Many times people we want to know what has happened to some of our lifelong friends that we have stopped seeing for a long time. And even so, when we know the full name of the person we are looking for, it can be really difficult to find any trace of the life of the subject in question.

It is true that in the past it was much more complicated to be able to locate someone only knowing his first and last name, however, Currently, this action has been simplified in a very significant way., emerging in this way to web pages that do this work for you.

If you are one of those users who wants with all the desire in the world to find someone in particular, then we are going to show you how to do it as quickly and easily as possible.

We are going to teach you methods so that you can locate people through social networks, and through their locations, no matter if they are from Spain or from any LATAM country such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil...

IMPORTANT: Wait! If you have no time to lose, you have come to the right place. Below we leave you a Flowchart where we summarize as briefly as possible all the content of this page:

The best methods to find a person by their first and last name on social networks

The best ways to find anyone you know only their first and last name is without a doubt social networks. In them we publish our name and surname constantly, so our goal becomes something truly simple.

Next, we are going to show how to find anyone through the main social networks most popular today:

Find a person on Facebook

Facebook Image Result

Facebook is generally the social network par excellence when it comes to searching for someone and finding them without much difficulty. This social network is the best because it allows us to find anyone from their first name, their last name, their city or their friends in common with you.

The followed to follow to find someone through Facebook are:

First of all, we must locate ourselves on the home page and have our account open. Next, we have to locate the search box that is located at the top and write there the name of the person in question along with their last name.

Now we must look for the magnifying glass icon and press the «Enter» key. Depending on the speed of our Internet, this process will take more or less time. When the appropriate time has passed, you will be shown all the corresponding results according to the data you have previously provided. In that list that has appeared, you should try to find the person you are looking for through their profile picture. Clever! This is all.

IMPORTANT: If the process is complicated and you cannot find the person you want, you can use the “Advanced Search” option to be able to insert more additional data and be able to more easily find the person you are looking for.

Find a person on Instagram

With Instagram our goal can be a bit more complicated because this social network requires a username that users choose to their liking. For this reason, many choose to choose a creative instagram name and that you do not always have to reveal your identity.

Fortunately, it is not impossible to find someone within Instagram and today we are going to teach you how to do it.

The followed to follow to find someone through Instagram are:

Already inside the social network, We must press the magnifying glass icon that is located at the bottom of the screen. Next, we have to click on the search bar at the top that says “Search”.

Now we must select the tab "Persons" to filter the search only to people who are part of Instagram. Subsequently, we must write the name and surname of the person in question so that all the people with that specific identification appear.

Lastly, we only have to investigate with the profile picture of the people who appear to us and find the person we are looking for.

Find a person on Twitter

On Twitter, the process to search for people is really simple and is based only on the following followed:

First go to your Twitter account and locate yourself in the search box that is located at the top of the time-line. Now you must click on the “Explore” tab to access the corresponding search field.

Because Twitter results are filtered by Top, Most Recent, People, Photos, Videos, News, or Broadcasts, the ideal is that you do it through people to make everything much simpler.

Finally, you must write the name of the person in question and investigate the results obtained.

Find a person on Linkedin

The followed steps to follow to find someone through LinkedIn are:

First of all, log in and go to the home page of the social network. Next, we must locate the search bar is located at the top of the main page.

Now in said search bar we must proceed to write the first and last name of the person we are looking for and click on the button Enter.

In case it shows you too many results, it is absolutely recommended to use the “People” search filter. If you still find it really difficult to find the person you are looking for, You can always use the “Advanced Search” option to be able to enter additional data more specific and filter the search even more.

The best recommendations to search for people in the Google search engine

  • To more accurately find who we are looking for, it is highly recommended to use double quotes. That is, for your search to have a better effect, you must place the name and surname as follows: Alfonso Port.
  • If you want to also exclude search words, you need to write a hyphen in front of the word you want to exclude, for example:
    «Alfonso Puerto – Gardener».
  • In case you are more interested in combining several searches, you must add the word “OR” in the middle, For example: «Alfonso Puerto OR Alfonso Puerto Cubero».

Using the well-known white pages or yellow pages

Another method that we can use to search for people on the Internet is through the well-known white pages or yellow pages. In case you don't know, these pages are about a phone book which includes alphabetically all the people who have used the telephone service.

After the rise of the Internet, the white pages became a web, and today it is possible to consult them online. To consult the white pages click here.

The best websites to find anyone

Next, we want to show you the best web pages on the internet to find anyone in the world:



This website offers us to carry out a search for people based on their first name, last name and their location. Peekyou has been highly optimized over time in order to discover in an increasingly easy and fast way to the most important people in your life.

As for its interface, We can only say that it has been really clean and intuitive.


This web page presents how social white pages and It has a section where you can enter data of a specific person, such as your first name and last name.

What differentiates this website from the others is that Snitch asks you to indicate other extra parameters based on professional, academic, social and general aspects.



Initially, this web page only allows you to fill in a section to be able to find the person you want. Of course, once the search process begins, you can add some extra keywords to focus the results much more. Also, WebMii integrates tons of related people options, connection charts, and organization of results by specific social networks.

What makes this page different is that It natively has a voice search function.



Although it is completely true that its interface is obsolete, Zabasearch is a very useful solution to find people with just their first and last name. Especially if they are people residing in the United States, since its operation is mainly focused on this social field.

In order to be more exact and achieve better results, the platform has added a section in which we are allowed to enter the phone number of the person we are looking for and the state in which they reside.

 People Finders

People Finders

PeopleFinders can currently be considered as one of the most effective websites when it comes to searching for people by their first and last name. This is mainly due to the fact that it has up to five search fields to offer an absolutely precise and efficient service.

The fields that PeopleFinders allows us to fill in are the following: “First Name”, “Last Name”, “City”, “State” and “Phone”.


NNDB Mapper

Although NNDB is a very different page than the ones we have seen previously, We have no doubt that it is a completely ideal page to find people and learn more about them.

This website is really popular because it allows us to explore all the possible connections between different people through their personal relationships, their political alliances, their boards of directors, their conspiracy groups, their favorite movies and series, etc.



Finally, we present another last web page that can help us 100% to find someone by their first and last name.

Pipl proves its worth with its great search engine to find people only with the help of the name, surname, city or country. In addition to all this data, it also allows us to customize these parameters and filter by age ranges, by location, by email, by telephone number, by username on social networks, etc.

Here you will see how locate them through their cell phone.

By Manuel Garrido

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