Find out in this guide which are the best applications to play IPTV on PCAlso, discover our tips so you can access this service that has a huge television library. 

What is IPTV?

An IP is a unique address that every device that connects to an internet network gets. These are the acronyms for internet protocol, which is the language used to transfer data packets between computers that are connected to the internet network. 

But what does this have to do with IPTV? The answer is simple. The IPTV system It is based on the delivery of television service to users with a set-top box using an Internet Protocol-based network. 

This means that IPTV is a service that delivers to consumers who request it, television programs and video content without use cable or satellite for transmission as is traditionally done. In fact, the means used to deliver the digital television service to consumers is broadband or Internet connection. 

Most people are confused on this subject, but this confusion is due to the fact that many access the service of fraudulent way. 

However, the simple answer is yes. The IPTV is a legal television service. 

IPTV services are offered all over the world, but most of the time, they are not directly offered by the operators. There are platforms or companies that are dedicated to selling the service on their own account in the form of resellers or not. These are the known “IPTV lists”, but not all of these are legal. 

Some “operators” offer pirated video content of streaming platforms that are generally paid. Which, anywhere in the world, is a crime. In addition, although many users do not know it, pirate IPTV platforms are a high risk. With these, we expose ourselves to the device becoming infected with computer viruses. It is also worth mentioning that there have been cases in which hackers access consumer data and extort money from them in exchange for not telling the police about the crime. 

How to choose an IPTV player?

Un iptv player It must be compatible with the transmission of live broadcasts over the Internet so that it can facilitate access to video content for users. Fortunately, many players are developed with open source and thanks to the collaboration of the Internet community, they are available free of charge and are suitable for operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. Most of the time these players are 100% legal because they do not facilitate or download pirate IPTV lists. 

 But which one is the best? All up to you. Each has its own advantages, so making a choice should be based on your interests. 

However, one of the most used options by those who do not have much technological experience is VLC Media Player. This player is characterized by its simplicity and speed. It can be used by anyone, regardless of whether or not they have technical knowledge about these types of applications. 

Best IPTV applications for PC 

VLC Media Player

Screenshot of VLC Media Player on Windows 10

This is perhaps a media player that you already have installed on your computer. VLC Media Player is the favorite for video playback, due to the excellence with which it runs. It is not a new application in cyberspace. Actually, it was more than 20 years ago that it first appeared. 

VLC is open source, which means that thanks to the collaboration of its user community, it has been improving more and more. In addition to this, it is compatible with any format multimedia, therefore, it not only allows you to play IPTV content, but also any multimedia file. 

  1. To use it, access the option "Media" in VLC. 
  2. Click “Open network location” and paste the IPTV URL.
  3. Select the content and play.


5K Player Capture on Mac

This is a player that uses one of the more advanced technologies for these types of applications. 

5KPlayer provides 4K UHD image quality, that many other players cannot reach. But this is not all he can give. The application can increase its efficiency by accelerating the computer's GPU, thus, it can play images in 8K resolution (this is a tremendous visual experience). 

In addition to this, it is one of the few applications of its kind, which allows the download videos from some web pages. 

To use this as an IPTV player, we just have to enter the links or direct files and press Paste URL & Analyze. Then play the content you want.

Simple TV

Simple TV screenshot

In terms of interface, this is a pretty cool app. retrograde that for the most experienced will be too limiting. However, for a common user, looking for a intuitive and uncomplicated IPTV player, it is still a good option. 

Basically, SimpleTV was developed based on the latest version of VLC PlayerMedia. The application includes some improvements and its design was specifically made to allow the playback of live IPTV broadcasts. 

One of its outstanding features is that it has a portable version. In other words, it does not require installation on the computer to be able to run. 

  1. Go to the Settings of the app and select “Add new playlist and EPG source”.
  2. Paste and save the URL.
  3. Access the commands Settings > Corresponding list > Refresh.
  4. Select and play the content.


Screenshot of ProgDVB/ProgTV

It is positioned among the best applications for IPTV for several reasons. First, the images are decoded in quality of High Definition and is available at no cost, directly on its official website. 

ProgDVB/ProgTV is the ideal alternative for users who want record the transmissions television. Other features worth mentioning are the tiled channel preview, compatibility with almost all devices and a 10-band equalizer. 

