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It is no secret to anyone that there are many audio formats and that sometimes it is more useful to use one than another. Therefore, today we will explain how to download free high quality FLAC music. So if you needed music in this format, then you have come to the right place.

Whatever the reasons you need download flac music, here you will find everything you need. In addition, you should also take a look at this other tutorial that explains how to create an NFT from scratch and where you can sell it.

Pages to download FLAC music

Well here we put at your disposal several options that will be useful for you. Choose the one you like the most and start downloading FLAC music like never before.

HD Tracks

HD Tracks is not a website to download free FLAC music, but it is certainly one of the most comfortable and effective. We are talking about a platform with a great collection of all kinds of genres in the format you can imagine. It is one of the sites where you will find a greater variety of FLAC music with its characteristic quality. It is also necessary to point out that you can enjoy its streaming content without downloading anything.

Visit HD Tracks


Allossless is a website that provides you with perhaps the largest variety of FLAC repertoire for free. It has a list of more than 20 musical genres with a repertoire that is regularly updated. Allosless has an intuitive interface, so it is very easy to access any type of FLAC music without spending a single euro.

Visit Alllossless



Chiansenhac is a not very popular Vietnamese site where you can download FLAC music within the immensity of its free music repertoire, one of the most complete on the Internet. The content is absolutely free and will not bother you with any kind of misleading advertising. Although it is a web page made in Vietnam, downloading free FLAC music in Chiansenhac is easier than you probably imagine.

Visit Chiansenhac is a portal that is dedicated solely to uploading musical content in FLAC format. Here you will find countless discographies of all genres and eras. In this alternative to download free FLAC music there is material for all kinds of tastes. It is very likely that in you will get the FLAC music you were looking for here. And it's a non-profit website!


Jazz Rock Fusion Guitar

jazz rock fusion guitar

As its name suggests, Jazz Rock Fusion Guitar is a blog where you can download FLAC music from the mentioned genres. It is a great free alternative recommended by the FLAC music community. Regardless of whether you were looking for music of this type of genre or not, it is worth taking a look and taking advantage of its content.

Visit Jazz Rock Fusion Guitar

Slav Art Web

slav art website

Slav Art Web is a portal where you can download free FLAC music from different qualities and from servers like Tidal, Soundcloud, Spotify or Deezer. On the main page you can choose albums or tracks, to get your favorite music. It is also worth noting that they have a great community on Discord, but you don't need to join to download the FLAC music you want so much.

Visit Slav Art Web

Free MP3 Download

Although the name of this page is Free MP3 Download, it is a portal where you can also download free FLAC music. Just write what you want in the search engine and let the magic of this site do its thing. Don't get carried away by the name! Well Free MP3 Download is one of the best sites to get FLAC music in this 2022.

Visit Free MP3 Download

Loss Less Best

Loss Lest Best is a website where you can download Asian FLAC music and all kinds of different qualities. Get all the music you want for free, it is a website that is constantly updated with music from artists from all over the world. Did you want different and high quality FLAC music? Well then Loss Less Best will be perfect for you.

Visit Loss Less Best



In case you didn't know, Torrent is a file format that stores shared content information in the BitTorrent protocol, the most popular point-to-point (P2P) exchange system. This was specially designed for distribute large files, as a useful alternative to the server-based distribution system.

In 1337X you will be able to download FLAC music through Torrent. Here you can find tons of songs from a wide variety of artists and genres, making it a great alternative if you were looking for where to get music in this format. In addition to FLAC music, you can also download videos, movies, games and anything you can imagine.

Visit 1337X



Ru Tracker is one of the most popular and effective sites to download FLAC music that you can find in this 2022. You will also get Torrents, movies, shows and almost anything you can imagine. We are talking about a Russian portal that has been active for several years and has a ton of FLAC music for you to download without paying a single euro. Yes indeed, you must take into account that it is in russian language, so you will have to translate to understand its content. Use the Google Chrome translator and that's it, discover everything that Ru Tracker has for you!

Visit Ru Tracker

What is FLAC music?

FLAC music (Free Lossless Audio Codec, which translates as Free Lossless Audio Codec) is an audio format with which you can listen to music while enjoying spectacular sharpness even if you have compressed the files.

Yes, the files they are heavier than MP3, but the audio quality is worth it. The size of a FLAC file is between 5 and 10 times that of MP3. Be that as it may, this format has a much higher quality than the rest.

Where to listen to FLAC music?

To listen to FLAC music we give you several programs where you will be able to play this type of file:

  1. VLC Media Player (link) Windows and Mac
  2. GOM Media Player (link) Windows and Mac
  3. Winamp Audio Player (link) Windows and Mac

With any of these solutions you will be able to listen to FLAC music on your computer.

How to download music in FLAC quality from YouTube?

Downloading music from YouTube to save it in FLAC format is the easiest thing in the world. Why? 'Cause you just gotta get into this YouTube to FLAC converter, paste the link of the video you want to download and that's it.

youtube to flac converter

eye! Although the converter is fully effective, we have to mention that It has quite a lot of annoying advertising.. However, after you dodge it you will be able to download music from YouTube in FLAC quality. The FLAC file of this song whose video on YouTube is 4 minutes weighs approximately 50 MB.

Where to buy FLAC music?

Currently there are many places where you can buy FLAC music, but HDtracks is undoubtedly the most popular and effective option.

HD Tracks

This high-resolution digital music store offers DRM-free music in a multitude of formats, as well as CD-quality album art, Spanish FLAC music, and more. It is a platform that was born in 2008 and today remains the first option to buy FLAC music. Visit it and draw your own conclusions!

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