When our mobile device does not offer the powerful sound that we need to fully listen to songs, videos and calls, it is time to evaluate the alternatives available to increase the audio volume.

How to increase mobile volume on Android?

Some Android mobile phones incorporate native options to raise your audio volume, but as they are too complicated for users, they usually choose to download applications that make the task easier. Among them are:

Goodev Volume Amplifier

If we go by the millions of downloads of this application, undoubtedly It is one of the favorites of mobile users. Despite its simple interface, it has options that are very useful.

One of the advantageous options of Goodev Volume Amplifier is that it can be configured to activate when the phone is restarted. Likewise allows you to set the maximum volume that you want to use, since if it is not established there is a risk of damaging the speakers of the computer.

SoulApps Studio Volume Booster

This app has a quite striking interface design, which incorporates various themes. By means of quick buttons, the Volume Enhancer allows you to control both the volume and the amplification, going from 100% to 160%. The music player can be controlled from the app.

TarrySoft Sound Equalizer

Rather than turning up the volume, the main function of the TarrySoft Equalizer is to amplify the sound. This five band equalizer features bass boost, sound enhancer functions and comes with ten presets

Managing the volume control is not so easy, although its operation is acceptable.

Super Volume Booster by Lean StartApp

It only allows amplifying the sound from the mobile speaker, so the Super Volume Booster it is a very simple application. It has 125%, 150%, 175% and 200% amplification buttons, although you can choose other values ​​by accessing the bar. It can be configured to be activated when the mobile starts up.

Volume Booster by Prometheus Interactive LLC

It is not a 100% free application, since, Although you do not have to pay to increase the volume of the mobile, functions such as the equalizer do require payment over time. 

This Volume Booster it is quite functional, especially if the only objective is to increase the volume, which can be increased by up to 40%.

Volume booster

El Volume booster is an application that is activated immediately after being installed. Appears at the bottom of the screen as a floating window with a slider, which allows you to increase the volume in percentage

This control operates separately from the phone's media volume control, and only affects apps like Spotify and YouTube, but doesn't work for turning up the volume for calls.


This application is particularly effective for improving headphone sound when playing multimedia. It operates as an equalizer, which can be configured to our liking. 

Wavelets  it works in the background, it already detects the audio automatically, without having to make any adjustments.

How to increase the volume of the cell phone without applications?

Many mobile brands usually incorporate an equalizer, a tool that, when configured correctly, can be used to increase the audio volume. 

One of the most effective methods to increase the volume of an Android mobile is by accessing its factory settings. You must mark the following code without the quotes as if you were trying to make a call: "* # * # * # * # 3646633«.

This will allow you to enter the Engineer Mode. Then you will have to slide the screen to the left until you reach the menu of Hardware testing. There you must select the following options Audio, Volume and finally Sound Playback

In the first menu that appears, you must select the service to which you want to increase the volume: call, alarm o music. In the second menu you must choose the option Speaker.

In the final text box, you must indicate the maximum volume that the device allows, where the default value is 140 and the maximum is 160. To save the changes, click where it says Set.

It is much easier to implement this change on iOS systems, since only the menu must be accessed Settings and locate the section Music. Then you must access the section Reproduction where you will need to press where it says EQ to choose the mode Nocturno

How to increase the volume according to the model of my Android phone?

The variety of mobile models that incorporate the Android system or variations of it is very wide, so that each manufacturer has developed its own methods to adjust the audio volume. Here are some examples of it.

How to increase the mobile volume on Samsung?

Most Samsung mobiles have an integrated equalizer, a tool with which many of the parameters related to sound can be modified. 

To do this, you must enter the Settings of the mobile and then to the section Sound. Next, you must select the option Advanced configuration, in which the equalizer can be set, if available.

The steps to increase the sound volume of a Samsung mobile through the built-in equalizer are the following:

  • Enter the Settings of the team.
  • select the section sounds and vibration.
  • You must go down to the bottom of the menu and access Advanced sound settings.
  • Then you must click on Effects and sound quality.
  • It will then be possible to visualize the equalizer, whose advanced mode must be accessed. There you can configure it manually and the volume can be raised by moving up the four frequencies on the left.

How to increase the volume of the Xiaomi mobile?

Through the section Settings of Xiaomi mobiles you can access the equalizer that incorporates the most recent models of this brand. By turning up the entire frequency range of the equalizer, it is possible to increase the volume beyond what is configured at the factory.

The procedure to achieve this is as follows: 

  • After accessing the section Settings, enter the section of Sound and vibration.
  • Go down to the last options to select the titled Sound effects.
  • It only remains to choose the option Graphic equalizer to later raise all the frequency bars to the maximum and thus enjoy a greater volume in your equipment

How to increase the volume of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 mobile?

Legislation in some countries limits the volume of audio that can be recorded by certain models of mobile phones. The XIAOMI Redmi Note 9 is one of the devices that is restricted in terms of volume, so its default volume should not exceed 100 decibels.

To increase the volume of the XIAOMI Redmi Note 9 there are some applications that can allow it. Get to know them below:

Ultimate Volume Booster: An easy to use application that allows you to increase the volume of the XIAOMI Redmi Note 9 by up to 30% with the simple adjustment of a button.

