Best alternatives to Netflix

Netflix today is considered the leading streaming app on demand; several statistics, such as that it has 10% of Internet traffic, confirm it. However, this does not mean that its services are the best, the platform also has many problems such as its limited selection by regions and the high subscription cost. What if I told you that there are much better apps than Netflix and that some of them are totally free?

This is how the market works, the problems presented by this giant of movies and series are the perfect opportunity for alternatives to emerge. For this reason, this time we present you some apps with a similar approach to Netflix, but that work much better and offer fresher content. We start with the best free alternative, however, there are both paid and zero-cost options.

What is the best alternative to Netflix?

At Digital Guides, we have been testing dozens of applications to watch movies and series for free, and Pluto TVIt has been by far our favorite. The main reason why we choose this app is that it operates legally. Since, the company has licenses for all the content they show.

And you will say, why is this important? The answer is very simple: Pluto TV has the latest and most popular movies because you have paid for it. You don't have to post outdated content like pirate apps do. To give an idea, in this app you can see Narcos (Netflix. 2015-2017), La Chica Invisible (Netflix. 2020) and Yellowstone (Paramount. 2018-2022), among many others.

But movies and series is not all that this application can offer. Also stream news, live sports, and TV shows like reality, comedy, and analysis. In other words, when we talk about Pluto TV, we are referring to an app with movies for all ages and tastes; ideal for entertaining the whole family.

Another advantage that is worth noting is the image quality. Of course, we will not be able to enjoy 4K cinema in a free service, but we will be able to enjoy a 1080p resolution that is not inconsiderable. Likewise, the video-on-demand platform boasts of being compatible with smartphones and smart TVs, both Android and iOS, Google Chromecast, Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire TV.

On the other hand. Have you ever been watching a series for free and find that an episode is missing? Let me tell you that all seasons on Pluto TV are complete, since it does not have pirated content that can be reported.

Needless to say, Pluto TV shows ads, of course. How else could this and other free platforms like YouTube or even TikTok be maintained? However, its developers are committed to ensuring that advertising is not invasive and that it is as least annoying as possible for the user.

Alternatives to Netflix

If, despite all its advantages, Pluto TV doesn't completely convince you, we also want to talk to you about other alternatives that are worth trying. The following list includes apps that are also much better than Netflix. It includes both free options and apps that, despite being paid, offer much cheaper subscriptions than the aforementioned streaming giant.


Screenshot of the Disney+ streaming service

Disney + is a service that integrates all the content from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Nitional Geographic, Star Wars and many other production companies; all this in a single app. This is the option with the most varied and extensive catalog of this TOP. In addition, it offers entertainment for the whole family and all ages.

With a subscription, up to 4 devices they can play videos at the same time, so a single account can be enough for an entire family. In Spain, this subscription is €8,99 per month, however, there is also an annual plan for €89,9 with which you save the equivalent of 2 months of subscription.

Disney + offers its own series like The Americans, What We Do in the Shadows, Moon Night and The Mandalorian. Definitely, a much better app than Netflix, more complete and at a lower price. what are you waiting for subscribe?

Amazon Prime Video

Screenshot of the Amazon Prime Video streaming service

Amazon Prime Video is Netflix's main competition, and today, it is the second service for streaming movies and series with the most users. The company, although it seems recent, has been developing its platform since 2006 and producing a long list of its own and totally exclusive content.

The Amazon application stands out for offering a cheaper subscription than Netflix. For only 3,99 € a month you can enjoy the most viral series of the moment; like Reacher, The Boys, Nine Perfect Strangers, as well as the new season of The Lord Of The Rings.

Also, this app has an annual plan of €36, with which, like Disney+, you save the equivalent of two Membership, plus an extra month.


Screenshot of the streaming service HBO Max

Another giant in terms of applications to watch movies and series is HBO Max from Warner Bros. But if its name still doesn't ring a bell, let us mention some of its most iconic series: Game of Thrones, Euphoria, The Sopranos and The Witches. That's right, these and other great hits belong to HBO.

In addition, the American television network has been responsible for adding series such as The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter and Rick & Morty. Also, for the little ones they have the seasons of ELMO and Animaniacs. In conclusion, the app offers content for all ages for a monthly subscription 8,99 euros.

This HBO Max subscription It is similar to the Netflix Standard plan, since you have its entire catalog of films to watch on up to 2 devices in maximum resolution. However, if you are not entirely convinced, you can contract HBO Max with a Free 30 days trial to get to know the service.


