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Don't worry, you can rest assured that you are not the only person who has had a problem using Binance and has not known who to talk to. Without a doubt, this can become an annoying headache at times. For this reason, today we will explain how to contact binance. It's easier than you imagine!

Binance Spain Contact Methods

The easiest way to contact Binance is to submit a support request:

Submit a support request

Support request on

One of the effective ways to contact Binance Spain is through a request. How is it done? Well, enter the Binance website and go to the bottom. In the footer you will see that it says Submit a request under the Support header. Click there and you will send a request to Binance (you can also send the request from this link which takes you to the chat).

After sending the request you will arrive at a chat where you can contact a customer service representative at Binance, after you have chosen the category of the problem you are facing). Obviously you need to log in to be able to chat.

Next, select a subcategory from the bullet list and wait for someone from the Binance team to contact you. It may take a few minutes or hours before you can communicate with someone, it all depends on the number of requests Binance is receiving at the time. The waiting time is displayed in the chat, then make sure to explain in detail that inconvenience that is bothering you.

Use social media

We have mainly highlighted Twitter and Reddit, although you can contact them on any of their networks:

Use Twitter to contact Binance

Binance Twitter Support Account

Another way to contact Binance is through Twitter, this is done through the account @BinanceHelpDesk. When you are on Binance's Twitter account for support, you will be able to send them a direct message. Explain your issue in detail via private messaging, but you can also tweet your issue and tag @BinanceHelpDesk.

Yes, make sure to include your ID in your message or in the tweet in which you are going to mention Binance. Be that as it may, it is a good way to contact Binance whether you are in Spain, Latin America or anywhere in the world.

Contact Binance via Reddit

reddit binance
Binance Reddit Page

Another (not so conventional) way to contact Binance is through Reddit. Just head over to the official Binance subreddit, it has a son who takes care of support. How? Enter the link r/binance and click on the post Binance Weekly Support Thread. Upon entering there, make a post about your cold case in the following format:

  • The Binance you are using ( or any other).
  • ID of the support case.
  • A description of your problem.

When you go to post your problem in the thread, make sure to include the support case ID. The support case ID is obtained by starting a live chat as explained earlier in this article.

By including your Case ID, includes a description of the problem. This would be an example: “, ID 4845468. Check this out please! I have not been able to withdraw the money from my account and I have tried like a thousand times already”.

If you have done everything correctly, the moderator of the subreddit will escalate your case to their team depending on its importance. As simple as that!

Contact via Facebook

Binance Facebook Page

Binance also has a Facebook page available to users, so they can also be contacted by this means: .

The easiest way to do this is to send them a direct message through their page.

Binance Email

Another way to contact Binance is through the following emails:

  • for BNB inquiries
  • for business investment related questions
  • for marketing-related inquiries
  • for information about the products offered by the platform
  • for information on banking transactions or similar

Check that you have written the address correctly when you go to communicate. If you have written it correctly, the emails sent to you from Binance will arrive in your inbox. In the same way, we recommend you keep an eye on the spam tray since on a few occasions it could end up here. eye! When the email address does not end with the domain, it means that it is not legitimate and could be a scam.

Does Binance have a phone number in Spain?

Although many think otherwise, Binance does not have a phone number with which you can communicate to solve your problems. For this reason, you must go to all the methods that we explain in this article when you want to solve any problem that you have within the platform. Luckily, there are several different options to suit your tastes and needs.

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