Although currently the data rates of the most famous companies allow continuous hours and hours of online videos to be viewed, There are still many reasons why you might want to download some other online video.

In this post we will detail the best ways to download online videos from any service without third-party programs or extensions and from any browser.

Learn to download videos from any browser

Internet connection speeds have been constantly evolving over the years, so we can currently say that there is no longer that vital need to download videos for free to be able to watch them on your favorite devices without the need for an Internet connection.

However, you can still find reasons why you want to download free online videos to your computer or mobile. If this is the reason why you have reached this post, you are in luck, You will no longer need to download any third-party programs or extensions to download videos from any video streaming service page and Internet browser.

To download the video you want, you just have to copy its URL address and access the "VideoCyborg" website. 

Once you have entered this page you have to paste the address you copied earlier in the VideoCyborg bar and press the «Enter» key. Next, after a very brief analysis of the URL that you have inserted, a progress bar will be displayed indicating that the video content is being processed. When you have finished this process, it will download directly to the device you are on. You're done! 

The only problem with this system is that do not detect some videos embedded using Javascript because they do not provide an accessible URL for the download system. 

Learn how to download any YouTube video

If you have recently seen a video on YouTube and you thought you could download it to watch it whenever you feel like it, today you will learn how to do it without having to install any extension or any external program on your device.

The system that we will use to download any free online video from YouTube It will be based on modifying the original URL of the video and redirecting it to the service that will download it to our device. 

To begin with, we will click on the browser's address bar and remove the "ube" syllables from the URL of the video we want to download. Next, With the modified URL that we have left, we will press «Enter» to execute this new address in our browser. What this will actually do is redirect the video to the "" service which will allow you to download the video directly from the browser you are in.

Now you just have to click on the MP4 option and click again on the “Record MP4” option. It is done, the video will start downloading to your device and you will be able to watch it without the need for an internet connection. 

The best pages to download any video from your mobile


Videoder allows you to download any video in different viewing qualities. The user experience is really intuitive and does not include advertising in any menu.

This application has a very simple operation and incorporates the basic and necessary functionalities to be able to download online videos. It is available for both Android mobile devices and Apple devices.


Snaptube is without a doubt one of the best applications to download online videos. With this application you will be able to download free videos from well-known sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even more than 20 sites. There is no doubt that it is an application that you must have yes or yes on your device.

This app is available for both Android mobile devices and all Apple devices. 

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