How to block a web page

HThere are a number of reasons why you might want to block certain web pages on your computer. Some pages may be spreading viruses or even trying to steal personal data from their own users. Whatever it is, Today it is possible to avoid these pages if you block them in time.

There are many ways to block the same web page. For example, you can block it only in one browser. Although you can also block it exclusively in your operating system, and even directly in the router. Of course, to block a web page you have to follow a series of steps. Next you will learn how to block a web page from a computer and from a mobile phone. To the mess!

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How to block a web page from a computer

The following methods that we want to explain are made exclusively for Windows and Mac. If you agree, let's get started!

On windows

First of all make sure you have administrator access on your PC. Next, go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and click on the file named “hosts”. Now select Notepad in the list of programs and open it. In the last two lines you should be able to read "# localhost" and "# :: 1 localhost". In the event that you cannot edit the file, right-click on "Properties" to be able to access the "Security" tab and edit it from there.

In the window that appears select “Full Control” and click “Apply”. At the end of the file add the addresses of the web pages you want to block. For example, to block Google add "" to the end of the file without quotes. Remember that you can block as many sites as you want but you can only add one per line. Repeat this step until you have blocked all the pages you want.

Finally, close the “hosts” file and click “Save”. Now restart your computer for the changes to take effect. 

On Mac

First make sure you have administrator access on your Mac. Next, inside the terminal, type sudo nano /etc/hosts and hit enter. Enter the user password and the file will open in a text editor.

Now write the name of the website you want to block on a new line following the format “” without the quotes. You can block as many websites as you like, however you can only add one per line. Repeat the process until you have blocked all the web pages you want.

Lastly, enter the command “sudo dscacheutil -flushcache” and press enter. Now restart your computer to make sure the pages have been blocked. 

How to block a web page from a mobile phone

The following method is designed for mobile phones only iOS. If you agree, here we go!

On iOS

First go to Settings > General > Restrictions and enable the restrictions. Now set a passcode for those restrictions. This code has to be different from the password you use to unlock your phone. 

After setting up the code, scroll down and tap on “Websites”. This is where you have to block access to web pages that you want to avoid at all costs.. The truth is that in the specific websites there is a short list of websites to exclude, so the work is practically almost done.

After blocking all the websites you want, reboot your device and voila. 

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