How to withdraw money in Bomb Crypto?

¿How to get the money in Bomb Crypto? is a question that many game users ask themselves. This is because Bomb Crypto is a play-to-earn game and as such pays its players in cryptocurrency for their in-game activity.

In this guide we will show you how simple it is to withdraw money from the Bomb Crypto account, but the first thing to remember is that the game is based on cryptocurrencies and therefore the profitability is distributed through a cryptocurrency native to the cryptocurrency. game call Bitcoin.

The BCoins are the coins that the heroes find in the different maps of the game and they are the ones that will guide the profitability of each player in the game. Since BCoins are a cryptocurrency, they can be exchanged for fiat currency (which is the official currency of each country) at cryptocurrency exchanges.

BCoins can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies on both cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralized exchanges, called DEXs. As BCoin was created on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), if the user wants to exchange his BCoins using a DEX, he needs to access PancakeSwap.

Screenshot of a successful BCoin withdrawal

How to withdraw money in Bomb Crypto?

Withdrawing money from Bomb Crypto is very simple, but the user must know first you need to have at least 40 BCoins to withdraw. This is a definition made by the game developers to encourage players to store their BCoins and also weed out short-term speculators.

Therefore, you can only withdraw your BCoins when you have a minimum balance of 40 BCoins. It is important to note that this 40 BCoin balance must be available in the chest and not in your MetaMask wallet.

So, next to a currency symbol at the top of the game screen is a chest, you need to click on it to find out how many BCoins your heroes already have. These coins that are in the chest need to add up to more than 40 coins for the user to withdraw them.

With that in mind, another tip is that the game charges a fee of up to 3% on each withdrawal, so although the minimum amount to withdraw is 40 BCoins, if you want to receive all 40 coins, it is better to withdraw only when you have. more than 41 Bitcoins as this excess will be used to pay transaction fees.

After this information, to withdraw just access the chest and click on the button «Complain«. Another tip from us is that before clicking “Claim”, take a look at the official Discord of the game and the official Telegram channel and check if there is no announcement detailing the restrictions on “Claiming”, as has happened in some occasions.

So let's go there:

  • Has more than 40 Bitcoins
  • I already looked at Telegram and Discord and everything is fine (there is no restriction)
  • Now just go to the Chest and press Claim.
  • Done.

You will see the message “Claim in progress” appear, do not close the screen or exit the game until this process is complete and the success message appears.

After this success message appears, you will see that the coins in your chest are no longer there. Now just wait 1 minute and open your MetaMask wallet and the BCoins will be there now.

Screenshot of a BCoins withdrawal and waiting for a successful confirmation. Important: Do not close this screen until you receive the success message

Withdrawing money in Bomb Crypto is very easy, but mistakes can always happen, so the game team has provided an exclusive channel to meet the demands of players who had problems withdrawing their money in Bomb Crypto.

So if after pressing the “Claim” button, you waited and the success message appeared, you need to go to to try again. It is important to note that if you don't try again within 24 hours, the Bomb Crytpo team will automatically try again, and then if it doesn't work, the BCOINs will go back to the user's wallet.

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