In this opportunity we are going to teach you How to locate a private number that has previously contacted you. Remember that many people use this modality for illegal things and that is why we took the time to teach you about it.

Can a private number be traced?

Regrettably you can't trace a private number without resorting to applications that allow you to do this.

track it without apps

Some Androids allow you to do this tracking without any application. In that case, what you should do is the following:

  • Go to the option Adjustments
  • Then you have to go to where it says Calls. This can be in SIM management or in connections.
  • Now you should locate an option called Hidden number or also Private calls or similar. After you locate it, click on it.
  • Finally, you have to activate the option Show all hidden numbers.

Track it with apps

Through applications if you can find a private number. It's all a matter of knowing what these are and after that download the one you prefer.

Applications to find out a private or hidden number

There are some applications that can certainly help you with this type of tracking and they are the following:

  • Who's Calling.
  • TrapCall.
  • callapp.
  • Hiya.
  • true caller.

Differences between mobiles when locating a private number

There are some mobiles that offer you the possibility of finding a private number that has made a phone call, through the processes that we have mentioned in previous points. But there are other motives which do not have this option And if you want to find the private number that is calling you, you can only do it through apps for it.


Can you locate a private number on iOS?

If it can be located, it's just a matter of following a procedure that is not complicated at all to find this private number. iOS is very committed to the safety of users of this system, for that reason through the settings you could discover this number that is calling you.

Are the applications to locate these numbers free?

Most of these are, there are some that have longer ranges and are paid, but if you want to find out these numbers without paying for applications, the ones that we have shown you previously will serve you for this.

Is a private number the same as a hidden or unknown number?

If you are the person making the call in a hidden way, it is the same. the call will also appear in your record and also on the bill, received calls will not appear on your bill, so a call with a hidden number will not appear either.

But there are many legal exceptions that could let you know who owns the hidden number. For example, when a complaint is made for scam or fraud, through a court order The telephone company may be asked to disclose this number as they do record the call.

Are private numbers registered on the telephone bill?

If they are registered, this is in case tomorrow something is required at a legal level that has to do with this private number as long as this number is used to make the call.

How to make a call to appear as a private number?

This is not a complicated process, if you want to call in a hidden way, You only have to dial #31# and attached to this the telephone number to which you want to make the call. After this you must press the call key and it will be done as you expect, the code may vary according to the country you are in, but in almost all of them it is this sequence that we show you.