How to prevent your Mac from sleeping automatically

Apple made the decision to incorporate a sleep mode for your computer, but, How to prevent your Max from going to sleep automatically?

Mac computers have included automatic sleep within their functions for some time, although it may seem like a useful option, in many cases it is not so necessary, and one of the wishes is to deactivate it.

It is a function created with the idea that while you are not using the computer it can be at rest, however, there are people who do not think it is a good idea. And, for this reason, it was updated until the option so that your computer does not automatically go to sleep when you do not use it was available.

The best thing is that you only have to change the settings and settings of your Mac, but make sure you do it correctly to avoid delays. The steps are the following:

  • Once you turn on your Mac, you must enter the option of ''System preferences''.
  • Then within the settings menu, now you must click on ''Economizer''. 
  • When the window opens you should look for the option ''Turn off screen after'' located at the top of the screen. 
  • The next thing is to take that option to the upper right side, specifically where the word appears ''Never''.
  • Later, a kind of alert appears on the screen notifying you that when you activate the option you are at risk of consuming more energy, you just have to press the accept button.
  • When you finish with all the configuration, your computer will no longer have automatic sleep mode, and to use it you must do it manually by entering the apple that is in the toolbar at the top.

As you should know, when you want to enjoy the automatic sleep function again, you just enter the computer settings and change the settings to your liking again.

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