  1. Open the app and paste the URL. 
  2. Choose a channel and then the content to start playing.

Free TV Player

Screenshot of Free TV Player

It is software that organize IPTV channels with thumbnails of their logos. This makes it easier to spot them all by eye in a few minutes. In addition, each one is located within the category that corresponds to it: music, cartoons, news, sports, among others). 

Free TV Player works in a very simple way. You only have to select its catalog of 800 channels (in different languages) and double click on the logo that interests you. It is worth noting that, with this application, you also have the opportunity to enjoy radio stations from all over the world. 

  1. Enter the application and paste the IPTV URL. 
  2. When all the channels load, select the one you want and play.

Perfect Player Windows

Screenshot of Perfect Player on Windows

Perfect Player Windows is an IPTV player that can be configured without any complications and is fully available free

Its interface is not very optimal and still needs to be improved for a better user experience. However, considering that it costs nothing and has features like full screen display, it's worth giving it a try. 

  1. Open the application and click on the button “Add playlist”.
  2. Paste the URL and select "To accept". 
  3. When the channel list loads, choose one and play. 

Best IPTV Apps Compatible with Streaming Platforms



Many classify this application as a true all-in-one multimedia center. Originally, it was created as a player to work specifically on Xbox. But, over time, it grew to become one of the programs more powerful in terms of media playback. 

With regard to IPTV playback, it should be clarified that Kodi it does not come with this functionality by default. For this reason, it must be configured using a plugin called PVR IPTV Single Client which is responsible for modifying the application by integrating the functionality of playing IPTV. After this, you can use it by following the steps below: 

  1. Open the Kodi app. 
  2. Select option TV or Radio
  3. Enter the link for the playlist. 
  4. Click Reproduce to start enjoying the content. 

Thanks to the integration of this plugin you can even access the content of streaming platforms where you have a subscription, such as Disney+. 


Ott Player

Ottplayergo is a smart player for pc which is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and HoloLens operating systems. 

IPTV consumers have a special appreciation for this application because it has a special feature: allows to modify the lists Of reproduction. This means that we can change the channels according to our tastes or interests. 

This app supports M3U8 playlist formats and you can enjoy the content no intrusive advertising

Using OttPlayer is very easy. The first thing is to create a user account in the application with your registration information. Then download the playlist you want to enjoy the content. 

In addition to being compatible with the Windows operating system, this player can also be installed on macOS, Android, iOS and with the operating systems of Smart TVs. 

Media player and IPTV

Although many do not know it, in conventional media players, you can also watch iptv, as long as the lists are in a supported format with the software. Most of these can not only be run on PC but on any other device. 


Miro screenshot

Miro is a highly recommended media player for Windows, Linux, macOS and Ubuntu. This is free and open source, we can also obtain it directly from its official website. 

The application is very easy to use, after downloading it we can add the URL of the playlists by accessing "Add Source" from the main menu. 

MyIPTV Player

Screenshot of MyIPTV Player

It is a powerful player to watch IPTV efficiently. This includes EPG support, which is ideal for enjoying our favorite content or channels. 

MyIPTV Player not only allows us to view playlists, but also allows us to offers a list of channels that are built into your platform natively. It even provides us with video channels streaming like Netflix, if we have a subscription. 

This player is available in the Microsoft Store for any device with Windows 10. Another of its interesting features is that it allows us to secure the channels through PIN protection.  

  • You can use it for IPTV by accessing the option "Configuration" within the application 
  • Click “Add a new playlist and choose EPG Source” and add the URL of the playlist.
  • Choose a remote source and choose from the available video content. 
  • Play. 


Screenshot of PotPlayer

Potplayer stands out among the other options for its versatility and high performance. It has some outstanding functions such as the playback of 3d images, possibility of play up to 1000 files and compatibility with different subtitle formats. 

Its interface is very attractive and it is compatible with formats such as FLAC, AVI, WAV, MPEG, MP3, ASF, DivX or AMV, WMV, DPG, among others. This is used for IPTV as follows: 

  1. Open the player and select "Play list" or press F6. 
  2. Choose the list you like and playback will start automatically. 


Megacube screenshot

It is a player that you can get in the Microsoft Store and is compatible with the operating system Windows 10. 

Megacube is one of the few applications that in its premium version enables the content recording television. has a version free and open source that works without advertising, in which you can add your favorite channels or find new channels incorporated into its platform. 

A very interesting feature is that we can play the content in a miniature window to do other things on the computer at the same time. 

