The Best Pages to Download Free Books

Reading is one of the cheapest and most beautiful hobbies that anyone can experience without needing practically anything. Today with an Internet connection it is more than enough to be able to read everything that we feel like at any time.

Many people still have the wrong idea of ​​the free ebook concept. This is simply because have remained anchored in the first years after the birth of the first digital books, when the few free books that could be obtained legally were by very classic authors whose rights had already expired.

However, all this has changed. Currently there are many initiatives that They offer us a wide range of free books by contemporary authors.

Today we will take a look at the best pages to download free books legally in PDF or EPUB format to insert them in any ebook and be able to enjoy the beautiful hobby that is reading at any time.

The era of digital books: What are they?

Digital books are just digital files whose content possesses the literary work of a specific authoroy they can only be read through an e-reader or similar devices. Now, these innovative digital books they also have their types and their formats. Let's take a closer look at what they are about.

All types of digital books existing today

Here we are going to detail what are the types of digital books that exist today so that you have a totally clear idea of ​​what you are looking for and download:

  • linear textbooks: these books are similar to a normal physical book with the particularity that the paragraphs make up pages in a linear way.
  • Audiobooks: Audiobooks are basically the sound of a voice narrating the book as a recording. This format can include background music and sound effects.
  • graphic books: These types of digital books use a combination of drawings and images with text, such as comics, comics, photography books, etc.
  • media books: multimedia books are books that bring together textual elements, graphics, videos and often have interactive elements.
  • telematic books: Within the telematic books, the interactive files stand out, which are usually used especially for presentations and conferences.

All formats of today's digital books

Before starting to download books or buy them, it is very important that you know all the most used formats today. This is important because there are some formats that are not compatible with some devices:

  • PDF: The PDF format is the most popular among readers around the world and is currently the format that reaches the highest volume of books on the entire Internet.
  • TXT and DOC: The TXT and DOC formats are conventional text files that you can read both in Word and in any e-reader that allows the reading of non-enriched texts. This type of reading is not as pleasant as it can be in the PDF format, but in return it solves needs more quickly.
  • ePub: The ePub format is one of the most used formats by all readers, authors and publishers due to its powerful ability to be read on many devices. In addition, it also offers the reading of enriched texts with autonomy of elements and they adapt extremely easily to the mobile or PC screen.
  • MOBI: The MOBI format is one of the most inflexible formats for readers, but most useful for all authors. This format, like ePub, can adapt to the size of any screen automatically, use transition effects when moving to the next page, etc. However, it is much more difficult to download it legally without any problems. The reason for all this is that these types of files are protected by copyright and can only be viewed on authorized devices.
  • AZW: The AZW format is much more sophisticated than the MOBI format and offers a much richer reading experience. However, in legal matters it is extremely similar to the MOBI format due to its relationship with distribution patents and DRM protection of the rights of reproduction and exploitation of all works.


Ebiblioteca is currently the best website to download digital books of any kind. Now, its interface is not the most modern that we are going to find, but its enormous collection of books is nonetheless.

Right now this page has more than 100.000 titles divided into different categories: science, literature, music, medicine, theater, poetry, cookbooks, self-help and magazines.

And that's not all. Ebiblioteca also has many types of formats, among which are the PDF format and the ePUB format. Finally, This page does not require any type of registration to access.


Europeana is the largest European digital library on the continent. This library not only has countless books in all the official languages ​​of the European Union, it also has a multitude of works such as pictures, paintings, images and different types of resources.

Not only does it have countless books in the official languages ​​of the European Union (English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish...), It also has a multitude of works such as pictures, paintings, images and resources of various kinds completely free of charge.

Basically everything that we can go to look for in a normal library of a lifetime can be found here.

Amazon Kindle

If we have an Amazon Prime subscription, Amazon Kindle is our best option to start reading all the books we want.

With the Amazon payment service we can obtain thousands of free titles in Kindle format to read either from an e-reader adapted for it, such as the Kindle Paper White, or from our browser on our home computer.


Bubok is a platform that, despite having paid books, puts at our disposal a huge library of free books.

The best asset of this page is its free choice of PDF and ePub book downloads. With Bubok we can pay what we want with a symbolic amount or download them for free in the aforementioned formats. 


Wikisource is neither more nor less than a Wikipedia of free books. That's how it is. This website has more than 110.000 books in Spanish classified by different themes. 


Scribd is another somewhat more famous page to download books in PDF format and in Spanish of course. In this page You can opt for the free option that will allow you to access all kinds of books to download without paying anything.

In addition, this website is perfect for authors, since it allows you to upload your book in a few minutes and share it with the community to make it known.


PDF-Libros is a humble website created by lovers of reading. This page offers us books in PDF and in Spanish. How can you imagine These books will be old titles whose rights have already expired, although many of them are well known, such as "Don Juan Tenorio."


Ebookmundo is a page that will allow us to download free books in PDF in the easiest way we can imagine. Although to download it is true that you must access an external page that will give you access to read the .zip file.

In addition to a huge collection of books in PDF format, in Ebookmundo you will find other formats that we have previously mentioned, such as the MOBI format or the ePub format.


Feedbooks is a page that allows you to download free books in PDF, ePub or Kindle format. This website has a paid version with books for less than one euro. 


EspaPDF is another page that will allow us to access thousands of totally different titles with themes and genres to bore us without registration. The formats of this website are the PDF format, the ePub format and the MOBI format.

free epub

If you are passionate about reading and have an e-reader, the best thing to do is start reading books in ePub format at ePub Free. From this website you can download for free a huge number of books in Spanish of different genres: historical, science fiction, romantic, humor, poetry, politics...

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