Office packages are well known since its inception, and it is that they offer different options to users. Therefore, you should know all the information related to the Key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016.

What is the importance of the key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016?

From the moment you make the decision to purchase the Office package, you can enjoy the functions of all its applications and programs. The 2016 version is the most recent and updated, therefore, you should know all its importance.

The version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016, in addition to the well-known functions, also includes other enhanced tools, which at the same time also help you to speed up your works.

Once you download or install the Office package, it is important that you carry out the complete installation of it, complying with all the steps. In this way, you make sure that applications such as Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note, Outlook, among others, They can be installed without problems, and later be executed.

Generally, users download the Office package directly from the Internet, and for many it is easier, and they save when buying it. However, there is a drawback, and that is, when you get it this way, you need an activation key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016, if you don't have it, you can't use the functions of the package.

For that reason, today we leave you with all the necessary information so that you can get the correct key and install the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 package without problems.

What are the alternatives to find the key for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016?

There are different ways in which you can activate the Office 2016 package, it can be through keys, serials, codes, executables, and with other programs. Although the objective of most is very similar, each one has its important details to mention:

Activate Office 2016 without using programs

This is the first alternative, and it really is one of the most used, because it is very simple, and it does not require any program.

  • The first step is to copy the code to paste it into a text file.
  • Now, you must create a text file, you do this process on the desktop of the computer, and click with your mouse on the right button, to select the option of "New".
  • Then you must click on "Text document", and, that's where you paste the code you copied in the first step.
  • When it is already created, the next thing is to save it, and run it as administrator.
  • After you select »Run as administrator», the Microsoft Office 2016 activation process starts automatically. You just have to wait a few minutes and that's it.

Activate Office 2016 with product keys

Another alternative is to activate Office with the product keys, it is another easy process to carry out, and in addition, it is also very safe because your computer will not be at risk of suffering any damage or threat.

There is a long list of keys and serials, but you can only use one at a time, therefore, you must try very patiently until one of them works perfectly. Next, we show you some of them:

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016: XQNVK-8JYDB-WJ9W3-YJ8YR-WFG99
  • Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2016: PD3PC-RHNGV-FXJ29-8JK7D-RJRJK
  • Office Project Professional 2016: YG9NW-3K39V-2T3HJ-93F3Q-G83KT
  • Microsoft Office Standard 2016: JNRGM-WHDWX-FJJG3-K47QV-DRTFM
  • Office Visio Standard 2016: 7WHWN-4T7MP-G96JF-G33KR-W8GF4
  • Microsoft Office Project Standard 2016: GNFHQ-F6YQM-KQDGJ-327XX-KQBVC

Remember that if you know the version of Office you have installed, the process of selecting any of the keys will be easier and faster.

Specific keys for Office 2016 applications

  • Word: If you want to write any text or document, you must use WXY84-JN2Q9-RBCCQ-3Q3J3-3PFJ6
  • Excel: To make the best spreadsheets with your math formulas, write 9C2PK-NWTVB-JMPW8-BFT28-7FTBF
  • PowerPoint: Create the best graphic presentations, using J7MQP-HNJ4Y-WJ7YM-PFYGF-BY6C6
  • Publisher: Create different brochures, resumes and other creative files with F47MM-N3XJP-TQXJ9-BP99D-8K837
  • Outlook: Use mail services with R69KK-NTPKF-7M3Q4-QYBHW-6MT9B
  • Access: Create your database, using GNH9Y-D2J4T-FJHGG-QRVH7-QPFDW
  • OneNote: Use your personal calendar with Office 2016 DR92N-9HTF2-97XKM-XW2WJ-XW3J6
  • Skype or Whatsapp: Use one of the best applications to make video calls 869NQ-FJ69K-466HW-QYCP2-DDBV6

In case none of the previous keys work, there are also others that you can try until the activation is carried out:

  • 2MHJR-V4MR2-V4Z2Y-72MQ7-KC6XK
  • MT7YN-TMV9C-7DDX9-64W77-B7R4D
  • C2FG9-N6J68-H8BTJ-BW3QX-RM3B3

Steps to activate Office 2016 with product keys

  • Open any of the Office applications, it can be Word, Excel or the one of your preference.
  • Immediately the program shows you a notification box, indicating that you must activate the package.
  • Now select the option »Have the product activation key».
  • Then, it asks you to enter a 25-character key so that the activation can start.
  • Place any of the keys you chose, until it is approved.
  • Once approved, you must click on "Accept".
  • In this way, a notification appears on the screen where it says »the Product has been activated».
  • Done, you can use any of the applications without problems.

How to activate Office 2016 with KMS Auto?

KMS Auto is one of the recommended third-party software for Office 2016 activation, you can get it directly from the Internet, and then follow the steps:

  • The first thing you should do is disable your antivirus, because, generally, when this program detects an unknown file, it usually eliminates it before it becomes a threat.
  • Another recommendation is also to deactivate »Windows Defender», and you do it in the control panel of the Security option of your computer.
  • Now, you can continue with the download of the program.
  • When this download is finished, the next thing to do is look for the file, which is generally in zip or rar format, select it, and with the right click of your mouse, choose "Extract here".
  • Once you extract it to your computer, open it and look for the option "Execute as an administrator".
  • When you open, select »Activate Office».
  • You should immediately start the activation process, which only takes a few minutes.
  • If you completed all the steps correctly, at the end of the process the notification of »activation has been carried out successfully».
  • It is recommended to restart the computer, to make sure that you can use all the applications without problem.

Activate Microsoft Office 2016 with KMSpico

Another of the recommended activators is KMSpico, the process is also very simple, just make sure to carry it out correctly:

  • Download KMSpeak directly on your page.
  • Then you must unzip it, and select the file »KMSELDI».
  • Now, open the file, and select the option "Execute as an administrator".
  • A box with icons appears, there select »Microsoft Office 2016», and wait a few minutes for it to start running.
  • When the process ends, open any of the applications, and thus confirm that the process worked.

Please note that for any of the triggers mentioned above, it is important that your computer has the component installed. .NETFRAMEWORK 3.5. If you do not have it, it is important to carry out its installation, because the activation will not be carried out.

How to know if Microsoft office Professional Plus 2016 is active?

Knowing if Office 2016 is active is very important, in addition, the process is really simple, you just have to enter the package, open any of its applications, and select the tab "Archive" that appears in the main menu.

Then select the option "Account", and immediately a box is displayed where you can see all the information related to Office 2016 that you have installed on your computer. There, you can check whether it is active or not.


What is the most recommended method to find Office Professional Plus 2016 key?

Selecting one as a favorite is a bit difficult, the decision depends on you and your own experience. Each of the alternatives mentioned in this article have their advantages, and you just have to make sure that you carry out their steps correctly so that you do not have any inconvenience during the process.

What we do recommend is that you try different keys until one of them is accepted, for this reason, there is a long list.