How does MOBOX work?

MOBOX is one of the NFT or GameFi video games that aims to revolutionize the sector. Since, unlike its competitors, such as The Sandbox, Axie Infinity or even Cryptoblades, it has notable differences that a user who wants to participate in the ecosystem must know. Therefore, we explain below how MOBOX works.

How does MOBOX and its ecosystem work?

MOBOX and its ecosystem

MOBOX is a video game that It is based on Blockchain technology and the use of smart contracts for the tokenization of characters. within the ecosystem they intend to create; Thanks to this, NFTs are created, but the truth is that it is not only based on this concept.

Since, being a GameFi it also allows users, not only to acquire or trade with NFTs, but farm MBOX tokens with MOMOs inside the platform; To do this, the characters are staked in the mining camp area.

It should be noted that the mining or farming power of MOMO will depend on multiple qualities of the same; but without a doubt, while the NFT has a higher hash rate, the better the profits will be.

In short, it can be said that this is how part of the MOBOX ecosystem works. However, there are more aspects to comment and detail, such as:

Lock MBOX-BNB LP and earn NFTs

How MOMOS farming works

In addition to the system MOBOX games and the mining camp sector, users who want to earn tokens and get an NFT totally free will be able to access the yield farming function; in which they will have the possibility of getting a box with a random avatar.

To access this feature of the blockchain video game they will have to connect with a wallet of MOBOX, Binance Coin, MetaMask, among others.

Then find the area of MOMO Farmer; this is located in the upper left menu of the official portal Finally, you just have to click on the box that says “participate”. After adding the amount of staked tokens you will already be participating for a random box.

MOMO Farming: Explanation and Strategy

The main strategy that can be applied is to acquire a team of 4 MOMOs and place them in farming. In order to get a high hash rate for having a team; Depending on their rarity, as well as their level and skills, the platform will offer a hash bonus.

Therefore, before acquiring an NFT, it is suggested not only to take into account the farming power, but also to evaluate the aforementioned aspects. Since, this could also make it easier or harder to level it up; that doing so will grant an improvement in the hash rate.

On the other hand, investors also have access to different games to earn MBOX tokens, as it is:

  • The sand.
  • Block Brawler: is a game mode that is still in development.
  • Token Master: This is a kind of PVP and adventure game.

Soon they will add more alternatives.

How does the Marketplace work?

How the MOBOX Marketplace works

El MOBOX Marketplace it is quite intuitive, in fact, it also has a filter for those who want to buy an NFT considering some parameters.

Furthermore, one of the MOBOX features highlights of the Marketplace, is that it allows you to search for the name of the desired character; rarity level; select if you want to find a BOX, MEC BOX, gems or others.

Requirements to play

  • ability to invest; either in tokens for farming or in NFTs. While it is possible to play for free, there will be no profit from doing so as it is for trial purposes only.
  • Internet connection.
  • An wallet in MOBOX or MetaMask.
  • Have a Android or iOS smartphone.

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