How to level up your heroes in Bomb Crypto is a question that many players of the game are made and sought in order to increase the profitability of their heroes and thus earn more B Coins.

BombCrypto is gaining attention as a game to win money that is attracting many players because it is a simple game that has a good return. Here in the portal we have several tutorials about the game and how to increase your profitability in the game.

As we said, play crypto bomb it is an investment, so in practice you need to buy an NFT to start playing. This NFT will be your first character, which can have varying degrees of rarity which also affects the profitability of the game, as rarer heroes have more power and can find BCoins faster.

After buying Bitcoin, via exchange or a DEX like PancakeSwap, you will need to buy a hero in NFT. Currently, each hero costs around 10 BCoins (which are now around $3.6), so you'll need a little over $36 to start the game by purchasing your first character.

However, there are varying degrees of rarity among the characters in Bomb Crypto and each one will bring different benefits. Here are your chances of finding a powerful hero right away:

  • Common – 82,87%
  • Rare – 10,36%
  • Super Rare – 5.18%
  • Epic - 1.04%
  • Legendary – 0.52%
  • Super Legendary – 0.04%.

These variations are important as each hero will have a specific game power. Once the game has started, your hero must destroy chests that contain precisely the game token, BCOIN, which will be the currency in which you will be paid. Therefore, the more BCoins he earns, the better his in-game earnings will be.

Screenshot where you can upgrade your hero in Bomb Crypto

How to level up your heroes in Bomb Crypto

In the game, heroes are essential pieces for profitability and to obtain BCoins, so after buying your hero in NFT it is very important to level up this hero to earn even more cryptocurrencies.

However, in order to level up a hero, the player must consider many particularities of the game and how this will affect their profitability and performance in the game.

First, it is important to know that a hero will not level up just by playing, that is, it is not enough to play more and more games and find many BCoins that this will not make your hero level up.

Therefore, it is only possible to level up a hero through an in-game system where the user must invest in this hero upgrade. In other words, you must buy this 'upgrade' on the hero.

For this hero upgrade 1 hero is required as material and after upgrade this hero will disappear. That's right, to level up a hero, you first need to have another hero, which will then no longer exist.

Therefore, players should know that when you level up a hero, you also lose a hero. This has a huge impact on the profitability of the game as the player needs to consider whether they think having a stronger hero will find more BCoins than two heroes combined.

Generally, we state that if you don't have at least 15 heroes to play with and all your heroes are of the common level, that is, the least rare, it is not recommended that you upgrade your hero. It is recommended to first complete the 15 heroes to be able to play the adventure mode that has other income possibilities.

To upgrade a hero in Bomb Crypto you need to have another hero which, in turn, will no longer exist in the game.

How to level up your heroes in Bomb Crypto: tips

OAnother thing that users should be aware of is that the update processn of a hero needs another hero of the same level and not of the same rarity. So if you have a legendary character, you can level it up using a normal hero.

In this case, since we have a legendary hero, using a common hero to increase the power of the legendary can be a good investment because the chance of a legendary finding more BCoins with a higher power level is much higher than a common hero.

So here's the tip, always try to level up higher rarity heroes using lower rarity heroes. For example, level 2 common can be used to upgrade level 2 epic heroes.

However, the hero upgrade price will increase based on the level and rarity of the hero. For example, the price of upgrading a Legendary to level 2 will be higher than the price of upgrading a normal hero to level 2. This is another important mechanic in the game as it balances the cost/reward of hero upgrades.

It is also important to note that after the update, only the damage stat is updated to +1, other stats remain unchanged. So upgrading just means your hero will be able to find more BCoins and have higher power, the other attributes which will have different importance in PVP mode and now in adventure mode are not impacted at all.

Three very important final tips:

  • Only use heroes with lower stats and a low rarity level to upgrade a hero with higher stats and rarity.
  • One must upgrade heroes with higher stamina and power to increase profitability in the game.
  • Carefully check the ID of the hero you want to upgrade, avoid losing a higher rarity hero.