Although it is very easy to use any platform directly on the Web, it will always be easier to access the application from your computer or mobile. For this reason, below, we leave you all the information related to How to install YouTube on Windows?

How to install YouTube on Windows with few steps?

YouTube is one of the applications currently best known by all users in the world, and that is, in it you can find different topics and information of your interest. It even includes entertaining content for you and your friends as well.

Although it is very easy to enter the platform through the Web, it's not as convenient as doing it directly from your app. One of the differences is that by installing the app on your computer you can remove the search bar whenever you want.

Thanks to the development of PWAs or known as Progressive Web Apps and different hardware improvements, you now have the possibility to install the YouTube application on your Windows computer without problems. Thus, you can use the application independently, obtaining its icon on the taskbar and with its own interface.


But, there is an important aspect that you must take into account, and that is that the browser to use has to be based on Chromium, which can be Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium. Next, we leave you the steps of each one:

How to install YouTube on Windows with Google Chrome?

It is very easy to install, the first thing is to see in the address bar of your browser, and locate the icon of a monitor with arrow pointing down, This is located right next to the share button and the favorites button.

The next thing to do is open menu where you will see the corresponding option to install the YouTube Web on your computer, as if it were an application.

In case the above does not work you must carry out another process, and the steps are mentioned below:

  • Open the menu that appears with the three dots icon, on the right of your screen.
  • There, you must click on »Install YouTube».
  • Lastly, select "Install''.
  • Done.

However, it is not an option that appears on all Web pages, therefore, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Open the three-dot menu.
  • Select the option »More tools».
  • Then you must click on "Create Shortcut".
  • Select the name of the application.
  • Now you have to check the box »Open as window».
  • Lastly, click on "Create".

How to install YouTube on Windows with Microsoft Edge?

Similar to the steps above, installing YouTube on Windows with Microsoft Edge is very easy. The first thing you should do is see the address bar, and look for the icon with three boxes and the + symbol, which is generally located next to the star of »add favourites».

Once you select it, a menu immediately appears that allows you to install YouTube as an app. In case the + symbol does not appear, you must do the following:

  • Open the menu of the three points, which is located at the top of the right side.
  • The next thing is to enter "Applications".
  • Then you must click on »install this site as an app».
  • Now, select the name of the application.
  • Finally you must click on "install".