Have you ever completely forgotten your Facebook password and been unable to log in? Has your personal account been hacked and inappropriate things posted in your name?

Don't worry! Thousands upon thousands of people run into problems like these almost every day. Fortunately, Facebook offers us different options to recover our account, whether we have not forgotten our password, or whether we can no longer log in because a hack has changed it.

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All possible recovery options 

Next, we want to show you how to recover your Facebook account step by step of all the possible ways offered by this social network. To the mess!

Recover your account with your email, username or phone number

IMPORTANT: Before starting the account recovery process, it is highly recommended to use a computer or device that has previously had access to your Facebook account.

EFirst of all, go to the Facebook page and click on the option “Forgot your account details? Next, you need to remember an email address or phone number that is directly associated with the Facebook account you want to recover. If you only remember the username you can also use it.

Once you have successfully identified yourself, Facebook will show you a summary of your profile. Do not go in a hurry and before accepting, check carefully if that is really your account and that you have access to the email and phone number that appear on the screen. In the event that you no longer have access to any of these two data, you should go to its corresponding recovery method.

If everything went smoothly, click "Continue" to have Facebook send you a security code and allows you to set a new password. Clever! Upon completion of resetting your password You will have completely recovered your long-awaited Facebook account.

Recover your disabled account easily and quickly

If you can't access your account because it was disabled a while ago, you can try to fill in this form by clicking here for Facebook support to review whether the reasons for the disqualification are fair or not.

Contact Facebook support

Didn't any method work for you?

If all the explained recovery methods have failed you, you only have one last hope. This is about going to Facebook support and explaining your situation. In doing so, it is very likely that you will be given a chance if you prove your identity using your passport or driving license. The only drawback is that this process can take around a month, so be patient.

By Manuel Garrido

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