The best apps to learn English

Learning English has today become one of the most essential requirements. And it is that, in addition to allowing you to opt for better jobs, it also broadens your horizons when traveling. If you know English everything is advantages!

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However, learning a language like this is not as easy as you might think, since it requires above all a lot of perseverance, practice and patience. But do not worry, We have come to make things as easy as we can for you.

If you already go to English classes regularly and you want to continue practicing the language when you have left class, for example on the subway or lying down watching TV, We strongly recommend that you download one of the following applications that we are going to show you. You will not regret!


This is the most popular application and the one with the most concurrent users today, approximately twelve million. It is really intuitive and visual, presented as a simple game in which you will have to maintain a specific number of lives to avoid the dreaded "Game Over". In order not to lose these lives, you just need to complete the screens and beat each level. Easy!

What we like most about Duolingo is that has it all: writing, reading, listening and speaking. Also, the contents are fully organized according to the different levels you need to speak the language fluently, that is, from A1 to B2.


In Wlingua you will first start with a simple test to gauge your current level, then you can get down to work with its more than 600 different exercises distributed in four very well defined levels of complexity. We like this application a lot because, like Duolingo, it is also really intuitive and easy to use.

Learn at your own pace. From the most basic level (A1) to the intermediate level (B2). You choose where you start and Wlingua gives you the tools you need to learn English “on your own”. Just try to work each concept until you assimilate it. It's simple!

Ruby rei

Ruby Rei is a 3D adventure video game, available for iOS and Android, that is specially designed so that you learn English without realizing it. And you won't notice because throughout the game you will have to talk to other characters and face very cool challenges, some really difficult, that will make you loosen up with the language.

In addition, do not think that because it is a game you are going to get rid of the least fun, because is not like that. In Ruby Rei you are not going to get rid of anything, since you will be able to practice completely at your own pace both oral and written expression, as well as listening and reading comprehension. All this playing, on top of that you will complain.

In Ruby Rei there are no exams, no exercises, no endless boring lessons, no endless vocabulary lists, here you will only find an absolutely extraordinary experience in a strangely mysterious world. What are you waiting for?

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