Download and update TomTom maps for free

If you have a TomTom brand navigator, you may be wondering how to download TomTom maps for free, as it may be outdated, you need something more specific, or you may have some other reason.

The fact is that uploading maps to your TomTom GPS is easy, and this time we'll show you how to do it, and we also explain how to download it, and where to do it.

How to download and update the Free TomTom Maps of Spain and Europe

The official method to update any TomTom device is through the official website, buying one of the Iberia or Europe maps. However, this time I will explain how you can keep your GPS device updated and free, by simply downloading the third-party files.

For this we will use a platform called From it you can find TomTom maps; as long as it has been uploaded by users before.

However, if you wonder where to download free tomtom maps In addition to this platform, we anticipate that there are more alternatives; one of them is

Now, to use the platform, update TomTom maps and speed cameras for free, you need to login and register. In this way you will be able to have access to all the available content, and once inside you will have to do the following:

  • First locate the compatibility table of the map you want to download and verify that your model is available.
List of TomTom map topics at
List of topics at Font:
  • after that only browse for the desired map file, in this case, we will enter the forum and look for the TomTom Map Share; it is an editable and updatable version consisting of 4 files and is pasted directly onto the map.
    • It has 4 .dat files. These should be overwritten if they already exist on your SD.
You can directly search for the number of the map that interests you; it is important to include the word Iberia or Europe in case you need a map of Spain. In addition, it is essential to remember that the activator must be downloaded as well.  
  • Once you have found the desired map you will proceed to connect your GPS via USB to your computer.
  • Locate the files you downloaded above and copy them.
  • Now look for your TomTom device in the 'Computer' or 'My Computer' folder.
  • Open the folder that will appear as if it were a removable drive and you will have to create a folder with the name of the file that has been downloaded.
    • For example: if we download the map of eastern_europe it will be necessary to assign the same name to the folder.
  • Now alone open the folder and paste the downloaded files that had previously been copied to the clipboard. And that's it, you'll have your updated maps on your TomTom GPS!

Compatible TomTom models

With the method we have mentioned, you can easily update each of your existing TomTom devices. However, something you should know is that some devices are not compatible with specific maps. Therefore, it is suggested check TomTom map compatibility tables that you can find in the aforementioned forums.

One thing we can guarantee is that after using this method you can find, download or update your TomTom's maps for free; Regardless of the model you own. Some of the models compatible with this method, and of which you can find free maps, are:

  • TomTom Go live from the 700 series; 750, 730, 720, 710.
  • XL classic, XXL, Ride, One, Start and Carminat versions.
  • There will also be maps for TomTom 1085, TomTom go live 1000, TomTom Home, among others.

What we suggest is that you always make a backup before updating TomTom maps. In this way they can avoid any inconvenience, and in case there is a loss of data, it can be quickly remedied.

1085 Map Compatibility Chart

1085 Map Compatibility Chart

960 Map Compatibility Chart

960 Map Compatibility Chart

955/956 Map Compatibility Chart

955/956 Map Compatibility Chart

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