Don't worry, you can be sure that you are not the only person who has looked for a way to know the IP of someone close (or not so close). Therefore, today we will explain how to find out the ip address of a facebook friend by messages. The process will be easier than you probably imagine!

How to know the IP of a Facebook message is easy And you don't need to be a computer expert or anything like that to do it. All you have to do is be patient and be clear about several steps that we will explain below. Of course, keep in mind that it is illegal to harass another person and we do not want this information to be used for negative purposes.

Trick to find out the IP address if it sends you an email

First get into Gmail and open that email whose IP you would like to find out. Click on the button with the three vertical dots in the upper right and press show original.

Within all of that text, check the first Received in the full header of the email. Next to the first Received line is the IP address of the server that sent the email. In most of the times, the IP you are looking for will appear as X-Originating-IP, client-IP or also Original-IP. You can do it quickly in Windows by pressing the F3 key and typing that to do a precise search. The original message would look like this:

client ip

If these two forms of text do not appear, it means that the person who sent you the email used a external encryption client or an anonymous service to hide your identity. As you have just seen, finding out the IP address if they send you an email is quite simple.

Tools to Track a Friend's IP on Facebook

Many wonder how to know the IP of a Facebook message, and the social network does not give you a native way to carry out this action. However, there are several routes you can take that are most effective. eye! Unfortunately it is not possible to know the IP address of a contact through Facebook, since the IP address you will get is that of the servers of this social network. Be that as it may, these tools will help you check it:

My-IP is a highly accurate online tool that will allow you to know both your IP address and that of any website you can imagine. Only just put the facebook website to know your IP and that's it.

Visit Mon-IP

Website 24×7

Site24x7 is a tool known for its end user experience monitoring solutions. With its global presence and cloud-native scalability, Site24x7 is the right choice for web hosting providers and businesses that want to keep their websites up and running. In addition, it will allow you know the IP of any address in a matter of seconds.

Go to Site 24×7

Cdmon (WHOIS)

cdmon whois

This tool called WHOIS in Cdmon allows you to see the current status of the domain, the expiration date, the associated DNS servers and the information of the registrar, as long as it is not private. On a single screen you will have all the information you need from Facebook, easier impossible!

Go to Cdmon (WHOIS)

What is my ip


The website What is my IP has a protocol that allows to obtain the information of a domain (in this case Facebook). This information includes domain registration date, domain expiration date, name, surname and address of the domain owner, domain DNS servers, technical and administrative contacts, DNSSEC support and domain registrar among others.

Go to What is my IP

What Is My IP Address

what is my ip address
Just by putting the domain, this free online tool will let you know the ISP and name of the organization, and the name of the Host of the IP, the country you are in, the region/state, the latitude and longitude, and your area code. An easy and direct solution.

Go to What Is My IP Address

What's Their IP

There is a service called What's Their IP that allows you quickly find out someone's IP provided that this person collaborates and does not suspect anything. The service offers you a link that, when you click, will send you the IP used to visit the link by mail. The person who clicks arrives at a page supposedly under construction or that does not exist, so they do not have to be suspicious when you send them the link.

If you want to make sure he visits the link, look for a reason related to the topic of the conversation they are having and tell him to see the link. If you are talking about soccer, for example, you could tell him to read this article and mention something about the team that interests him. After they click, the IP address that visits the link will arrive in the email box you are using for the service.  

As you have surely noticed, this method can be used to find out the IP of a Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram user or anything you can imagine. It all depends on your skill!


grabify It is another effective way to know what is the IP address of a Facebook friend by messages. In this you will not have to put your email, since the platform provides you with all the information as soon as someone clicks on the link.

The Grabify service allows you mask the link so that when this person clicks on the link, a working web page is directed, which eliminates suspicion of any kind. For this case, you can write the website in the Enter section to validate URL or tracking code and then press Create URL.

Then a page will be displayed where you will see the URL that you must send to that Facebook user whose IP you are interested in knowing. You just have to copy and paste it to send it to him. In the section below appears the Results section and a number, there the IP of all the people who click on the link will appear that they received from you.

You have to refresh the web page to show the IP of users who visited the link in the results section. Then you go to the next section to find out the location of the user in question and voila, that's how it's done.

Extra trick: So you can know the IP of Facebook and any other site on the Internet with Windows commands

system symbol

Do you have a Windows computer? Well, there are several commands that you can use to do all kinds of tasks, even find out the IP of Facebook or any other site Web. If you want to do this, you will have to access the command line in Windows called cmd. How? Well, following these steps:

  • Look for the windows icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Type “cmd” and press Enter.
  • The app will appear "Symbol of the system" and you will be in the order line.
  • Type the following command: ping and hit enter.

It is done! A list will appear with the IP address and the latency time measured in milliseconds. If you want to find the IP of another domain, use the same ping command but with the web page whose IP address you want to find out. As with ping, you can use the nslook up (nslookup Facebook) command to find out the domain name with its IP and MA address.

You have realized? Use Windows commands to find out Facebook IP it is much easier than you imagined.

What is an IP?

Still not clear to you? So the IP address is a numerical label that identifieslogically and hierarchically to an interface on the network of a device that uses the Internet Protocol such as "". As you must be imagining, it could be said that it is the identity number that everyone has when they surf the web.

Importance of IP

IP addresses allow you to manage the connection between a device and a destination site. Its importance is uniquely identify each device on the Internet. Without it, no one would be able to get in touch with the online universe. IP addresses allow devices to communicate with websites and allow websites to know who is connecting.

And you, have you already taken into account everything related to finding out the IP in a private Facebook message?

By Hector Romero

Journalist in the technology sector for more than 8 years, with extensive experience writing in some of the reference blogs on Internet browsing, apps and computers. I am always informed of the latest news regarding technological advances thanks to my documentary work.