Screenshot of the streaming service AtresPlayer

In this list of apps better than netflix, AtresPlayer is one of the least known, in fact, it has not yet exceeded a million users and was launched only 2 years ago. Despite this, you shouldn't get wrong ideas about its services either, since the app has everything: movies, series, news, soap operas, sports, live TV, documentaries, children's movies and more.

AtresPlayer is the digital adaptation for the renowned Spanish media chain Atresmedia, made up of the channels Antena 3, Atreseries, La Sexta, Mega, Neox and Nova. For this reason, it can be said that the app resembles a form of classic TV on the Smartphone and without programming, with series such as Veneno or Fariña.

Having such a company behind it, such as Atresmedia, this app has nothing to envy the content of Netflix. And the best thing is that you can watch for free, albeit with advertisingsubscribe to premium by €4,99 + 1 week free.


Screenshot of PopCornFlix streaming service

With Popcornflix We enter again the field of apps better than Netflix and totally free. In this case, your bet is to offer as much free content as possible, but staying within the legal margin.

Its approach to being free and legal has not benefited it as much as Pluto TV, so there is very little content from big producers in its selection. What Popcornflix offers is mostly indie titles and movie classics. Some examples are: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and RedBad; two quite good films, but at the time they did not attract much attention.

It should be noted that the app includes advertising; both in the interface, and during movie playback, however, like Pluto TV, it is displayed as inconspicuously as possible. Another detail is that To access you must use a VPN, since the service is not available in any Spanish-speaking country.


Screenshot of the DAZN streaming service

This is the ideal alternative for all sports lovers who read us In DAZN You can enjoy competitions of all kinds: Boxing, MMA, Football, Basketball, Formula 1, MotoGP and tennis (and this is just a summary of its content).

On top of all that, the service also includes a large number of shows or programs, reports, interviews and documentaries regarding the sports sphere. On the other hand, a very clear advantage of this platform is that the direct ones can be seen on demand up to 7 days after their transmission live.

Although it should be clarified that the subscription price for this app is not at all cheaper than Netflix. We are talking about €12,99 per month, with the possibility of contracting an annual plan for the price of 10 months, that is, €129,99. Nevertheless, We believe that for all sports fans, DAZN content is unmissable.

starz play

Screenshot of the streaming service Starz Play

starz play (from the Starz TV channel) came to take the user experience to another level, with its extensive list of premium features. From the outset, the app provides a Endless catalogue, with acclaimed super series such as: The Act, Pennyworth and Harlots. Furthermore, the platform updates its content every month, so it always has something new to offer.

In terms of audiovisual quality, Starz Play has nothing to envy its competition, since with their only plan they already offer streaming in HD. Also, it allows you to connect more devices simultaneously, allowing up to 4 users at the same time, which, we can compare with the Netflix Basic plan, which allows only 1 user.

With this service you can also download all your favorite series to enjoy while traveling or in an area with poor coverage. The monthly subscription to Starz Play is worth about €8.99, although right now it has a promotion of €1,99/month for new users + 7-day free trial.

Movistar +

Screenshot of the Movistar+ streaming service

Movistar + It hardly needs an introduction. This is one more step for Telefónica within the audiovisual industry, one that is committed to bringing the TOP programs in Spain to your computer screen. Some examples of what you can find are: The Resistance, The Embarcadero and Virtual Hero; its main difference from other apps is that it includes almost everything good about pay TV and much more.

Perhaps the strong point of this service is its content of essence and purely Spanish-speaking production that we value so much. However, if you don't want to miss out on the big Hollywood hits either, with the plan Movistar Fusión Total Plus gives you full access to Disney +, Netflix, among other benefits.

Movistar+ offers 6 plans with access to different types of content and with this, it seeks to cover the preferences of all its users. If you are reading this article a few days after its publication, you are in luck, since until April 30 you can hire the Movistar+ Lite plan for only 8 euros.


Screenshot of the Hulu streaming service

Hulu is an American streaming service that is recently venturing into the Spanish-speaking market. It is, like Disney +, an alliance between entertainment giants to create the only subscription that includes all your favorites. In this case, the content is provided by NBC, Disney, Fox Entertainment, and Turner Broadcasting, among others.

In this way, this app collects entertainment of all kinds and all formats, from series and movies, to TV shows and documentaries. The best part is that it's still more affordable than Netflix, with a basic plan for $6,99 per month and a totally free 30-day trial.

It should be noted that with Hulu you can watch TV on any of your favorite devices, since it is a multiplatform app. So whether you prefer Android, iOS, PC, Chromecast, or the TV itself, Hulu caters to your needs.


