The headset mode is one of the best features of Android, however, when it gets stuck it becomes a problem, so we will explain how to remove it.

How to remove headset mode on Android

The headset mode is one of the functions that all Androids include, and that is that, once you complete the entire pairing process, it will automatically connect when the phone recognizes the devices. 

However, the problem occurs when the phone gets stuck in this mode, and that is why, below we leave you with all the ways that you can use to remove headset mode on android

Disconnect the headphones from your phone

It is one of the fastest solutions, you must disconnect the headphones from your mobile device, and then connect them again. The goal of this process is to make your phone not recognize the headphones.

  • Insert the headphone port into your phone's audio jack.
  • Then you should slowly twist the plug while it's still inside.

If the phone continues to have a problem, it may be because the port is dirty and does not allow the connection.

Clean the headphone jack

Many times your phone gets stuck and can't get out of headset mode because the audio port contains a lot of accumulated debris. For this reason, it is recommended to clean it frequently.

You must take a swab, and remove as much cotton from one of the tips. This, so that it can enter the audio connector without problems, but, at the same time, clean it. Another option is to use a toothpick or a paper clip.

  • Now, you must insert the Q-tip into the plug until it reaches the bottom of the connector.
  • When you have it on the inside you must turn it slowly, while at the same time you have it pressed.
  • Then, you must remove the Q-tip, and in this way any dirt or dust particles that exist in the audio connector are completely removed.
  • You can repeat it several times until it is completely clean.

Restart your phone

When the phone closes background apps on its own, it sometimes causes problems, and this may be one of the reasons why it is still in headset mode. To restart it, you must do the following:

  • Press and hold the power button, which is usually on the right side of your phone. However, this may vary depending on the model it is.
  • A series of options appear on your screen, and you must select the one ''Restart''. In case it does not appear, you can also press ''To turn off''.
  • Now, what you should do is wait for the phone to turn on, and thus verify that the headset mode icon no longer appears on the screen.

Perform a soft reset of the phone

This is another option if restarting your phone did not work, this restart is softer and is responsible for closing all applications, as well as deleting data from random access memory, better known as RAM, without deleting it your personal information.

The best thing is that it is fast and simple, in some cases, it is even considered as the first solution. 

  • You must turn off the phone.
  • Wait 30 seconds. 
  • Turn your phone back on.

Do a factory reset on the phone

This is a reset where all the information on the phone will be erased, including settings and applications. It is best to recommend that, before carrying out this procedure, make sure you have a backup of all your data and files.

  • The first thing you should do is verify that your phone's battery is sufficient so that the process does not suffer any interruption.
  • Now, you must look in the applications menu for the ''Settings''.
  • Then select the option ''System''.
  • Go to ''Advanced''.
  • In the new options that appear you must select ''Restore''.
  • And finally, ''Clear all data''.
  • The phone asks you to confirm the selected option.
  • Then you must enter your PIN, if you have one.
  • Done, you must confirm for the last time that you want to delete all your data from the phone. 

Use an app with which you can override audio controls

There are some applications that grant you root access so that you have the possibility to execute some commands that are not available in the system of your phone.

One of the first applications and most used by users is ''Disable Earpiece/Enable Speaker''. By downloading this app, you have the opportunity to make manual changes to your headphones and speakers, such as disconnecting them.

Another application is ''Android Repair Tool'', the difference is that it is in charge of carrying out a diagnosis, and thus determining the true problem of the telephone and the headset mode.

Once it discovers the problem, the app carries out the solution so that you can remove the headset mode without any problems.

Replace the headphone jack 

The problem occurs when the connection to the headphone jack is not completely clean, because it was in contact with fresh water, or even on the beach. The solution for this is to change it; In case you cannot go to a technical service, you can visit some tutorials and make the modification.

This is the last solution that exists to remove the headset mode on your phone, however, in most cases the problem has a quick solution, and you can do it yourself, without the need to leave your home, or spend big.

Why does my Android get stuck in earphone mode?

One of the first reasons why headset mode cannot be removed from your Android phone is because the audio input port is dirty, a few simple dust particles can interfere with its proper functioning. 

Another problem can be directly with phone software, or a fault in it, which, many times, restarting it is easily solved.

Generally, it is a problem that has a quick solution, however, it is important to determine the cause to carry out the appropriate actions.

By Luz Hernandez Lozano

Freelance writer with more than 4 years writing to create content for different web portals, which has resulted in the acquisition of a huge collection of knowledge on different digital topics. Her excellent journalistic work allows her to write first-rate articles and guides related to technology.