How to download Thetan Arena for Android and iOS

Let's see how you can download Thetan Arena for your Android or iPhone. All you have to do is go to the Play Store if your device is Android or the App Store if your device is iOS.

Once inside the app store we will look for 'Thetan Arena', we click the install button and voila, we will have the game installed on our mobile device.

Now we enter the game and it will give us a choice three options different: play as a guest (basically to try the game without needing to have an account), login with an account that we already have created or create an account in case we haven't registered yet.

In this case we are going to give 'Register'.

Now a window will appear that will ask us for our email to make the registration effective. We just write it where it says 'Enter your email address' and then we hit the button 'SEND CODE'. 

As we have given the SEND CODE button, we will receive the email that we have previously written a code, we copy it and paste it in the field of 'Enter your code'.

Once we have done all this we give the button 'CREATE' and we will have already created our 'WOLFFUN ID', necessary to record our progress in the game.  

By the way, when we want to do the Login process to enter our account from another mobile device we will have to repeat the process that we have done before, that is, we will have to write the email linked to our account and then write the authentication code that arrives in our inbox. 

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