There are many times when you need to place a symbol and you don't know the different ways to do it with your keyboard. For this reason, today we leave you all the information aboutHow to put the / backwards or backslash with your keyboard?

¿How to put the / backwards or backslash with your keyboard?

Generally, when you do not know the keyboard of your computer, you may have some doubts, one of them occurs when placing the different signs and symbols, especially when you are writing texts, or carrying out important activities.

For this reason, this article mentions all the aspects related to the backslash on the keyboard, and how to place it?


The keyboard since its creation has become one of the best tools that helps you perform different activities on the computer, even long before the mouse.

However, as there are different keyboard types and functions, not all of them have the same features. But, there are some aspects that are standardized to work the same way, no matter where you are.

The slash or also known as the backslash, is one of the special symbols, known for some years. It is also very important in programming, and to carry out some activities.

When you read that it is the slash symbol, you surely imagine the sidebar, which is identified on keyboards. However, if what you want is to reverse its position, you should know the steps to follow, since it is not as simple as placing the previous one.

You can place the original slash just by pressing the Shift + 7 key at the same time, or also directly on the numeric panel, between the key »Num Lock and *». But, to place the backslash the process changes a bit.

What is the reverse or inverted slash?

The first thing you need to understand is what does it mean to place a reverse slash? Before you know the whole procedure to do it. This is a symbol that can also be found as a backslash, and is used to define some special characters, such as \n a line break, or \t for a tab space.

The function of the inverted sidebar is different from that of the common slash, and that is that, the latter is only to carry out divisions in arithmetic or text operations.

Now, there is not a single way to make the inverted sidebar, there are several and we will leave them below:

Place the / backwards or backslash with the keyboard

If you want to place the slash upside down, you should know that there are two important methods, and whichever one you use works perfectly, and they are very easy to carry out. Although, they also depend on the type of keyboard you have.

In case you do not have a numeric keypad, the first technique is the most recommended. you just have to press the Alt Gr button and the number 1 that appears in the top bar of your keyboard, at the same time.

In addition, you have the Word application open, you can verify that the symbol you want has actually been written.

While the second alternative is only available to users who have numeric keyboards, and consists of placing the ASCII code. What you should do is press the Alt key and the number 92 on your keyboard, and ready.


Whichever of the two options you choose will surely work correctly without problems.

However, it is important to mention that depending on your keyboard setup, the keys may change. For this reason, they must have the format corresponding to the tools, and in this way, know the location of the special signs and the symbols that are generally used more frequently.

Also, keep in mind that on many, if not all, English keyboards, the backslash is located to the left of the right Shift key. In case you can't find it, you can try one of the methods mentioned.

Write the inverted slash on your laptop or notebook

Most laptops do not include a numeric keypad, and this is why a key combination is performed, following these steps:

  • The first step to take is to activate the numeric keypad by pressing FN+NumLock.
  • Note that the numeric keypad in this case is the alphanumeric field: 7, 8, 9, U, I, O, J, K.L. So when you combine those keys they become ALT+9+K.
  • When you finish with all the steps, you must deactivate the provisional numeric keypad, pressing again Fn + NumLock.
  • An important aspect is that some laptops do not have the NumLock key included, and in this case you must press ALT+FN+9+K.

Placing the slash inverted using the character map

Another option you have to place the inverted slash is to use the character map that Windows includes with all the symbols and signs found in the system.

Thanks to this map you can copy any symbol and paste it in the place you need it. However, it is a recommended alternative in case none of the above works, and if you decide to use it you must do the following:

  • The first step is to open the start menu.
  • Write "Characters map", and press "Enter".
  • Once you are in the character map, you must locate the backslash, and press it twice. In this way, the symbols will be copied in the lower box.
  • The next thing is to press "Copy".
  • Then, you must press the right button of your mouse and select the place where you want the backslash to be placed.
  • When you are sure of the location, you should paste the symbol by selecting the paste option, or simply by using the Ctrl + V keys.

How to type slash backwards on your on-screen keyboard?

Luckily for many, technology offers different functions every day, and the on-screen keyboard is one of them, because it can be used on a laptop or a desktop computer, and the best thing is that it is compatible with Windows.

Its operation is the same as that of a common keyboard, therefore, the cursor of your mouse must be placed in the place where you want the symbol to be located. Here are the steps you must follow:

  • The first thing you should do is open the start menu.
  • Once there, on the keyboard of the screen you must place the cursor of your mouse, and click on »Enter».
  • Different options appear on the virtual keyboard, where you must select »Alt Gr».
  • The next step is to select the button that represents the reverse slash.
  • After you complete all the steps, the inverted slash immediately appears.

Write inverted slash on Mac

The last alternative that we present to you is to write the inverted slash on a Mac keyboard. However, you must bear in mind that the process is completely different than in Windows, this is because the operating system is different, but you must also perform combinations keys, and follow these steps:

  • If your keyboard is in Spanish: You must press the Alt key + the key that is on the left side of the number, which is usually associated with the symbols ° and ª.
  • If you have English keyboard: You should not perform any keyboard combination, the only thing is to identify the command with the symbol and press it. This key is found on the left side of the enter or enter button.
  • Alternative: This option requires the combination of the keys shift+alt+ 7, and it works perfectly for all Mac keyboards.

Interesting Symbol Facts

When it comes to the inverted sidebar, it's important to keep a few details in mind. Many users know it by different names, such as inverse, inverted, reversed, backslash, reverse slash.

Depending on the operating system in question, the uses of this symbol may be different, for example, in the case of Windows, and DOS indicates the hierarchy level of subfolders and files, it is also used as a division signal, fractions, among others.