How to add friends to play in Axie Infinity?

Without a doubt, Axie Infinity is the most famous and sustainable NFT game of all. With more than 3 years of success, this game has become an example to follow for many projects. But, despite being a good tool to make money, don't forget that it's also a game that you can have fun with your friends. That is why today we explain, how to add friends to play in Axie Infinity?

It should be clarified that playing with your friends will not earn you SLP, nor will you be able to climb cups. Nevertheless, playing Axie Infinity with your friends is essential to practice with your team, as well as knowing how to play other axes compositions and, finally, calculating the damage of your cards.

How to add friends within Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity main menu.

Adding your friends to play in Axie Infinity is really easy. The first thing you should do, of course, is enter the game. Once inside, you must click on the friendship icon (it is located on the bottom right). This is the correct menu to add your friends.

Already within this friends menu you will see a button on the top right that says “Add friend”, you will have to click it. After this, a window will open within the same menu where you must enter the Ronin wallet address of the friend you want to add.

Axie Infinity menu to add friends.

Once you have entered the Ronin address, it will appear the username and the option to send the friend invitation. Remember to click on the add button to send the friend request. Since, if you don't, even if you have put the address of his Ronin wallet, nothing will come to him.

Send friend request in Axie Infinity.

NowNow it's all about what your friend enters Axie Infinity and accepts you. If you don't know how to do it, then you just have to click on the friend button that we mentioned earlier and accept your friend invitation.

Playing with your friends will make you improve in Axie Infinity

As you can see, adding a person in Axie Infinity is really easy. You just have to follow the steps that we present to you and that's it. We recommend you practice with your friends, since much of the success as a player depends on your skills and knowledge about your team and those of the opposite. In fact, we recommend you take a look at the tricks in Axie Infinity to win your arenas, since they will surely serve you.

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