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Relax, you can be sure that you are not the only person who has an Apple computer and You have no idea what to do with the DNIe.

For this reason, today we will explain how to use the electronic DNI or DNIe on a Mac. The process may not be that simple, but we will help you to do it without any complications. Just try and draw your own conclusions!

What should I take into account to be able to use an electronic ID reader on Mac?

This personal document with which you can carry out various procedures over the Internet is called DNIe. This helps you do banking, for example, but with greater security measures. In this society in which almost everyone uses Windows, it is not so common to use a DNI on Mac and therefore many people do not know how it works. Nevertheless, We designed this digital guide to make your life easier and make the process not so annoying.

eye! You should keep in mind that you need an electronic ID reader to complete everything. You do not have any? Well, don't worry, we will tell you which are the best you can buy in this 2022.

How to download the certificate for DNIe for Mac

By the time you go to do all this, make sure there is nothing left on your Mac from a previous installation. In case you've never used it, just make sure you install the drivers and you're good to go. Similarly, this is what you should do to remove any traces that may interfere with the installation:

  1. Open the terminal from the Applications/Utilities folder, from the Launchpad in the Dock or by searching for it from the Spotlight.
  2. Write dsenableroot so that you activate the superuser.
  3. Enter your user's password.
  4. It will also ask you for a root password., here you can put the one you want but try to make it one that you can always remember.
  5. Go to /Library and delete the libpkcs11-dnie folder.
  6. Open a terminal and type this: sudo rm /var/db/receipts/*dni*.
  7. Disable the root account with the command dsenableroot –d.

It is done! Now with everything clean, alone go to this website to download the files and install them. You have realized? It is not a difficult process and in a matter of moments it allows you to have everything ready to install the program as if it were any other.

Where to buy readers for electronic ID compatible with Mac

There are many places where you can buy electronic ID readers that are compatible with your Mac computer. However, we we made a compilation of those that are available on Amazon because in addition to offering you a good quality/price ratio, shipments take very little time to reach your doorstep. Take a look and draw your own conclusions:

Sveon SCT011M

Economical electronic ID and smart card reader compatible with MAC and Windows. This works with DNIe 3.0 and a wide variety of smart cards. Its data transfer speed is 12 gigabits per second and connects via USB with PCI Express x16.

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Electronic ID reader 3.0

Pocket electronic ID reader USB C model iBox. Compatible with Mac, Windows 10/11 and Linux. It is a special edition for Mac M1 and Intel USB C computers that has everything you need to take advantage of the benefits of the DNIe on your computer.

Buy Electronic DNI Reader 3.0 on Amazon

Sveon SCT016M

Multi-reader for memory cards, SIM cards, compact flash and DNIe for Windows and Mac. In addition to helping you with procedures related to the DNIe, this product is capable of being useful for a wide variety of tasks. An all-in-one solution!

Buy Sveon SCT016M on Amazon

How to use the electronic DNI on Mac

When you have downloaded and installed everything on your Mac by clicking on the .pkg file, you will have to set everything up following these steps:

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox on your Mac, well Safari doesn't do very well with certificates.
  2. Go to Preferences, Advanced, Certificates and click on Safety devices.
  3. Click on Load.
  4. give it a name to the module.
  5. Manually indicate the path of the module that would be something more or less like this: Library/Libpkcs11-dnie/lib/
  6. Click on Accept.
  7. Install the root certificate by going to Preferences/Advanced/Certificates/View certificates/Authorities.
  8. press Import.
  9. Go to the certificate wheel that will be in the direction / Library / Libpkcs11-dnie. In the event that it is not there, look for the Share folder within the same path.
  10. Check all three boxes.
  11. To finish, click Accept.

Function of the electronic DNI in macOS

The electronic DNI physically and digitally accredits your personal identity, allows you to electronically sign documents and gives you the possibility of use said electronic identity in a lot of digital services that you can access with your computer running macOS. It is a unique identification with which you can do various errands from the comfort of your home thanks to your Mac.

By Hector Romero

Journalist in the technology sector for more than 8 years, with extensive experience writing in some of the reference blogs on Internet browsing, apps and computers. I am always informed of the latest news regarding technological advances thanks to my documentary work.