How we ensure the quality of the content in Digital Guides

The Digital Guides team is aware of the quality of content on the Internet.

We are aware that there are many guides and tutorials on the Internet regarding a large number of topics. However, we strive to offer you the most current, useful and reliable information for what you are looking for.

The measures that we implement with the editorial team of my Digital Guides are the following:

  1. Weekly review by a team member of all linked content.
  2. External monthly audit made up of a technical team and a legal team.
  3. Bimonthly awareness talks for the entire team and updating of new technologies.

We also know that with the growth of new technologies and software updates there may be variations in the lists of the best apps and recommended programs, so we take care of continually reviewing the content so that you always have the most up-to-date information possible.