One of the biggest concerns is to order all the eBooks that generally accumulate, for this reason, it is important to know How to create a collection on your Kindle?

How to easily create a collection on your Kindle?

Creating a collection on your Kindle is one of the problems that usually worries users, and that is that with the large number of eBooks that accumulate, an incredible mess is generated.

The main theme of this article is to help you say goodbye to that clutter, and you can do that by creating collections on your Kindle easily. In this way, you have the opportunity to group and classify all your digital books, and maintain a good order.


Also, by creating a collection you have the opportunity to group all your content, and manage or edit it the way you want without any problem.

If you are still not convinced about creating a collection, below are some of its advantages so that you do not hesitate:

  • It gives you the possibility to save any other file, and not just eBooks or personal documents.
  • You can edit the collections without problems, and adjust them to your needs.
  • Collections can be saved using WiFi directly on the Amazon website.
  • If you want to delete a collection, you can do so without deleting the documents stored in it.
  • Also, different contents can be saved in more than one collection at the same time.

What are the steps to create a collection on your Kindle?

  • On the home screen you must enter the main menu and search »Create new collection».
  • In the next box that appears on your Kindle screen, you must write the name of the collection to create, and press "Keep".
  • The next thing you should do is save your documents or eBooks to the collection and you're done. Make sure that in the menu you press the option of »Add to this collection».

One of the best features of your Kindle is that you can create different collections to keep all your content organized.

How to add a book to a collection?

When you download the books you can save them directly to the collection of your choice. This way, you can organize all the content you download and find it easily.

  • Once inside the library, you must press the icon "Further" or easily recognized with three dots, which is located at the bottom of the right hand side of the book.
  • Then you must select »Add to Collection''.
  • Check the box for the collection of your choice, and you're done.

Now, if you want to create a new collection that is related to the downloaded book, you must select the button "Menu", and search »Create new collection». Immediately the collection will be added to the list, and it will be verified.

Bulk add books to your collection

Another of the available options is to add several books at the same time in the same collection. The steps are very similar to what you use when creating a new collection:

  • You must press the icon "Further", which is located in the lower right-hand corner of the collection.
  • Then, the next thing is to select the option »Add/Remove items».
  • Check the boxes next to the books you want to add to the collection.
  • Lastly, press "ready".

How to view collections on Kindle Paperwhite?

When a collection already exists, or even more, you can check the books inside them as follows:

  • Choose »Your library» located on the home screen, or also from the menu.
  • You must choose the option »Collections».
  • In this way, all the collections that have been created appear. Select any collection to see the books of your choice.


It is important to know that, if you are within the collections, you can also use the options of "Filter" y "Order" at the top of the screen. The filter can be applied to the entire library, and when you press the other option, keep in mind that the order will be carried out according to the most recent documents or by titles.

At the top of the screen you can tell which collection you are viewing because the collection name appears.

How to remove a book from a collection?

To remove a book from a collection, you must make sure you follow some steps, and we leave them below:

  • Enter the collection, and press the button "Further" found at the bottom of the book.
  • Now, you must choose the option »Remove from collection''.
  • The book will not disappear immediately, but it will the next time you enter the collection.

Delete books in bulk

If you want to delete several books at the same time that are in the same collection, you must do the following:

  • Select the icon "Further" which is in the lower corner of the collection.
  • Now, press the option »Add/Remove items».
  • Uncheck the boxes for the books you want to delete.
  • Finally, you must click on "ready".

Note that even though the book has been removed from a collection, it still remains in the library.

How to rename or delete a collection?

After you create a collection, you can rename it or even delete it entirely.

In any of the screens where the name of the collection appears, you can modify it. You just have to touch the option "Further" at the bottom, and search "Rename", write the one you want and that's it.

Now, if you no longer want to have a collection, you can delete it, also from any screen where the collection appears. You must touch the button "Further", and then »Remove device» o "eliminate".

The difference between these two options is that the »remove device» will remove the collection from the library, but the content will be in the cloud in case you want to download it again. While, "eliminate'' refers to completely removing the collection.

Remember that these options are only applied directly to the collection, and not to the information found within it.