  1. Open the app and press F3 to add the channel list. 
  2. Choose the content you want and play. 


Plex screenshot

this player offers a lot of channels TV and radio stations natively. In fact, the version free has a library with more than 100 options different channels and more than 200 movies (of course, don't expect to get blockbuster or popular movies). 

plex It works as an IPTV player and to access this, we have to register on its official page to obtain a user account. In this way, we can execute the installation file so that the media server of the software is installed. 

  1. Within the application select Cigars IPTV
  2. Select Channels in the online content category. 
  3. Find and select the IPTV plugin and then the option of "Configuration"
  4. Insert the URL of the playlist and click "Keep". 
  5. Search through the available channels and add them to your playlist. 
  6. Choose the content you want and play. 

Players to view IPTV lists

Do you have a playlist created? Or did you just download one and have it on your device? So you can use a player to view IPTV lists that is simple and does not require plugins and external resources for its reproduction. 


Screenshot of IPTV Player for Windows

IPTV is a software available in the windows store that was designed as its name implies, especially for the playback of IPTV content. 

It is a player that allows us to load our own playlists. Has a simple interface with basic functions, which is not bad for those who do not seek complexities. 

Its free version is a bit limited, for example, you cannot play the content in full screen and advertisements appear at any time. 

However, these disadvantages are perhaps offset by the fact that it does not consume computer resources and does not take up too much disk space. 

  1. To use it select "Configuration" in the app. 
  2. Paste the URL to load the playlist. 
  3. Choose the channel you want and play it. 

Ottcluber Lite

Screenshot of Ottcluber Lite for Windows

Ottocuber Lite is a player whose paid version allows us to add URL lists, local lists and EPG files. In its free version, we can only add URL lists. 

It is easy to use and its interface stands out for being intuitive. In addition, it has some quick shortcut keys that simplify everything for users. 

First of all, if you want to add your local lists, purchase the paid version and then click the + button to load the list and start playing the content from Windows. 

For Android Devices

IPTV it is not an exclusive service for computers, this can also be played through mobile devices or devices with the Android operating system, in which we can use different players for lists of all kinds. 

IPTV Smarter Pro

Screenshot of IPTV Smarters Pro for Android

IPTV Smarter Pro is an Android application (can be used on PC with an emulator) that allows you to play IPTV lists of any kind free of charge. 

The lists that we have on the computer can be imported through an API. In addition, this software allows us to connect to the Internet through a VPN. However, its use on PC is more complex than other players:

  1. Download, install and open the Bluestacks emulator on your PC. 
  2. Sign in to your Google account on the emulator to access the Play Store.
  3. Download IPTV Smarters Pro from the Play Store and install it on your device. 
  4. Enter the app and click Add new user to upload the playlist file or URL. 
  5. Add a name and user for the playlist 
  6. Select and play the content you want. 


Screenshot of GSE SMART IPTV for Android

GSE SMART IPTV (Android e iOS) is another alternative that can only be used on Windows using an emulator like Bluestacks for IPTV playback. 

  1. Download, install and open the Bluestacks emulator on your PC. 
  2. Sign in to your Google account on the emulator so you can access the Play Store and search for GSE Smart IPTV there.
  3. Download and install the app. inside it clicks “Add playlist” and then about “Add URL” and add your playlist link. 
  4. Select the channel and start playing its content. 

What is the best program for IPTV in 2022?

If we had to choose a favorite among all the players for IPTV, without a doubt VLC Media Player would be the winner. The reason for this is that it is a simple player, with basic functions that will not be complicated for people who do not have much practice in playing IPTV content. 

However, this is not the most comfortable option for more experienced users who want to load content from long playlists. VLC is not a viable option as its outdated interface is not ready for it. So, a player like 5K Player, would be a better option, because it is an improved version of VLC. 

Most common problems and how to improve streaming

The first problem that we must face to try to enjoy IPTV services is that anyr internet connection does not work, It has to be a very stable internet connection. Otherwise, the content will not display in a high definition image no matter what player is being used.

Possibly the video looks pixelated, the transmissions are disconnected or there are constant jumps. Of course, this is not something that we cannot try to improve with some modifications, for example, connecting the computer directly to the router wired instead of using Wi-Fi wireless connection.

We could also free up the network a bit, disconnecting other users, interrupting file downloads, disconnecting game sessions or sessions on streaming platforms like Netflix.

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