Youtube screenshot

Finally, we want to tell you about an app that is the perfect alternative to Netflix, but it is rarely considered as such. That's right, despite its demanding copyright policies, on YouTube you can find almost any film posted for free by users of the platform.

Despite the company's efforts to block this type of content, such users always find a way to evade systems that detect copyrighted content. It must be said that it is an illegal action on the part of those who publish this content, although not for the users who see them for free.

If you patiently use the search engine YouTube, You can find movies like Lost in the Arctic (Netflix) and Mary Poppins Returns (Disney +). As for series, although they are more difficult to find complete, we can enjoy the mythical Rick & Morty that payment platforms boast so much about.

Alternative apps to Netflix not recommended

In this article about applications that are much better than Netlfix and totally free, we have already mentioned more than 10 quite reliable apps. However, we also want to give you a little tour of those Netflix alternatives that we do not recommend at all. The following apps did not pass our standards for user experience, quality, and variety of content:


Screenshots of the Appflix App for Android

The first of these apps that, we believe, has not been worth trying, is appflix. The first defect of this alternative is its excessive use of advertising, since only on the home page you can find up to more than two banners; and not to mention the number of ads that appear when trying to play content.

The content offered by the app is not negligible either, since it is varied and includes highly acclaimed films like John Wick, Minions or Blade Runner. However, all these movies are the typical releases that we all saw more than 5 years ago (even if it's through torrents). We could almost say that there is no benefit to Appflix, since it is full of outdated content.

But neither excessive advertising nor outdated content are the main reasons why this app is one of the least recommended. Appflix has a much bigger problem that ends up impoverishing its user experience: bugs and unexpected failures are almost a constant within its interface.


Screenshots of the Mobdro App for Android

We continue this list of alternatives to Netflix that you should avoid with Mobdro, an app that just by viewing its reviews on Trustpilots, where it was given a rating of 2.3 stars, movie fans can already sense the unpleasant experience that awaits them within their interfaces.

Among its most important problems (reported by real users), the constant interruptions during the live transmission stand out; which can last for minutes. On the other hand, and like Appflix, If this app does not lack something, it is advertising. In addition, the ads on Mobdro are more than excessive, they are invasive, since the app does not stop launching popups.

Other critics point out that it consumes system resources, which even the giant that is Netflix could not dare to occupy. Also, it is said in its main complaints that the service invites you to hire a premium version to improve its features, but after trying the free experience almost no user has trusted this promise.

The Roku Channel

Screenshots of the Roku App for Android

Despite being in the group of those not recommended, Roku is one of the best options in this TOP of alternatives to Netflix. Since, it is an app that is associated with a number of American producers, therefore, finding varied and interesting television content will be quite easy.

With The Roku Channel you can access a large amount of content for free that you will find on payment platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus or others. With the difference, that you will find everything in the same place, and without having to leave the app.

Repelis PLUS

Screenshots of the RepelisPlus App for Android

Another of the free Netflix alternatives that you can consider is Repelis Plus. Not only does it compete with the streaming giant, too, has more content; from series, to movies or interesting programs.

On the other hand, it also stands out for not requiring a registry; with just download, enter and search for your movie or series you can enjoy the content it has. In addition, its platform is super intuitive, and this will make it very easy for you to use it.


Screenshots of the Betflix App for Android

A more attractive option, and with a greater resemblance to Netflix, is Betflix. This has a web page where you can enter and download the APK to install it on your smartphone or tablet; In this way, you can enjoy all the free content they offer.

Since, unfortunately, the application is not available in the Play Store or another application store. Therefore, it can be said that this would be the only complicated step to perform. Even so, if you would like to try it, we invite you to give click here to go directly to your website.


Screenshots of the OctoStream App for Android

In case you didn't like the other apps, you can always opt for use OctoStream. It is an app that is quite stable, and that has a great resemblance to Netflix, with the difference that here you can watch free movies or series in streaming.

It should be noted that it has a series of extremely useful functions; from adding series to follow them, saving in favorites, pending, finished or others. Also, if you are worried about advertising, we must tell you that OctoStream is not invasive in this sense, so enjoying a good movie will not be a problem.


Download Cinecalidad for Android

To conclude, we must talk about CinemaQuality. It is a platform totally free which you can access from the web or by downloading an APK. Certainly, it is only compatible with Android, so you must make sure that your device has said operating system.

It is worth noting that this stands out despite being in last place for having a series of exclusives, which, perhaps in other options, you cannot find. In addition to, advertising is also not invasive, all content is of high quality, and you will always have subtitles available.

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