung mobile device

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When we cannot update a Samsung mobile device through Over The Air update, we must resort to “Odin”.

First of all we have to download the ROM corresponding to the Samsung model that we have. Here we need to make sure that the model number is exactly the same as ours. A single variation in this number can lead our mobile to a definitive brick and it will not be of any use to us.

After downloading the flashable software by Odin, we must save it in a folder on our desktop. Now we must put the mobile in download mode (home button + power button + vol- button) and connect it to our computer. Finally, we will load the file that we have downloaded and we will click on the “Start” button.

Clever! If something goes wrong during the process, try not to disconnect the device except in absolute extreme necessity. Samsung ROMs usually think several GB, so it is completely normal that it takes a few minutes. Do not be in a hurry and be patient, you will get it.

How to update a Sony mobile device

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If what you need is to update the Android operating system version of a Sony mobile device, you can use the “Flashtools” software. This program is very similar to «Odin», with the particularity that it is a little easier to use.

To manually install the update that we want to add to our device, we just have to find the file that we want to install and save it in a folder on the desktop. Next, we must turn off the mobile and connect it to Flashtools while holding down the volume button -. Lastly, we need to load the file into Flashtools and flash the update.

Clever! This particular program it is extremely difficult for it to give us any problem because it is quite recent, so today is our lucky day.

How to update a BQ mobile device

BQ mobile devices have two possible ways to update their software. The first is by “Hard Reset” and you only need to hold the power button and the volume button +. The second is through the “bootloader”. Let's see what this is about!

To update a BQ mobile device, we must first download the tool package on our computer and unzip it. Next, we need to save the file to a folder on our desktop. Now from the developer options of our device, we must activate the unlocking of the bootloader. For this, we need to turn on our phone in “Fastboot” mode by pressing the power button and at the same time the volume down button. last place, we just have to connect our mobile to the computer and click on “install latest available firmware”.

How to update an LG mobile device

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LG brand mobiles also have their own tool to update their Android operating system. In this case, you just need to download the program from LG's official website, connect your phone and download the update. Clever! You already have your LG 100% updated to the latest version of Android.

How to update a OnePlus mobile device

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The popularity of OnePlus mobile devices has only grown, and it is that its community is one of the main pillars of purchase of these devices, apart from the gigantic specifications at completely ridiculous prices. Currently there are several methods to keep your OnePlus updated, although from here we have taken the trouble to select the simplest for you:

First of all, we must download the ROM directly from the official OnePlus page. Next, We must save the file in the storage memory of our phone. Subsequently, we have to restart the phone in “Recovery” mode. To do this, we must hold down the power button and simultaneously the volume down button. last place, we only have to select the file and install it from the internal memory that we will find.

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