How to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp

Have you ever sent a message to a contact that you had lost somewhere and they never answered you? Most likely he will have blocked you.

And it is that from the beginning, Whatsapp already allowed you to block users, a more than common practice when you no longer wanted to communicate with someone anymore.

The question then is: How can I know if someone has blocked me? Today we want to answer this frequently asked question so we can find out if we were blocked and we should stop waiting for the answer to that long-awaited message we sent a long time ago. To the mess!

Check the last time you logged in

The first thing you should do is check the last time the contact in question was online. To do this, simply find their chat and open it.

At the top of it, there should be a message that says: “last time today at (last logged in time)”. If you cannot see this message, it is very likely that you are blocked.

This is not the best method, since if you do not see this message, it is likely that you are not blocked and that only the person in question has removed it for privacy. Let's see more methods!

Check both checks

WhatsApp checks are the best way to find out if your message has been sent or if it has been read. Nevertheless, there are several checks of different colors.

One gray check means the message has been sent, two gray checks mean the message has been received, and two blue checks mean the message has been read. If you are blocked, you should only be able to see a single gray check. Is it your case?

Have you been able to see any changes in your profile?

If the contact in question has blocked you, you should not be able to see their profile updates on your phone. So, a pretty definitive test of whether he has blocked you is that if when you open his contact you cannot see his profile picture, it is practically 100% sure that he has blocked you.

It's not definitive, but nobody usually hides their Whatsapp profile picture.

Last Resort: The Whatsapp Group Technique

If you have followed all the steps up to here and in all of them you have observed how it was probable that you were blocked, it means that there is a tremendous probability that you have indeed been blocked. However, we are still not 100% sure if you are blocked, so you need to use the last resort, i.e. the WhatsApp group technique.

This resource is the most reliable but the most risky, since you can become discovered by the other person. If you are still determined to use it, let's see what it is.

To get started, create a new group chat and add whoever you want. All added contacts should be able to be added easily. However, if when you try to add the contact that you think has blocked you, you get an error message saying that you do not have authorization to add this person, unfortunately you have been blocked and you can not do anything.

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