What is MOBOX – MBOX Token Analysis and our opinion (Play To Earn)

This 2021, NFT video games have gained wide popularity among users, and one of the most prominent has been MOBOX. Which, combines DeFi and NFT aspects to create a new type of business decentralized, where users earn for just having participation within the game.

What is MOBOX?

What is MOBOX?

MOBOX is a decentralized protocol of the GameFi type, which is initially powered by the native token it uses; better known as MBOX. One of the goals of the NFT game is to create a space in the short term that allows it to become the number 1 platform in the industry.

For this, an ecosystem is used where it is possible to participate even for free; reason why, everyone who enters can earn money. In addition, as it is an autonomous and decentralized organization, players will be able to participate in future decision-making of the video game; For this, the veMBOX governance token.

It is worth noting that in MOBOX there are up to 4 ways to win and these are:

  • Participation in Yield Farming within MOBOX.
  • Mining with MOMO NFT.
  • Participation in Mystery BOX.
  • Games.

On the other hand, it is expected in the long term the launch of the MOBOX metaverse; which will be called as MOMOverse. In it, an independent economic system will be created, in which players will be able to meet, have fun and win; as long as they have an NFT ERC721 avatar that represents them.

MBOX Token Analysis

The native token of the GameFi platform is MBOX. this is located hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is a BEP20 standard cryptocurrency. In addition, it has a total supply of 1.000 million that will be distributed over 5 years as follows:

YearPercentageNumber of MBOXes
140% 400.000.000
222,50% 225.000.000
317,50% 175.000.000
412,50% 125.000.000
57,50% 75.000.000

The Tokens MBOX They will be distributed to select groups, exactly, the community will be able to acquire 51% of the total, collaborators 21%, strategic partners 8% and the MOBOX developer team 20%.

It should be noted that MBOX will serve users so that they can participate in the NFT video game. In addition, it can also be used to get rewards and perform important actions within the game, such as:

  • Acquire MOMO (this is the name assigned to NFTs).
  • Stake.
  • Conduct governance votes.
  • Among other internal game transactions.

Play and win on MOBOX

Play and win on MOBOX

It can be said that the MOBOX team has thought a lot about its users, to the point that it offers up to 4 ways to earn cryptos or money to put it this way; If you want to access the official website you can do so by giving click here. These are:

1. Participate in Yield Farming

Yield Farming is a protocol used by certain projects in order to provide greater profitability to the holders of a cryptocurrency. For which reason, it is understood that MBOX can be earned for participating as a liquidity provider.

2. MOMO NFT Mining

This method consists of mining with MOMO equipment; We already know that these “MOMOs” are the NFTs. Therefore, when we talk about mining with non-fungible tokens, we refer to having activity within the platform; using, for example, the Block Brawl game.

With the use of MOMOs, the user will have access to multiple mining games, such as: Token Master Adventure. However, those players with skills within the ecosystem will be able to find more ways to monetize their NFTs on the platform.

3.Mystery BOX

El Mystery BOX is a raffle system on MOBOX which gives the user the possibility of acquiring a special box. With it, you can choose whether to sell it or open it; in case of choosing the second option the player will be rewarded with a random NFT.

4 Games

With MOBOX, the user is expected to be able to monetize most of the activities that take place within the ecosystem; for this they use a system that is intertwined, and that has more than 4 games. This allows the player to have flexibility and freedom when choosing how to earn more money with the platform.



MOMOverse is the metaverse of MOBOX, and it is possible to access it from multiple platforms; be it Android, iOS, Windows, macOS or Linux. In addition, it is characterized by having a complete economic system, where users holding MOMO NFTs can enter to meet with other players.

In the MOBOX metaverse players will be able to create, enjoy and share the content they want. Likewise, it allows obtaining rewards; Regardless of the type of participating user, it may well be a player, developer or simply a collector.

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