How to unsubscribe from Movistar

If you currently strongly disagree with the service provided by the Movistar telephone company, then you will learn how can you unsubscribe as quickly and easily as possible. To the mess!

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How to unsubscribe from Movistar once and for all

Movistar currently offers you two quite different ways to unsubscribe. The first is through a phone call and the second is by Internet. From here we strongly recommend the first for the speed and for the solvency with which the drop is made.

 by phone call

First you have to call Movistar customer service (1004), or its free alternative (900101010). When the operator contacts you, you must request that your subscription to «Movistar Fusión» be unsubscribed. We recommend that you have your account details handy because they can be useful when you unsubscribe. In order to correctly verify your identity, you will be asked for certain key information.

Clever! In a few hours your Fusion account will be closed and you will have successfully unsubscribed.

 By Internet

First of all you must access your favorite web browser and type the following URL:

Once you have accessed, go to the top right and click “Access to my Movistar”. Next, a drop-down will appear, you just have to click on "To access". Now you must type your DNI, or that of the owner of the line. below that field do the same with the access key. All you have to do is press the button "Get in" and address you "Private area".

Within this area you can manage all the television packs that you have contracted at that time, in addition to requesting the withdrawal of Movistar Fusión. To request it, you just have to go to its section and request the cancellation of the package. It is possible that they will ask you again to enter the holder's ID, in addition to your phone number, to verify the identity of the user before proceeding with the final closure.

How can we unsubscribe from Movistar if we still have permanence?

The procedure to be able to unsubscribe from Movistar if we still have a permanence It is not too complicated, but it is true that it requires an important nuance. The thing is that before the penalties imposed by companies in this field made many back down. Now things are quite different.

In the case of wanting to cancel your subscription, you only have to carry out the methods exposed above and that's it. Nevertheless, The problem comes when you have to face the payments. That is to say, the consumer who requests the cancellation and who still has a permanence You have to pay an amount equivalent to the remaining months that you have left to complete of said permanence.

This is basically the only problem that a company puts before us when it comes to unsubscribing with an active permanence. Nevertheless, currently you can avoid paying for the remaining months of your stay if you negotiate a portability with another brand and get a good deal. The latter is a little more difficult to achieve but is well worth a try.

Disable only some services

If the only thing that bothers us about Movistar are some services, we will have the option to unsubscribe those services that we do not want, such as:

  • Messages
  • roaming
  • Call forwarding and restrictions
  • answering service
  • ...

Deactivate the line due to theft

Movistar also gives us the option to deactivate our telephone line if we have lost our smartphone, can be requested here.

Cancel due to death of owner

It may be that we want to cancel the line of a deceased relative, to carry out this procedure we must call 1004, albeit having the complete data of the line holder at hand.

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