Free diamond generators on Hay Day

Hay Day is a farm game with which users level up as they make the farm progress and have more income, being the most productive and beautiful in the entire world of Hay Day. The progress of the farm can be a bit slow, but there are various tricks with which you can improve it.

The way in which players can generate progress on the farm is with the diamonds that they generate in the game. These diamonds can be obtained by paying with real money or fulfilling a series of daily challenges that the game indicates, in addition there are many tricks with which you can earn diamonds.

In this post, we are going to show you all those tricks and goals that you can fulfill in order to earn diamonds for free within the game and thus you can have greater progress on your farm. 

Tricks to get free diamonds on Hay Day

Screenshot of Hay Day on Android

The Hay Day game allows you to do a number of things that can earn you free diamonds, which are not at all risky for your device or your personal data. The tricks are:

The advertising videos

Hay Day has the option for users to watch advertising videos, by doing so you earn diamond prizes that can help you progress your farm.

The wheat

Hay Day Farm

When you plant wheat on Hay Day's farm, you can start harvesting it whenever you want and by collecting a large amount of it, you can have diamond rewards. Also, among the wheat plants the occasional diamond falls and it may be the best way to get them, since it only takes 2 minutes to collect it.

Hay Day Mine

Hay Day Mine

Starting at level 24, players can start using the in-game mine, with which you can earn diamonds. In addition, you can apply a very useful trick, which is to disconnect from the Wi-Fi or data network when you are going to check how many diamonds you are going to get, in case it is not what you wanted to get, you can close the game and re-enter to have best diamond rewards. 

daily achievements

Hay Day Farm

The game allows you to do a series of achievements daily, with which you can earn free diamonds. There are different achievements that have different rewards, later we will tell you what they are.

surprise chests

Farming Hay Day Farm

The game allows you to open surprise chests with which you have to spend 3 diamonds, but it is a kind of lucky bet that is made, since the maximum amount that you can get from these chests is 5 diamonds or none. So you must be lucky that this chest is 5 diamonds in order to have profits. 

In addition to diamonds, these chests also allow you to earn items that help the progress of the farm, such as tools, abilities, etc. 

These chests can also be found on our friends' farms, so you can go to their farms and see if there are any and pay the corresponding 3 diamonds to try your luck. But don't you want to take the risk?

In case when you open the chest it is not the 5 diamonds you want, you can close the application quickly and the payment of the 3 diamonds will not be lost. It is a trick that has worked for many people and there is no risk of being banned. If the 5 diamonds appear, do not close the app, just receive the reward. 

Leveling up

Level 112 in Hay Day

When you are in higher levels, passing the next level becomes more difficult, but every time you level up you can earn diamonds. 

Wheel of Fortune

Ferris wheel on Hay Day

Once a day you have a wheel of fortune on the farm with which you can spin for free and if you are lucky your prize can be many diamonds.


Greg's Farm on Hay Day

The moment you reach level 9 of Hay Day you can start participating in events that are to earn diamonds. They are limited events in which you must fulfill a series of things to win the prizes.

Cinema on the Farm

Hay Day City

When players reach level 10 they start receiving a movie ticket in the mailbox with which they can watch a video and receive prizes in diamonds, tools, coupons and supplies. 

Diamonds with Tom

Tom on Hay Day

When you reach level 14 you can hire a character named Tom to work for you for diamonds. In some moments Tom has a balloon that when he releases it you can pop it and win diamonds, coins, experience, tools, etc.

Diamonds with Derbys

make money with derby

Upon reaching level 18, horse races can be made, with which you can win prizes, some of them in diamonds. By participating you can earn diamonds as long as you reach the Derbies threshold.

Fishing and nets

Hay Day Fishing

At level 27 you can start doing fishing activities on Hay Day. When a new fish is unlocked you can earn diamonds. Also, there is a fishing minigame where you can keep earning diamonds for free.

When you reach level 30 you can make mysterious nets that you can use to catch high level fish and allows you to collect special in-game items like diamonds. 

Other ways to earn free diamonds

Other ways in which you can get some diamonds, even if they are few, are:

  • Connecting the game with your Facebook account
  • Following the Hay Day account on Facebook
  • Super Cell Contests on Facebook
  • Play daily to receive rewards

Hay Day achievements to get free diamonds

Hay Day allows users to complete a series of achievements that are rewarded with diamonds. Achievements can be fulfilled by performing a series of tasks such as: 

  • Beep, Beep, Beep!: achieved by making deliveries with the truck
  • patronage: for selling to visitors
  • Cha Ching! for selling at the roadside store
  • stevedore: for selling on ships
  • Egg head: for collecting the eggs
  • Gor Milk?: for the collection of cow's milk
  • baconator: for the pork strips
  • Sheep Shearer: for obtaining wool from your sheep
  • Goat Goader: for getting jugs of milk from goats
  • Turbo Trucker: for making 30 orders in a period of 30 min in the truck
  • Hayper Herder: for collecting anima origin products in less than 30 and 45 min
  • Captain: for loading up to 12 ships in a row
  • Citizen Kane: by advertisements in the newspaper
  • farm tycoon: for making production buildings
  • dream farm: for investments in farm decoration
  • Fruit Farmer: for collecting fruits
  • berry picker: for picking berries
  • Green thumb: Achieved by reviving fruit trees and berry bushes
  • gold mining: for the extraction of gold minerals in the mine
  • helter smelter: for the production of precious metal bars
  • Best Friends: when you buy pets
  • Tasty Treats: for feeding the pets
  • co-op: for filling ship orders for other players
  • Owner: for the expansions on the farm
  • Boat Score Hunter: Get the best ship ratings
  • sports fisher: by catching the fish in the lake
  • Big Game Fisher: for the catch of many pounds of fish
  • Fish Farmer: for the expansion of the area to fish
  • Fisherman's Friend: for fishing for 28 days in a row
  • Lobster Gourmand: for the collection of lobster tails
  • Pool Party: for having a number of lobsters in the pool at the same time
  • HappyTown: for serving many visitors to the city
  • Master of Service: for the construction of service buildings
  • TownExplorer: for expanding the city
  • duck coiffeur: for the collection of duck feathers
  • Beauty Salon: for having many ducks in the room at the same time
  • Sweet Treat: for the harvest of honeycombs
  • All Buzz: for having bees on the farm
  • Diligent Neighbor: for accumulating derby points
  • taskmaster: for managing to do the tasks of the derby
  • Savannah Sanctuary: for having the animals in a sanctuary
  • Big Appetites: for feeding the animals in the sanctuary
  • bingo bonanza: for completing 20 lines of bingo derby
  • Savanaah Babies: for having baby animals in the sanctuary

