Good and safe apps to download music for free

The world of music has evolved and, therefore, the tools to play them too. That is why today we will tell you in detail everything about the good and safe apps to download free music.

Please note that this list will cover all types of devices: Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. So you will no longer have an excuse to say that you cannot download free music. Since although there are paid applications such as Spotify or Apple Music, these are not the only tools for you to enjoy your musical tastes.

There are several tools to download free music, but it is important to note that this is without rights. What does this mean? Well, when downloading it, there is no error because the song has copyrights. And this will only give you a good app to download free music.


Jamendo home page

This is one of the most famous tools for download free music without rights. Although you can make use of it as a platform in your site, is also available for Android. Jamendo has more than 500.000 songs that are available to download or stream for free.

Icons8 Music

Icons8 homepage

This platform has more than 20 different music genres. Of course, you can make use of Icons8 Music only in its site, since it is not available as an app for Android or iOS. The best? You can listen to the songs before downloading them, thus you will optimize your time and download just what you want.

While Icons8 Music allows you download the songs in MP3 format, they also offer you the option of downloading your music in WAV format (high sound quality) if you pay a subscription of 20 dollars per month. However, it remains to be seen whether we can download flac music and that supposes a superior audio quality.


Film Music Home Page

This tool is another free music bank that will allow you to download countless songs for free. You can download them to your mobile and play them as many times as you want. In addition, you have the possibility of making use of the songs that you find on YouTube thanks to the Creative Commons license. You can download Incompetech from its site.


Bensound home page

Bensound is a platform specially created by a musician (Benjamin Tissot). In bensound all artists can share their content with the whole world. That is why on this platform you will find a lots of free and quality music.

On this website you can find the musical genres you want, as they are ordered. In addition, you will be able to listen to the songs before download them completely free in MP3 format.

Best apps to download free music from YouTube in high quality

If you do not want to pay for the YouTube Music option (it allows you to download songs and play them without a mobile data connection) you can rest easy, since there are several apps to download music, fast and free.

Note that these applications fall into the category not recommended, since it is not found in the official PlayStore or AppStore, but is downloaded directly from the official website of the app.

New Pipe (Android)

Screenshots of the New Pipe Android App

One of the best alternatives to download free music from YouTube in high quality. If you want to get with her click here, this way you will have a app to download music, fast and easy.

GetTube (Android)

Screenshots of the GetTube Android App

This application is another way to download music, quickly and easily. To install it on your mobile device you just have to download the APK what will you find click here.


Capture of the FLVTO website

FLVTO is an online tool that allows you to download music in different formats. All you have to do is go straight to his Official website, place the link of the YouTube song you want to download, select the format and voila, you will have downloaded the song.

Snap Tube (Android)

Screenshots of the Snaptube App for Android

Another application that you will not find in the PlayStore or AppStore, but that will ensure you download music for free and in good quality. To get hold of this tool you only have to download its APK that you will find in its Official website.

Applications to listen to streaming music free and safe

Streaming music has become the present and future of the industry. This is why almost all music -if not all- is released or announced in this way. However, it is important to note that many streaming apps to listen to music are paid.


SoundCloud homepage

We start with the platform where you are the world's largest free music community, SoundCloud. Here you can upload and share your own songs, as well as listen to other people's songs.

Although there is a lot of music coming from independent artists, it is also possible to find famous music. You just have to log in to the platform and start downloading music for free.


Capture Spotify in Browser

Spotify, the king of streaming music services. Although you can use this tool for free via Spotify Website, you will not be able to download the songs.

However, everything changes in the Android and iOS mobile app. Well, even if it's paid, with this you can download the songs you want so that later you can listen to it in the same app even if you don't have mobile data or an Internet connection via Wi-Fi.

YouTube Music

Youtube Music Capture

Spotify's main competitor. YouTube Music, arrived with all the intention of stealing the crown of the best platform to play and download streaming music. Just like Spotify, YouTube Music is a paid app, but with which you can download songs and then play them without an internet connection.

Amazon Prime Music

Screenshot of Amazon Prime Music

Bet you didn't know this one? If you are subscribed to Amazon Prime you already have Amazon Prime Music, a streaming platform that has more than 2 million songs. The best? No annoying ads.

This app allows you to download the songs and play them without the need to have an active internet connection. If you want to go further, you can subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, where you will find more than 20 million songs.

Best apps to download free music on Android (Play Store)

Although we have already mentioned some applications to download music without rights, they can also apply to this section. Such is the case of New Pipe and Get Tube, both will help you to download free music.

FMA – Free Music Archive

Screenshots of the FMA App for Android

This application has endless music ordered by different types of categories and genres. The best thing is that you can listen to the song before downloading it. FMA – Free Music Archive is, without a doubt, one of the best apps you can find on the Play Store to download music free and fast.


Screenshots of the YMusic App for Android

Although its name seems to be something official from YouTube, you should not be confused. YMusic is another safe app to download free music. This tool works by copying the music catalog from YouTube, so if it's on YouTube, you can download it on YMusic.

YMusic is no longer available on the PlayStore, so you will have to download its APK. If you are interested in doing it, click here.

Best Apps to Download Free Music on iOS (App Store)

Here things get a little complicated, the catalog of applications to download music for free and safely on Android or PC is much larger than that of iOS and this is a reality. However, here are the two most famous apps to download free music on iOS.


Screenshots of the Evermusic App for iPhone

Before being a tool to download free music, evermusic is a player. And it is within this app where you can play the songs you download. Best of all, you can download the songs you want in any of these formats: MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF or M4R.

Freegal Music

Screenshots of the Freegal Music App for iPhone

Freegal Music is the most famous app on iOS to download music. In addition to having an incredible design, it is quite functional. Have more than 15 million songs available and you can download them in MP3 format.

Best Apps to Download Free Music on PC/MAC

We have already named you in previous categories tools that are mainly used in computers to be able to download free music, fast and without rights. However, here we leave you another recommendation that can help you.

YouTube to MP3 converter

Website Capture Youtube to MP3 Converter

This is a completely free app that allows you to download any song that is on YouTube. Although you will have to install it on your PC or Mac, since it does not work as an online platform, YouTube to MP3 converter is Uan excellent option for download music free and safe.

Download free music from Telegram with bots

Telegram bots have become the solution to many things. There you can watch movies, series and of course, download free music. These bots work by taking the database of sites like  Deezer, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube.

These are top three bots to download music on Telegram:

  • DeezDown.
  • Spotify Music Downloader.
  • Music Downloader.

With place the name of the bot in the Telegram search engine it is enough to find them. However, you should be aware, since Telegram usually removes bots.

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