If you have already processed your CURP, now you can consult it to print it and be able to present it along with any procedure that may request it. This consultation can be done via the web from your own home.

In case you are a foreigner, you have to specify it in the birth field when trying to consult your personal CURP.

IMPORTANT: Once you have processed your CURP and it is enabled, you will be able to consult it. If, on the other hand, you have not yet registered it in the RENAPO, when consulting the document A message will appear telling you that you have not processed your CURP yet. If you want to solve the problem, What you will have to do is process your CURP again at RENATO.

We currently have within our reach two different ways to consult our CURP::

  • With CURP itself: Thus we can observe the data related to this code and to be able to determine if they are correct or if there is data that we must change. In the event that there is any type of error in the data, we will have to go to the nearest delegation so that they are in charge of making the changes they deem most convenient.
  • With our personal data: In this other way we can perform an intensive search within the administration database. If we have entered our personal data correctly, Our search should give us our CURP as a result, just as we processed it in RENAPO. Do not worry about requesting your personal data, since the data currently requested by the platform is very simple and you will not need to resort to any that you do not already know by heart.

What can I do if my CURP is not valid?

In the event that your CURP presents some other error You should go to one of the Civil Registry offices closest to your home, or also to any of the RENAPO modules with a copy of your proof of identity document and another copy of your current CURP.

Thus, in either of these two places you can carry out a data correction request.

Tips to keep in mind when consulting the CURP

Note that to be able to validate your CURP in the renapo you should check absolutely ALL of the following data:

  • Not yet have one printed record.
  • have forgotten the clef that was assigned to you.
  • Someone carried out the procedure for you at the time and you have never been notified of it.

By Manuel Garrido

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