Find out in this article the age and height of the characters in Genshin Impact, the challenges and actions necessary to reach your goal.

How do you know the age and height of the characters?

Teyvat is inhabited by a fascinating diversity of individuals. Among them are gods and adept beings, zombies, warriors, servants, small explosives makers, artists and many more. Each one has characteristics that can make it your ideal companion.

Although Genshin Impact does not provide precise details regarding the age and height of its characters, height is determined from data, while ages are inferred from lore, comics, in-game dialogue, graphical representations and the videos, as well as some official information and a large number of assumptions.

MiHoYo has only shared a limited amount of information about the age and size of the characters in Genshin Impact, so this compendium is based mostly on guesswork based on lore, cinematography, graphic representations, comics, the character select screen, and comparisons with real-life individuals.

What is the age and height of the Genshin Impact characters?

Genshin Impact classifies its characters into three age categories (childhood, adolescence and adulthood) and two genera (male and female). Walking, running, sprinting, and climbing speeds are directly related to the character's height, so larger characters like Diluk, Child, or Kaeya are more effective at moving quickly through the world. In addition, Kaeya possesses a passive ability called «Hidden power", which reduces the energy expenditure when sprinting by 20% for all characters in the party.

Klee127 cm1027 July
dione134,6 cm12January 18
Qiqi139,7 cm8 biologically
(100+ chronologically)
Winners will be announced in March
fischl150 cm / 153,6 cm15May 27
Light156,2 cm15-
Noelle157,4 cm15Winners will be announced in March
keqing156,2 cm17November 20th
hutao156,2 cm2015 July
xiangling156,2 cm14November 2th
Barbara157,4 cm165 July
albedo170 cm / 162,5 cm19September 13
yanfei157,4 cm18/2128 July
Sucrose165 cm / 157,4 cm18November 26th
ganyu160 cmMore 3000December 2
xinyan170 cm / 157,4 cmMore 3000October 16
Xing Qiu170 cm / 162,5 cm17October 9
Xiao160 cmMore 2000April 17
Amber170 cm / 162,5 cm2010 August
Bennet170 cm / 162,5 cm1629 February
Ether170 cm / 162,5 cm15-
Razor165 cm / 165,1 cm16-
Beidou170 cm / 172,7 cm2714 February
chongyun170 cm / 162,5 cm17September 7
Eula170 cm / 172,7 cm18/19October 25
Mona170 cm / 165,1 cm1931 August
Lisa170 cm / 180,3 cm329 June
Winds165 cm / 165,1 cm15 biologically
(2600+ chronologically)
16 June
Rosaria176,5 cm24January 24
kaeya190 cm / 185,4 cm22November 30th
ningguang170 cm / 180,3 cm2526 August
tartaglia182 / 185,4 cm19/2120 July
Dilute190 cm / 185,4 cm22April 30
zhongli190 cm / 185,4 cmMore 6000 December 31
  • 2600 years ago, during the War of the Archons, Winds it was an elemental entity. He chose to adopt the appearance of a boy who perished in that conflict.
  • El traveler he faced an ancient god while seeking to flee Teyvat during a vast conflict that culminated in the reshaping of the territory. This war could have been the War of the Archons or perhaps an even earlier and larger one. Before arriving on Teyvat, they had known thousands of worlds, which implies that they must be at least 3.000 years old, although it is likely that they are considerably older.
  • A decade ago, the father of diluk adopted Kaeya. A few years later, with Diluk at the age of 18, his father passed away. In the manga, Lisa tells him that her father's death occurred 3-4 years ago, which suggests that Diluk must be around 20 years old. It is possible that Kaeya and Diluk share the same age
  • Diluk was Jean's superior before he left the Knights. She is slightly younger than him, and according to the Japanese version, she calls him "senpai", which suggests that she must be at most 20-21 years old.
  • Barbara She is the younger sister of Jean, with an estimated age of between 16 and 18 years old.
  • fischl he was 14 years old when he received the electrovision, so his age cannot be less than 16 years, since no electrovision was recorded in the subsequent two years, according to the main plot.
  • ningguang he was "of a young age" at the time of the incident 10 years ago.
  • shingqiu he began his martial arts training seven years ago, an initiative he undertook in his early youth.
  • chongyun he is Shingyu's best friend, so they must be similar ages.
  • In their teens, Hu Tao was tasked with directing her first funeral ceremony, according to her Character Story 1.
  • Despite being approximately the same ages, Sucrose is directed to albedo formally.