Intermittent fasting is one of the most recommended strategies to lose weight, because it causes the activation of the metabolism; which produces important benefits in the organism and allows to achieve notable improvements, both physically and functionally.

So, in order for you to know how to achieve this, we will tell you about the best free apps to do intermittent fasting, available both in the PlayStore, as well as in the AppStore.


If you want to take your health to the next level, Yazio gives you the necessary tools to do so

It is the number one option for many people, because it is an application that is available for mobile devices. Android and with operating system iOS. So, in terms of compatibility, there is no impediment.

Yazio is considered one of the best applications for intermittent fasting, because in addition to having a simple and friendly interface, it offers precise and complete functions. Among the most notable are:

  • Calories counter.
  • Guides with recipes and nutritional plans.
  • Record of fasts performed.
  • Process statistics.
  • Informative guides with recommendations so that the process is safe.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent option; especially if you have never done intermittent fasting before, since with all the information it offers, you will achieve it in a simple and safe way. 


In your pocket once again everything you need to take care of yourself

If the previous option does not meet what you are looking for, another excellent alternative that you can turn to is Bodyfast. It is available in iPhone y Android; and although it is free, it also has a paid option, which provides exclusive functions.

BodyFast is perceived as a nutrition coach, because with everything it offers, it guides you to develop and obtain healthy eating habits. This program has very interesting functions, being these:

  • Fast timer.
  • Personalized fasting plans.
  • Nutrition guides.
  • Informative and motivational assistance.
  • Recipes suitable for fasting.
  • Fasting programs adaptable to beginners and/or experts.
  • Record of water consumption.

Thanks to everything it offers, the user community has given it one of the best ratings. Therefore, if you want to start intermittent fasting, we recommend you consider this option.  


It offers you the possibility of returning to the ancestral eating behaviors that your body expects

This is a program created especially for those people who are looking for a minimalist app; with basic but effective functions. Clear is a fasting monitor, created to offer assistance and support at all times, so that the user can learn without any complications.

Although it is quite simple, Clear offers very useful options to users; being these.

  • Timer that records fasting and food intake.
  • Personalized fasting plans.
  • Guide with tips and important information to know.
  • Daily mood log.
  • Fasting-friendly recipes.
  • Fasting widgets and reminders.

This is an application that offers many advantages, among them the fact that it does not require too much storage space. In addition, its high compatibility allows it to be available on devices Android and with iOS, completely free of charge. 


It adjusts to you, so it is the OPTION to take care of you in 360º

When it comes to apps with more customization, you should know that DoFasting tops the list. And it is that, in addition to being a program with complete functions, it personalizes the entire fasting process, taking into account the user's eating habits. However, it is not all, since it also fulfills other functions, these being:

  • Agenda and personalized fasting plans.
  • Guide and advice on food intake.
  • Control of calories consumed.
  • Predictions of the results to be obtained with fasting plans.
  • Challenges and personalized goals.
  • Record of progress achieved.
  • Weekly exercise guides.

Certainly, this is one of the most complete applications described in this list. Therefore, if you want to use it, you need to keep in mind that, to access its most complete functions, you will have to pay an annual subscription. Otherwise, you will have access only to the basic functions, available for the free version; which you can download both in iPhone as Android.

fastic fasting

You no longer have excuses, that incentive you needed to start is right in front of you

It is an app that you can consider a companion and motivator to intermittent fasting. All this thanks to all the functions and features it offers its users, which are fully customizable. And it is that, within the most interesting options that it contains, the following stand out:

  • Fast timer.
  • Record of fasts performed.
  • Graphic statistics to measure progress.
  • Weekly fast plans.
  • Step counter.
  • Daily mood log.
  • Control of water consumption.
  • Recipes and tips for a healthy life.
  • Real-time messaging with other platform users.

This application is designed not only to assist you in fasting, but it is programmed so that you find motivation and support with other users. And it is that, it is these and all its other qualities, which make Fastic, the option chosen by thousands of people; not only in Android, but also in iPhone.


For advanced users or beginners in intermittent fasting

It is another option if you want to achieve the best results with intermittent fasting. And it is that, Zero is one of the most complete apps in terms of functions and features; plus it has excellent support from developers.

This program has the support of a specialized team of doctors and health experts, who have been part of the development of the protocols that govern the functions of the app. Thanks to this, Zero offers the following options:

  • Perfect informative guides for beginners and experts.
  • Fast timer.
  • Graphic record with statistics.
  • Sync with Google Fit.
  • Daily mood check.
  • Customizable fasting plans.
  • Challenges and achievements.

This is an app that you can access for free. However, to have certain functions, it will be necessary to pay a subscription; whether you want to download it on a device Android o iPhone.


Effective app to plan your fasts, now it's your turn.

Previously available on Android and also on iPhone, it is an application whose download is not enabled in the PlayStore. However, this does not stop it from being one of the most convenient options to use if you are looking for a free app to do intermittent fasting. All this thanks to its functions, among which are:

  • Fast timer.
  • Weekly fasting plans.
  • Custom settings for fasting plans.
  • Connection with other users.
  • Access to the progress of your friends in Vora.
  • Shared achievements and challenges.

Without a doubt, it is a perfect option if you want to motivate yourself with other users. Therefore, it is worth considering Vora, within your options if you are a user of iPhone.

LIFE Fast Tracker

One more app until you use it, if you want simplicity without losing quality, download it.

It is one of the simplest and most intuitive applications for users. However, you should not judge it for its simplicity, since it has very complete options; which will be effective in your intermittent fasting, these being the most relevant:

  • Fasting timer with phases.
  • Guides and information on how to fast and be successful.
  • Access to communication with experts to resolve doubts.
  • Registration of the progress of the fasting process.
  • Interaction with other users.
  • Mood control.
  • Water consumption meter.
  • Subscriber access.

If the previous options do not have what you are looking for, surely LIFE Fasting Tracker can offer what you need. And best of all, its high compatibility will allow you to use the app, since it is available in iOS y Android.

Fasting – Fasting Follower

Discover the exciting world of fasting for all that it brings you, with the help of this app

It is another excellent alternative for those who need a simple application that has essential and effective functions. So, if this is your case, let us tell you that the most interesting options it offers include:

  • Fast timer.
  • Fast plants with different modes.
  • Recommendations and tips for the process.
  • Guides for beginners and experienced.
  • Customized plans.
  • Sync with Google Fit.
  • Notifications and reminders.

Without a doubt, Fasting is a highly recommended fasting follower. And the best thing about this app is that it doesn't take up too much storage, and it's available both in AppStore, as well as in PlayStore.

Opinions about intermittent fasting apps

An intermittent fasting app may be the supplement you need to start improving your eating habits; as well as your health condition. And it is that, there are many benefits that are associated with this technique, because it not only helps you prevent diseases; it also stimulates the integral functioning of the organism.

Therefore, with this in mind, you may want to try one of the intermittent fasting apps described above, as these are the ones that have given millions of people the best results.

By Julio molina

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