Volume Booster Goodev: The volume of your XIAOMI Redmi Note 9 can be managed and increased at the same time thanks to this application. Just move the slider to increase the volume. 

Volume Booster Pro: Unlike the previous applications, with Volume Booster Pro you can choose the type of volume of the XIAOMI Redmi Note 9 that you want to raise. So you can increase music volume without affecting call and alarm volumes. 

How to increase the volume of the Motorola E5 mobile?

The very low volume of the Motorola E5 mobile when playing audio can be due to different reasons. If we have already verified that the volume setting is at its maximum value and the problem persists, you can choose to install any of the following applications to increase the volume: 

Volume Booster Prometheus Interactive LLC

Thanks to this simple, small and free application it is possible to increase the volume of the Motorola E5 speaker. Very useful to improve the sound of multimedia content and video games. It also amplifies the volume of calls and optimizes what is heard through the headphones. 

Volume Booster Plus

When the user enables the volume enhancement option using this app, it not only increases the volume as much as possible, but also makes use of the built-in equalizer to boost the different frequency channels.

Goodev Volume Amplifier

This application is mostly used to increase the volume of multimedia content, but it has been proven that it also improves the sound of calls on the Motorola Moto E5. The developer warns not to raise the volume too high, as this could damage the speakers.

Apart from the above, something that you should never fail to check is the condition of the Motorola Moto E5 speaker grill. If a lot of dirt has accumulated in it, undoubtedly we can only obtain a limited sound. Therefore, the dirt must be removed to check if this solves the problem

How to increase the mobile volume on iPhone?

iPhone models have several options to increase the audio volume. The first thing is to verify if the option to control the volume of the mobile with the corresponding buttons is active. 

To do this, you must enter Settings, then Sounds and vibrations and there check that the option Doorbell and Notices is activated as Adjust with buttons. This can also be achieved by maxing out the slider.

If you perceive that the volume is still very low, you can make other adjustments such as reduce loud sounds, option that we can access in Settings of the telephone. 

There we will enter Sounds and vibrations, and then choose the option headset security, where should be executed what is indicated below.

The adjustment reduce loud sounds is within this option. When activating the setting reduce loud sounds We will have access to a slider, which we must move to increase the volume.

Its factory value is 85 decibels, a volume that is similar to the noise of traffic in a city and that is generally tolerated by the human ear. We can raise this value up to a maximum of 100 decibels, a volume that is equivalent to that produced by the siren in a police car or an ambulance.

iPhone headphones have the ability to analyze sound, being able to adjust their volume to bearable levels. In any case, when using this type of device and the volume is increased beyond what is acceptable, you will receive a warning notification, even so, this does not prevent you from increasing the volume.

As with Android phones, it is advisable to keep up with software updates.

How to increase the volume of the mobile during a call?

According to the general opinion of mobile users, the moment when you most need to have a good audio volume is when you answer a call.

There are many applications that promise to increase the volume of mobile audio, which is true in the case of multimedia sounds, but the same does not seem to happen with the volume of calls.

According to experts, the volume of calls that comes from the factory cannot be modified, so the applications that claim to increase said volume by a certain percentage, apparently do not comply with it in the way they indicate. 

Similarly, specialists warn that playing sounds above what is allowed by the phone can damage the speakers and even be harmful to the human ear.

Any mobile user who wants to increase the volume of their equipment during a call can easily perform either of these two checks: 

  • Adjust with the physical buttons.
  • Set volume through options Settings > Sound > Volume sliding the indicator to the maximum value.

How to increase the volume of the microphone?

There are a series of basic checks that will allow us to determine what are the reasons why the microphone volume is so low.  

  • During the call it should be verified that the volume is set to maximum, which is achieved by pressing the volume up button while speaking. 
  • The problem could be solved by restarting the mobile, since this is how the system cache is released and the application or applications that could be the cause of the failure are forced to close.
  • Corrections to bugs detected in the system are usually included in software updates, so we must check if there is any pending update to apply. We can check it in the section Settings/System/Updates of the System.

Apart from the above, other types of verifications can be carried out such as:

  • Remove the cover or casing: This accessory may be the cause of low microphone volume. 
  • Try in Safe Mode: This mode makes it possible to detect most of the problems. If the microphone volume is correct during a call in safe mode, it is highly likely that the problem is caused by an application. 
  • Clean the headset: Accumulation of dirt on the earphone is also the cause of very low volume. 
  • Clear Mobile: By gently pricking the speaker grill with a pin or needle we can remove any obstacle that limits the volume of the call. 
  • Call manager cache: The existence of corrupt files or conflicts with other applications can affect the operation of the mobile. To find out if this causes the low volume problem, you must clear the call manager cache and restart the device. 
  • Factory Reset: If all the previous solutions fail, we will only have to reset the mobile to factory settings. Then we can know if the volume returns to normal.

It never hurts to resort to applications to increase the volume of the mobile microphone. One of the best known is the app Microphone Amplifier.