Download Free Music for PC

Remember that downloading free music for your PC is still an excellent option if you are a music lover who you don't want to rely on apps or a monthly fee to access your favorite songs. Or maybe if you like to mix music and learn to be a DJ, it is always important to have all the songs you want downloaded.

Best programs to download free music

Free music download programs for PC still exist and are relevant to many people. But which are the best? Could it be that they filled my computer with viruses? At the outset we tell you that these programs are safe. However, it is always advisable to have your trusted antivirus activated, since you don't know if the song you are going to download comes with an unwanted gift.

Songr: Our favorite

Songr Screenshot

Songr is that kind of programs andspecially designed to be simple, that is, easy to use and for all audiences. How does Songr work? It has a system that uses data from different websites to throw you different song options for you to download. If you are looking for a tool to download free music that is easy to use, Songr is for you.

Free Music Downloader

Screenshot of Free Music Downloader

Free Music Downloader is one of the best options to download free music for your PC, since this program use YouTube and Vimeo download sources. The only thing you have to do to start downloading your favorite songs is to open the program, put the song you want in the search engine and click on download. It has an easy and fast interface to use.


Screenshot of iMusic

iMusic is another of the excellent options that you have at hand when downloading free music for PC. This program allows you to download songs in MP3 format without viruses. Best of all, it references Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Vevo, etc. so you can download your favorite songs. In addition, it also allows you to burn your songs to a CD.

It is really simple to use. Once you have downloaded the program, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the song you want, or write the title of the song in the search engine and select it to download it. It also has a very useful library that allows you to auto sort artists, song title, genre and year.


Screenshot of iMesh

The main feature of this tool is that it allows you to download unlimited audio and video files. In addition, it has in its database more than 15 million songs for you to download. You also have the option to create your custom playlists.


Blubster screenshot

Blubster is a very easy to use tool. In fact, its interface is comfortable for users. How does it work? Write the name of the song, select one of the options that the search shows you, click on download. It is an excellent option if what you are looking for is a simple program without many detours. You will have your favorite music downloaded to your PC.


Screenshot of Ares

How not to name the king of all programs to download free music, Ares. This program became popular in the early 2000s and is here to stay. And it is that beyond serving as a tool to download free music, it also works as a music and video player.

Ares has a great download speed that will help you to have your favorite songs in the blink of an eye. You can check if the file is correct, since it has a star rating system that will tell you if the song you want to download is reliable or not.

Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom

Screenshot of Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom

The perfect tool and dreamed of by all the people who use YouTube to listen to music. With Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom you have the opportunity to download thousands of songs from YouTube without even having to enter the website itself. How does it work? Well, like a search engine where after placing the title, you get several results from which you will choose which one to download.

The best thing about this tool is that it shows you the songs in order of relevance and popularity, where it will also show you albums and more. You also have included a player so that you can listen to the song you want before downloading it. With Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom you can download all the songs you want in MP3 format, although we remind you that the best sound quality is achieved with the flac music.

jam mp3

Screenshot of MP3Jam

MP3 Jam is another of the excellent options you have to download free music for PC. To make it, you can copy the URL of the YouTube song you want to have or simply writing the name of the song you want, since the program has its own algorithm that filters and organizes the results. You also have a player to listen to the songs before downloading them.


JDownloader screenshot

If you are a music lover, JDownloader is the program for you. It is specially designed so that you can download a large number of songs from different servers like Mega and others. Although you also have the option of downloading the songs you want, in MP3 format, from YouTube.

MP3 Rocket

MP3 Rocket screenshot

MP3 Rocket uses as source a YouTube, SoundCloud, Jamendo, ccMixter, etc. This guarantees you a large number of songs on hand to download. In fact, you can get music under the Creative Commons license. You also have the opportunity to record sounds, create ringtones and more.

Download music in MP3 online no shows from youtube

To be able to download all the music you want in MP3 format, you don't need to install a program on your computer, in fact you can use a specific website to download songs you've seen on YouTube.


Screenshot of Clipconverter

The first option that you will always have at hand is ClipConverter, a website designed so that you can free download any song that is on Youtubeand. But not only can you get this song in MP3 format, but you can also download it in other audio formats such as M4A, AAC and even in videos such as MP4, 3GP, AVE, MCIV and MKV.

Screenshot of

Another easy and quick to use option is A website intended for you to free download any song you like from YouTube. You just have to copy the URL, paste it in the search bar and click on the convert button. You may download the song in MP3 format or get the video in MP4 format.

FLVTO MP3 Converter

Screenshot of FLVTO MP3 Converter

Available only for Latin America, FLVTO MP3 Converter is the quintessential website of many. It's really easy to use and it's pretty fast. Download all your favorite songs by copying their URL and pasting it on FLVTO MP3 Converter website.

Some questions you may have

How to download music on the computer without viruses?

At first, all the options that we have shown you are safe. However, we always recommend having your trusted antivirus activated. This will help protect you from malicious files that come with the song you are downloading. This mostly applies to music download programs that you already have installed on your PC.

Regarding websites to download free music from YouTube, generally these pages generate advertising revenue. It is these websites that even if you click on the download button, in the first instance it will open another tab and then, when you press a second time, you will be able to download what you want.

So it's best that always have your antivirus activated to protect yourselfand from any threat.

Can you download music on PC online and without programs?

Yes of course you can. We have already shown you 3 best options what you will find on the web:

  • ClipConverter.
  • FLVTO MP3 Converter.

Why are programs better than websites to download songs and music to MP3?

Simple, the download speed of the files. Although the speed of your internet is something that matters, there are programs that are intended for mass downloading of songs and music videos. This is why, if you are a music lover who downloads albums and songs after songs, it will always be better to use programs. Now, if you want to download a song for a task, work or something specific, websites can help you more.

What is the best program to download free music on the computer?

Although Ares was the king and pioneer of music download programs for more than 15 years, iMusic or Songr are tools that are here to stay. They have a very comfortable but also cute interface. And to emphasize you can download songs in mp3 format without virus, take as reference Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Vevo. Don't forget that you can also burn songs to CDs with iMusic.

What is the best website to download music from YouTube to MP3 for free?

ClipConverter takes the throne. It is undoubtedly the best website to download free music from YouTube in MP3 format. It's quick to use, comfortable and has several formats if you're looking for something beyond MP3.

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