Best free alternatives to Kahoot to make contests

kahoot is a free application designed with the purpose of giving users the opportunity to create various personalized questionnaires, without limiting the subject or purpose of the questions.

However, it is not the only platform of its kind that offers these services for free, so below we show you the better alternatives thanks to Kahoot to make contests; as well as payment.

Main problems with Kahoot

The reason why many people turn to alternatives to Kahoot, it is because the tool itself has a variety of problems that hinder the good use of its services. Here are the main problems with Kahoot and the alternatives you have if you want to fix it.

1. Expensive plans

One of the main problems with the Kahoot platform is focused on the high cost of its plans. Reason for which, many students and teachers have decided that the best option is to change tools. To give a clearer example, an individual plan in Kahoot "Economic" will have an approximate price of 19$ per month; cost that, unlike other platforms of its kind, is very inaccessible.

Solution: use the classdojo app to obtain tools and free trial of excellent quality and of greater benefit.

2. Try for free

Like any other paid platform, Kahoot has the option to "try its services for free", allowing future customers to take advantage of and experience its uses or benefits more closely.

However, many of the user complaints originate from this free trial. Because this not only provides very limited options, but also has a maximum duration of 7 days. Which is very unbeneficial for those people who really want to assess whether the experience with the tool is really good or not. Fortunately, this can be fixed by using competing platforms.

Solution: test the quiz app to have access to your free plan without problems.

3. Difficult plans to understand

If you have already paid a monthly payment with the platform, surely you have noticed that It has more than 4 different plans in each of the areas in which you request admission. It does not matter if you are a student, a teacher, if you are going to use it professionally, individually or as a team; the platform always has a new and confusing plan to give you and this makes it a headache for most of us.

Solution: el Classtime website It may be the right option to solve this type of confusion; besides being the best Kahoot alternative without mobile.

4. Limited customer support

If you have doubts about the plans, the service, the tools or the way to correctly use the Kahoot platform; Your first thought may be to find help through customer support.

However, this is not always very helpful, because customer service is not through an operator; You will only be able to get support through their email. If you are not very familiar with mail, you could try using its virtual assistant; which is a robot that will answer your questions as best as possible; but does not always have the necessary answers for users.

Solution: Liar not only does it have an interface that is easy to understand and use in class or at work. Also, it offers impeccable customer service.

5. Failures at the time of employment

Many people have reported in the comments of the application, large and numerous crashes when using functions in class or at work. Although these failures may be due to other factors in which the Kahoot application may not always be involved; The reality is that if at any time its use becomes a problem for any member, the ideal is to use another alternative that benefits everyone equally.

Solution: el google form It is a good alternative if you have problems when using Kahoot.

6. Limited number of participants

If you have decided to buy or acquire one of the most expensive plans on the platform, you will notice that it only allows entry to 2.000 active participants. This number may not be enough if you need the services of the platform to carry out an event or activity where the participants exceed this number.

Fortunately, there are other alternatives that guarantee you a cheaper plan, for a greater number of members or audience. You will only have to find the ideal among our free alternatives to Kahoot

Solution: AhaSlides can allow a larger number of members in your conference or survey if you need it.

7. Limited customization options

Kahoot's customization options vary depending on the plan you decide to pay for within the platform. Nonetheless, these options are still very limited in terms of editing or visual and auditory preferences that the creator needs when doing the surveys.

In many of the free alternatives to Kahoot you will be able to find broader editing options; from functions to change color, backgrounds and even the font used in each survey. Being possible, in addition, the use of videos, images, audios and comments to add more difficulty, details or clarity in the questions asked in said questionnaire.

Solution: Among the alternative tools to Kahoot relevant to the personalization of questionnaires, there is hypersay, one of the best of its kind.

8. Easy to hack

As a popular and widely used application by students from the United States and other cities around the world, the Kahoot platform is constantly hacked and sabotaged by malicious people.

Although this is not a defect of Kahoot, much less does it mean that the tool is to blame for these events. The truth is that it is good to have other options or free alternatives to Kahoot if this issue were to interrupt a live class or meeting.

Solution: Meeting Pulse is an alternative to Kahoot specially designed to meet all the needs of the creator and participants without interruptions of any kind.

9. Plans are hard to cancel.

If the platform has already collected a new month of payment, it will be difficult for you to recover the money, giving you, as the only option, the use of the month that has already been canceled.

