How much does an Axie Infinity cost?

One of the questions that many ask about NFT games is how much it costs to enter Axie Infinity. However, it is a subject that must be studied in depth in order to determine an exact price. For this same reason, today we will explain everything you must take into account to know how much does an axie infinity cost.

If you are not willing to spend even one euro, we invite you to see this article so that you know if you can play axie without investing. But if you are already determined to invest, keep reading and all your doubts will be resolved.

This is what an Axie Infinity costs

The first thing to keep in mind is that Axies vary in price depending on the parts they have because these represent the cards that each of them will be able to use. The Axies have a back, a mouth, a horn and a tail (they also have ears and eyes but they don't have abilities although this will apparently change with the next update).

axie infinity parts

The Axies can have several cards with respect to the parts they have, which causes the price of each NFT to vary. The better the card, the better the Axie. Just as you must be imagining, The better the card, the more expensive the Axie ends up being..

Axie prices vary depending on which meta you are currently in (meta is an acronym for “Most Efficient Tacti Available”: most efficient tactic available). In addition, it is necessary to point out that the price of the Axies also depends on the value of the currency wETH: a special type of ERC-20 token that facilitates exchange operations between the various decentralized platforms that are part of the vast Ethereum ecosystem.

At this time, a decent Axie team can cost approximately 310 euros to change in wETH. If for example you wanted to buy a combination of three Axies: a grass type, a beast type and a fish type, the total investment would be more or less that at the time this article is being published.

eye! A few months ago an Axie team like this could have cost perhaps around 900 euros to change in wETH. However, that is the price it has at the moment for the low price of the token, which represents a good opportunity to enter Axie Infinity.

If you want to know exactly how much an Axie costs, you could also take a look at this website called Axie World to find the name of the cards you want in your Axies. Then it is up to you to enter the game's Marketplace and put the characteristics of the Axies you want to buy to know the price. Good luck!

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