How to translate a PDF online for free into any language

If you work with files in this format and in other languages, you should learn How to translate a PDF online for free into any language. Currently on the internet there is a lot of important content saved in PDF, but it is not in the original language that you may have, in this case you could find yourself limited if you do not know how to do these translations.

In this article, we are going to teach you the correct way to translate a PDF into the language of your convenience through simple methods and apps that can be easily obtained.

Translate a PDF for free with Google translator

Surely you already know this translator, but maybe you don't know that you can upload files to it and then translate them. If you want to do this method you can follow these steps below:

  • You must enter the tool called Translate Documents.
  • Then you have to choose the language in which the original document is found. Then you must resort to the language to which you want to do the translation.
  • In case you are not sure what the language is you can leave the Detect Language option activated, it will appear selected automatically.
  • Then click on the option that says Select a document and then you must click on the blue button that bears the name Translate.
  • Then wait a few seconds for the translator to do this function. At the end you will find a pop-up window in which the correctly translated PDF is found.

Best websites to translate a document for free

Next, we are going to show you which are the best websites for the translation of free PDF files. These are the following:


This is a web page that serves to automatically translate 72 language combinations and 9 languages. You can use it by clicking this link.


One advantage that it can offer you is that it supports a large number of formats, which are .xlsx, .xls, .txt, .rtf, .ps, .pptx, .ppt, .pdf, .odf, .docx, and .doc. further it's a free app with unlimited work. The quality of its translation could be a little lower than Deepl, but if you are looking for something free that translates a lot of text, this translator will help you a lot.

Collins Dictionary Translator

You can access this translator by clicking here In this page you will be able to know which is the most appropriate word in different languages ​​according to the use that is going to be given, it will allow you to translate complete documents.

It is also important to show that he is a translator who has more than 30 languages, he is excellent, although not so recognized.


This is a webpage aimed at the translation of those documents that after being translated require a second revision. You can add it for free to Chrome and it will be useful in many tasks.


It is not a translator as such, it is more than everything a multilingual dictionary free of charge and offers you the possibility of accessing many phrases that are part of documents published on the Internet. In this way you could choose the words that best suit you for your translation.

How to save the translated file as a PDF?

In most cases, the ability to save a translated PDF is not provided. But fortunately in almost all browsers the Print option is available. With this you will be able to save the translation using PDF format. The process is the following:

  • Click on print.
  • Then Save as PDF.
  • At the end of this click Save.

Thus the file will have been saved successfully.

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