Now, that may not seem like a huge problem for those who have only purchased a monthly plan; but the inconvenience is for those who paid for a whole year of the service; something that is common among users of said platform. Since, in most plans, this is one of the options that stands out the most when trying to enter for the first time.

Solution: GymKit is a simple and intuitive application to use if what you need is an alternative to Kahoot with QR codes.

Alternatives to Kahoot to make contests

Previously, we have shown you what are the main problems that you can experience when using the Kahoot platform; just as we mentioned some of the free alternatives to Kahoot that you can use if you need it.

Next we will help you to know even more about each and every one of the best free alternatives to Kahoot to make contests; so that you can evaluate the benefits of each on your own.



ClassDojo is a free application with which teachers, students and parents can communicate and share the learning progress that has been obtained in class. The tools offered by the portal are varied and very useful if you want to evaluate and qualify the level of knowledge of the participants.

Such is the usefulness of the questionnaires prepared using this tool, that currently has more than 10 million downloads worldwide. On the other hand, its operation is based on giving the creator (teacher) the opportunity to form an academic community with which to share the questionnaires that will evaluate the knowledge obtained in the classroom.

The students will have a personal folder, in which they can save and view all the evaluations; the images of their work, their note, and even the activities in which they participated.

At the same time, You can see the process of each participant and share it with their parents. In addition, there is the possibility of announcing and sending both images, videos and audios, all with the purpose of improving the understanding of each member.



With more than 20 million users, the application de Quizizz is one of the best free alternatives to Kahoot that exist on the Internet. This platform can be used individually, to learn and answer various questionnaires; as well as in a group way, for the classroom, the university or the institute of education.

On the other hand, the colorful and intuitive interface of this learning platform will help engage students even more to participate in the elaborated assessments.

Among the available options, you will find the opportunity to improve your questionnaire by adding allusive images to the question or the question that has been asked. This allows students to more easily remember or guess the correct answer; improving your grade and encouragement to learn new and interesting things.

Now, taking quizzes is not the only thing you can take advantage of in this application; Well, it has its own search icon with which you can locate other questionnaires on different topics to learn or share in the classroom.



One of the main virtues of classtime is that there is designed to meet all the educational needs of teachers. There, they are offered a section in which they will be able to appreciate the amount of time that the students took to answer; in addition to seeing what the answers have been that they have selected and who have been the first to successfully complete the questionnaire.

It is important to highlight that it is a platform to which you can only enter from their website; from it you can create or access your account, in addition to managing the questionnaires that students will use in class. On the other hand, you can also share the code that students will need to enter the evaluation in a timely and organized manner; action that seeks to streamline the teaching process.

Among its tools, there are those that are used to carry out surveys that integrate mathematical problems; images, YouTube videos, puzzles, analytical challenges and additional comments issued by the teacher.

4. Mentimeter


Mentimeter is another of the recommended applications if you are looking for a excellent free alternative to Kahoot to do contests. With it, you will have the advantage of make live presentations, in which students will be able to observe and respond according to the knowledge taught in class.

Also giving you the opportunity to share all your opinions regarding the questionnaire; thus expanding the information that students will obtain by participating in the activity.

It is without a doubt, a wonderful alternative to distance educate participants; Regardless of the topic to be addressed, you will obtain the percentage of correct answers and the total score of each participant. Like the participants, they can also be informed about their level of success and final grade.

5. Google forms

Google Forms

You probably didn't know that Google offers you a free tool with which to make forms and surveys quickly. Thanks to this you will be able to know the option most voted by the participants, and thus obtain a clearer answer of what your students or workers prefer.

When entering the edition of a new form in google, you will have the option to edit the questions you are going to ask; see the number of options that the participants will have to choose, observe the answers that each member has marked, among others. In addition, it will allow you to add images and highlight how mandatory or optional it is to ask a specific question.

Without any doubt, this is the most efficient and complete alternative to Kahoot that you will be able to use on the Internet; and it can be highlighted that everything it offers for the elaboration of the questionnaires is completely free and does not require a mandatory subscription.



El AhaSlides portal It is described as a practical tool to develop highly useful questionnaires that gain prominence in presentations; meetings, and educational classes of any subject or academic level. Its most relevant quality is the ease that the tool gives you to use different editing options; without the need to pay for a Premium plan.

Its function is based on making presentations or surveys for the benefit of the teacher or guide; and that can be projected later to each of the attendees with a code to access the meeting. When the participants are connected to the platform, the guide will be able to see the interactions of each member when doing the questionnaire. 

