sell feet photos

Yes, although it seems unreal it is possible make money with photos of your feet.

There are many people who like this and you can earn some extra money selling pictures of your feet on the internet.

Sounds good right?

But be careful, because all apps are not the same: we have tried them all to really see which one is the most recommended and which one we like the most. Here we summarize the best:

The 3 best Apps to sell reliable mobile phone photos of feet

#1. feetfinder home page

feetfinder is the best platform to sell feet photos and earn money. We are talking about a well-known website with a lot of positive reviews on the Internet. In Feetfinder there are not so many verification procedures as in other places of the same nature. If what you want is really fast money for your feet, it may be one of the best options currently.

We really liked the app. It is focused solely on captions and is not mixed with other types of content, it is easy to use, and although a bit slow, It works well.

In terms of reliability, on Trustpilot they have a very good rating of 4,8. We highlight some opinions:

It is a great page, it works perfectly and it is super secure, highly recommended

Anonymous user

I did not use it but I saw it on Tik tok with many celebrities

Anonymous user

Some users comment that it is a bit slow, but the important thing is that it is reliable, which is why we consider it the best app to sell photos of your feet, both for its ease of use and for its degree of specialization in this type of content .

#two. onlyfans

Onlyfans main page

It could be said at this point that OnlyFans es a platform that needs no introduction. Although in this application not only photos of feet are uploaded, you can focus your account on this activity without any problem. Most users upload photos without clothes and people pay to see them. In your case, you can do it by selling photos of your feet.

OnlyFans works by subscriptions, people will have to locate you and see if they are interested in buying the photos of your feet or not. Payments are issued at the end of each month (Keep in mind that you must declare your earnings if you are in Spain. So if you exceed a certain amount of money per month, you will have to let the Tax Agency know, becoming self-employed).

There is not much more to say about OnlyFans, the best platform of all, although not only specialized in feet photos.

One of the most positive points of Onlyfans is that has a huge user community, and is popularly known all over the world.

#3. isMyGirl home page

isMyGirl is a platform, very similar to OnlyFans, where you can create a fan club with people who pay a certain amount of money every month for the photos of your feet. In addition to subscriptions, you can also earn money by selling videos on a one-off basis, with private messages, by selling Snapchat subscriptions, and through live broadcasts.

Of course, you must bear in mind that IsMyGirl keeps 30% of the money received compared to 20% with which OnlyFans keeps.

What is the best app to sell photos of your feet?

The app we recommend is feetfinder, since, as we have seen, is a specialized app to sell photos of your feet, works well, has an active community, and although it is a bit slow at times, it is the safest of all.

Then we could also recommend OnlyFans, but Feetfinder would be better because in OnlyFans you have all kinds of content (photos, Videos...) of any kind of content.

In Feetfinder you only have photos of feet, so as a content creator, it is easier to earn money with this one. We also recommend that gain popularity on social networks like Twitter to divert traffic from that account to the paid account on Feetfinder, Onlyfans or IsMyGirl.

How to make money with foot photos?

You'd be surprised at how many people find pleasure and satisfaction in their feet. This is called podophilia or foot fetish and this type of people usually go to the Internet in search of photos of feet and they are even willing to pay money for them.

Do you have pretty feet and you don't mind showing them off? Well, you should know that you can earn money with photos of feet, selling them and showing them to unknown people. Although it is hard to believe, there are many men (even women) willing to pay for these types of photos.

What is the best paying app for foot photos in 2022?

At this time, Instafeed is the app that pays the best for photos of feetBecause the platform only keeps 10% of what you earn (a small commission compared to the other alternatives) and the payment is deposited between the 1st and 15th of each month.

Tips for selling foot photos according to the “experts”

  • Research: make sure investigate well the app where you intend to sell photos of your feet, remember that there are many scammers and not all that glitters is gold.  
  • Take high-quality photos: try to take high quality photos, with a good smartphone and a nice background. This is vital so that your photos can be sold easily and quickly.
  • Mark your photos: watermark your photos so that no one can steal or market them.
  • Stay anonymous: it's a great idea that you remain anonymous if you don't want people to know who you are. This will help keep your identity safe from scammers.


Do you still have doubts? Well, maybe they will become clear little by little after you read this FAQ section:

Is selling foot pictures illegal if I'm not of legal age?

It is totally legal as long as you have the consent of your parents. In fact, until you turn 16 they will be the ones who legally administer your benefits. The matter is not illegal as long as it does not become pornography, but all with the approval of your parents.

Is there anyone willing to buy pictures of my feet?

You are right. If you do the job right, there's a good chance you'll get more than one person willing to buy pictures of your feet. Just make sure to follow the tips we mentioned, test on multiple platforms, and be patient. Good things don't happen overnight!

How much can you charge in apps to sell photos of my feet?

The amount of money you can earn with apps to sell photos of your feet depends on how popular you get on social media and these platforms. Namely, there is no exact figure for the earnings of people who are dedicated to this trade. However, some models earn on average between $50 and $1000 per hour, while some others can make between $1500 and $10000 per hour.

Apps not recommended to sell photos of your feet

If we have already included a list with the recommended ones, why now the ones that are not? Well, they are platforms that we have tried and they have not really convinced us, they are no longer operational or are not reliable:

instafeet home page

instafeet is a subscription based platform where people buy and sell standing photos. It is an online service where buyers subscribe to sellers and buy photos of the sellers' feet that they have uploaded.

The only thing you need to do to sell feet photos on Instafeet is to register and then the platform will approve your account so you can enter. Keep in mind that you will not be able to publish anything until it is approved. This ensures that people coming in to sell are not doing it with the intention of scamming, but are real people posting pictures of their feet.

Instafeet receives many requests and they do not always accept everyone who wants to enter, because a filter must be passed beforehand. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to approve your application because the platform receives a lot of requests for new profiles. Either way, it's one of the best options to sell feet photos in this 2022.


Shutterstock Home Page

Shutterstock is a legendary American repertoire of photography, video, music; and editing tools provider based in New York City. It was founded in 2003 by programmer and photographer Jon Oringer, and you can now sell all your feet photos here without any hassle. Although it is not an adult content platform or anything like that, it is a site where you can market your personal photographs for extra income.

We don't like Shutterstock because it's a generalist website.

Foap home page

Foap is a platform where you can make money selling foot pictures taken with your phone. The images must have very good quality, but the profits are the most striking.

in Foap you will have to upload photos directly from your iPhone or Android. After you upload them, the images will be available for sale and you can sell the same photo as many times as you want. Buyers will be able to get their hands on photos of your feet through the app's Foap Market. Another alternative to earn money selling feet photos!

By Hector Romero

Journalist in the technology sector for more than 8 years, with extensive experience writing in some of the reference blogs on Internet browsing, apps and computers. I am always informed of the latest news regarding technological advances thanks to my documentary work.