In each of the achievements, the game tells you the number of times you must do the mentioned tasks in order to reach the achievement. Fulfilling each one of them you start to earn the diamonds you need.

Beware of Diamond Generators Scam on Hay Day

As we have mentioned, Hay Day allows you to earn diamonds for free or by paying, by doing it for free the process of growing the farm is a little slower, but it is possible to do it. 

For many of the players, the option of paying to obtain the diamonds is striking, but many of them do not have the possibility to do so, so they choose to hack the game or look for online Hay Day key generators and diamond sellers that do not they are part of the game. 

However, you must be very careful, at this time there is no official Hay Day source with which you can get codes, cheap diamonds, free, among others. These services that give you these fake offers always ask you to download other applications to do surveys or to obtain your personal data and in the end they do not give you the diamonds they offer.

All these offers are scams to Hay Day players, many of them end up being harmful to your device or phishing to get your data. Also, by obtaining diamonds illegitimately, the company that owns the game that is SuperCell can block your account for suspicious activities and you lose all your progress. 

A lot of gamers like you may find it a bit frustrating to wait the time required for plants to grow or for buildings to do all their work, but you have plenty of ways to earn diamonds without risking your progress or your device. . 

The best way you can get diamonds in Hay Day is with the tricks that we mentioned before and if you have the possibility, buying them directly in the game, without intermediaries or third-party applications. 

How to get money on Hay Day?

In addition to diamonds, in Hay Day you earn gold coins with which you can have much more progress on the farm, buy tools and build the buildings for the production of the farm. In order to get these coins you must do the following:

  • Purchase and sale of construction tools. You can do this through the newspaper.
  • Crops that are scarce things and then you can sell them.
  • Shop of your farm: in this shop you can sell everything you want and thus earn coins.
  • The entrance to the cinema not only gives you diamonds, but you can also win coins.
  • The events that take place in the game have prizes in coins. 
  • Putting the production buildings for cheese, bread, butter, etc. to work. In this way you take the orders to the town and earn gold coins.
  • As you advance you can make sugar, syrup, cakes and sell them at the best price. 
  • Try to sell scarce products.

Using these options that the game has to earn money you can have many coins, in addition to the tricks that we mentioned before to win diamonds, on many occasions they give you prizes in additional coins.

How to get diamonds in Hay Day by levels?

When players manage to pass levels in Hay Day you get 1 or 2 reward diamonds, depending on the level. In addition, in each of the levels new ways to earn diamonds are unlocked, these are:

  • Level One: You can earn diamonds for maintenance of the game platform, since it is a reward for the inconvenience caused.
  • Level One: In this level you can unlock the achievements that you can fulfill in the game and earn diamonds as we mentioned before.
  • Level One: At this level we can start participating in the events that take place on Hay Day to win coins, diamonds, supplies, etc.
  • Level One: here you start receiving the movie tickets that give you rewards for watching videos.
  • Level One: You can start earning diamonds with Tom, the hired character.
  • Level One: Earn diamonds with the help of the S Percell Co's Fyne & Mysterious Giftes catalogue.
  • Level One: you start participating in the Derbies.
  • Level One: you can do the extractions in the mine to be able to get diamonds.
  • Level One: fishing activities begin.
  • Level One: You can generate diamonds by fishing nets.

At each of the levels you can begin to implement these ways of how to get free diamonds on hay day and thus begin to have great progress on the farm. 

Frequent doubts

When Hay Day is played, a series of questions may be generated, so below we show you the answer to the main frequently asked questions that players ask themselves, these are:

How to level up in Hay Day?

As you do all the things that the game allows, such as harvesting crops, feeding the animals, buying new buildings, expanding the store, among other things, you earn experience points, which are reflected in the game as blue stars. . 

At the top of the screen, a bar with points is shown in which you can see the level you are in and next to it some points, these points are the experience that you must complete in order to go to the next level and unlock new ones. stuff.

What is Hay Day about?

Hay Day is a game designed for mobile devices in which players start to manage a farm and grow it. The farm starts with very few things and the player must take care to start buying buildings, planting crops and feeding the animals to reactivate the production of the farm.

It is a free game with options to buy diamonds in order to accelerate the growth and production process of the farm. However, people who want to play it without spending money can do so without any problems.

List of Hay Day Promo Codes

Hay Day content creators share with the people who follow them a series of codes with which they can have earnings in the game, the main codes of these creators are:

  • SyromerB: SyromerB
  • Hay Day Spanish: Tony
  • PhoebePhoebe
  • Gizmo Spike: Gizmo

You choose which of them to support so that they have profits in the game.

Can this be done with Bluestacks on PC?

Yes! You can play Hay Day game using BlueStacks. This is an Android simulator program that allows you to use any application of this operating system on your PC, so you won't have any problems with Hay Day.

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