However, the usefulness of this tool is not limited to the preparation of questionnaires; also includes in it various learning games that can be edited and improved so that it fits perfectly with the purpose of the meeting or the class taught. In addition, there will be the "Brainstorming" option, which will allow participants to make their comments and opinions known on a common topic.



Hypersay is a platform in which users will be able to enter a live presentation using a code that will direct them to the chat room. There you can stream video, audio, and even share slides; all with the purpose of chatting and recreating an optimal work or student environment for the exchange of information.

Among its features, the possibility of carrying out remote surveys or opinion scales is also highlighted; so that participants can demonstrate, with the right tools, all their knowledge based on the topic. At the end of the chat, the room creator will be able to see a summary of the impact their presentation had on the users who joined the chat; all through the “Digital Pulse” option:

Although most of the tools offered by the portal are free to use, you can also find interesting options such as its single presentation plan or its individual plan. Both plans have an economical, accessible cost and a series of useful features for the convenience of whoever acquires it.

8.Meeting Pulse

Meeting Pulse is, like the other platforms, one of the best free alternatives to Kahoot. Its operation will allow you to have 12 integration and commitment tools; with which you can get all the participants to interact and collaborate within the chat room.

Among the most notable features are the polling and survey modules; that allows you to know live the interaction of each participant with the questions asked. Also, you will have audience comments, giveaways, and live question sessions; in addition to security encryption, access via smartphone, and the possibility of creating video games to share with the audience.

9. Gim Kit


Now, if you are looking for an alternative to Kahoot that is very similar to said application, but without the errors and high cost of its plans. Then, GimKit is the perfect option for your academic or work meetings; the platform has its own application for smartphones, and both in its web portal, as in the app, a very lively and interactive interface is displayed.

One of its main attractions is that the application combines learning with dynamics and games; which allows the participants to integrate and learn in a more fun way.

Its functions will allow users to answer the different surveys from their devices and without any time limit; while the teacher or leader will find himself admiring the progress of the meeting from the computer.

Moreover, answering correctly will earn participants $1, but answering incorrectly will take away $XNUMX. Therefore, doing it excellently provides you with a good profit. The money obtained can be invested in the application itself, to improve the experience when using the app.

10. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a application which is designed not only to prepare surveys, but also to know the percentage or number of preferences to which the participants have inclined. Although this can be a wonderful alternative to Kahoot, Its main use is to obtain as a response what has been the most popular opinion.

It is important to note that this application will not only indicate the most valued answer, it will also help you organize everything in the graph of your choice. In fact, when you enter the application you will come across an interface that is not as colorful as others, but just as practical, simple and intuitive; just like the previous ones. 

Its functions are ideal for be used in those academic or work meetings in which it is required to encompass the preferences in an instant; giving a plus of coordination and professionalism in the organization of any group.

Frequent doubts

It is likely that at this point many of our visitors have many unresolved questions. Among the most common is the question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Kahoot? And then we answer you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Kahoot?

Knowing what the advantages and disadvantages of Kahoot are will help you to have a clearer idea of ​​whether or not you require a new alternative to said survey portal. Therefore, we have listed them below.


  1. Free trial: You can count on a free trial that allows you to discover the most relevant functions of the portal, without the need to blindly pay for a monthly or annual plan.
  2. You don't need experience: Kahoot offers all the necessary tools so that any user can carry out their own personalized questionnaires without difficulty.
  3. The dynamics of the questionnaires is simple- Quizzes are easy to understand and answer. Therefore, the participants will have no problem solving all the questions in a short time.
  4. You will be able to access the individual results: at the end of the survey, the participants will have an individual record, where the number of successes and errors they have obtained during the test will be marked, and you, as the creator, will be able to observe it.
  5. Code for quick access: Participants do not need to register or use their personal data to enter the questionnaires. Only by sharing and entering the code of each questionnaire will they be able to enter it without problems.


  1. Internet connection required: If you need your students or employees to complete the quizzes successfully, you will need to provide them with a stable internet connection with which they can access and complete the activity.
  2. Payment plans: Many of the tools offered by the Kahoot platform are paid for, so you will need to choose a plan that suits your needs and pay for it.
  3. Problems during the completion of the surveys: sometimes the platform can present failures for users. Resulting in a bad experience or delay in the execution of the activity.

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