The storage volumes must be checked frequently to verify the operation of your computer's disks, and today you will know all the steps.

The steps that you must carry out for this process are very simple, and then we leave them:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the CMD option that you find in your Windows search engine. Or also, pressing the keys of the symbol of Windows + R.
  • You must select the option ''Accept'', to continue.
  • Once there, type the command ''diskpart'', and in this way, you have the possibility to access the application that manages all the volumes and media of your Windows. 
  • Note that when you begin this process, you may want to confirm that you are the administrator of the computer.
  • To continue you must press the key ''Enter'', and a new screen appears, where you have to write the command ''list volumes''.
  • In this way, a list with all the volumes and disks that work on your computer will immediately appear on your screen. 
  • Now, in the list that you see on your screen, the next thing you should do is verify the status, name, or type of file you are referring to, including its size. 
  • Thus, you can ensure its operation, and you reduce the chances of your computer suffering any damage.

What is Diskpart?

Diskpart It is the command found in Windows, from version 7 to the latest, and with this function you have the option of managing all the disks that are inside the computer.

It works perfectly for you to know all the details of the storage volumes, and even also helps you to perform other tasks, or any change of computer disks. 

Also, in case you install a disk drive that is new, diskpart is your best option to prepare it for use without any problem. 

Why do you have to check storage volumes frequently?

Frequently when it comes to Windows, its operation is carried out thanks to the graphical interface, and thus, each one of the people can carry out their activities in a more automated way.

However, when it comes to specific tasks or activities, one of the main recommendations is to use the command interface included in the operating system, using the old MS-DOS as a base, which is also known as terminal, command prompts, or simply CMD. 

Taking this information into account, it is important to clarify that experts recommend verifying the storage volumes of your computer, and you can do this from CMD.

The importance of carrying out this check is because, in this way, you have the possibility of knowing if one of the disks that is inside the computer is having a problem, or is working perfectly.

By Manuel Garrido

Graduated in Computer Science, passionate about writing and technology. In Digital Guides I am going to offer you the best tutorials of the tools that I master the most, as well as recommendations of apps and programs that will surely interest you.