Despite the fact that there are currently different ways to enjoy your favorite books, reading them physically is still one of the best options. For this reason, the following are mentioned benefits of reading on paper.

What are the benefits of reading on paper?

In the world there are different methods that you can use to read your favorite books, however, for the vast majority of users, paper books are still the best.


Even according to statistics, in Spain there are less than 15% of people who use eBook services. This is why we will tell you the benefits of reading on paper:

  • If you buy the physical book, it will always be yours. While, in the case of eBooks, the only option to enjoy the books is to purchase a license from one of your favorite bookstores.
  • You use them easily: It is one of the best methods to have fun while traveling, or doing any outdoor activity.
  • They are hard to break: Paper books are the best choice for you, because they are very difficult to tear when dropped. What does not happen in Ebook, for example, if the device where you install the platform falls to the ground, it is very likely that it will break.
  • touch and feel: Although it may seem like a not-so-relevant feature, for many users it is. Because, the experience while reading is totally different when going from one page to the other.
  • They have their own smell: Maybe the smell doesn't seem to be an important feature either, however, for book lovers this can be something amazing, and enhances your experience.
  • Improve reading comprehension: According to all the specialists, reading books on paper undoubtedly improves reading comprehension.
  • You can lend them to your friends: Paper books are very easy to lend to whoever you want, you just have to make sure that they are a careful person, because, although they do not break, it is important to keep them in good condition to continue enjoying the different stories.
  • Look for the paper books in a specific place: All paper books are stored in bookstores, or also in well-known libraries, once they are there you can buy them to have them at home and enjoy them at any time of the day.
  • Paper books don't need a battery: This is an important aspect, and for this reason they are highly recommended, because in the case of audiobooks or titles on different digital platforms, they require devices with sufficient battery power to function.
  • It is an excellent gift: Who doesn't love books? The best thing is that you find different themes, to select the favorite of your loved one.

What is the importance of reading paper books?

Literature is an art that has existed in the world for centuries, and that represents a very important aspect for all humanity. Over the years it is a discipline that has evolved and every day it becomes an incredible tool.

Reading, in addition to being an excellent option, allows you to stay connected with different users who share your tastes.

Reading is very important to promote learning, and also education. It is the simplest and most reliable way for different conversations to take place, even that of the thinkers of past centuries.

Also, if you read paper books aloud, the comprehension of the content will be much better, and you can also retain more information.