In this guide, we will show you how to play Bomb Crypto and make money with the game. Play-to-earn style games that combine non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with metaverse platforms and pay players in cryptocurrencies are on the rise not only in the crypto world, but are gaining ever-increasing popularity. highest among players of traditional games.

Among the games of this model, one of them that has been gaining popularity and attracting more and more players is crypto bomb, a game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and inspired by the classic Bomberman in which the characters are trapped in a maze while they must break blocks to move around the place. In this article we see how to start playing from scratch.

The game takes place in Bomberland, a planet far from Earth where the inhabitants live extremely peacefully and happily. However, one day, the land was invaded by an evil force that burned forests, destroyed houses, arrested people and stole BCOIN, the property of the people.

To bring peace to the land, the kingdom's scientists have researched and created the Bombers, who are the heroes responsible for destroying the evil forces, rescuing the BCOIN, and bringing peace to the land again.

Screenshot of a Bomb Crypto game with the heroes looking to destroy the blocks to earn BCoins

How to play Bomb Crypto: starting to play

Like other play-to-win games like Axie Infinity and Star Atlas, to play Bomb Crypto you must have at least one Bomber hero, but there are different levels of heroes and powers. They can range from Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, and Legend, with Common being the least rare and Legend being the most rare. The higher the rarity, the more points and earnings the character will have in the game.

In addition, Bombers heroes also have 6 different levels of powers (Power; Bomb Range; Stamina; Speed; Bomb; Skill) which also influence the performance and rewards of the character throughout the game.

There are basically three ways to own a Bomber: through a 'recovery' (in English Rescue Hero), purchase in the store and secondary market (p2p). In the first case, users can acquire new heroes through rescue missions. On some maps, it is rare for users to find a prison block that contains a Bomber hero. After completing the rescue mission, players will receive the damaged hero, which must be recovered before re-entering the game.

However, prison blocks can only be found in treasure hunt mode. The prison lock rate has a time limit.

To buy a Bomber it is necessary to buy the native token of the BCOIN game (Bombcrypto). With 10 BCOINS you can acquire a character with random rarity, which can vary between Common, Rare and Super Rare (but there is a limit of characters that can be purchased in this mode). Epics and Legends can only be purchased on the game's secondary market, where other players can also sell their Bombers.

bombcrypto10 bcoin hero
Screen to buy heroes of the game Bomb Crypto. Currently, the sales market is not yet available.

How To Play Bomb Crypto: Tips For Playing Bomb Crypto

After purchasing Bomber, the user can start doing the missions of the game. One estimate is that by investing 10 BCOINS in the game and taking only one common character at a random rarity, it takes the player 30-40 days to recover their initial investment in the game (BCOINS can only be withdrawn after the user reaches a minimum of 40 BCOINS accumulated)

Unlike Axie Infinity, Bomb Crypto has 3 game modes: Treasure Hunt; PVP and History. Also, there is no need to download the game as it can be played directly from the browser.

Treasure Hunt mode is an automatic mode, in which the characters destroy chests and form blocks while searching for rewards (as it is automatic, the players do not have to do anything, the characters break blocks on their own). With each chest, the player earns a reward that can be used to purchase even more characters, which will increase the amount of BCOINS they can receive per day. C

Since Treasure Hunt is an automatic mode, almost like Bitcoin mining, many players leave the computer on 24 hours a day with the characters working. However, in this case, it is important to also include electricity consumption in your calculations.

In story mode, it is a first-person shooter where players fight monsters, destroy bosses, and get valuable items. In PvP mode, players fight each other trying to win and get NFT rewards.

Screenshot of a game with the Bomb Crypto heroes at full speed looking for BCoins among the stones

How To Play Bomb Crypto: How To Earn More BCOIN

Players should note that bombers cannot fight or break blocks all day. They have an energy bar and every time it reaches the end, the hero automatically enters a state of inertia, a balloon appears above him indicating that he is sleeping to recover energy. After some time it is necessary to reactivate the character so that he can work again.

Another tip is that in Treasure Hunt mode users can send all the Bombers they have to break blocks and automatically mine the lands. In story mode, players choose their own hero to take part in each level. The player must destroy all monsters to pass each level (breaking blocks and killing monsters also give players a chance to drop BCOINS).

Also, during the game, if you are touched by a monster, you will also lose energy. If the hero's energy reaches zero, you will lose the battle.

To participate in the PVP mode, players need a specific type of energy, and they also need to pay a certain number of tokens as an entry fee which will later be used as rewards. The ultimate winner takes the most chips from the losers.

Additionally, players can purchase houses to help bombers recover their health faster. The game also has a hero upgrade mechanism that uses a hero of the same level as the hero to upgrade as a material, the hero as a material will be lost after the upgrade is successful. This will help prevent hero inflation in the game, thereby increasing the value of heroes in the future.