Today finding a partner is not an easy task at all. The truth is that reconciling social life with work life is a task that is becoming more and more complicated due to all the responsibilities and tasks that do not stop growing. Although we should not be alarmed. Fortunately, this platform is one of the most famous when it comes to meeting the love of your life and finding your true better half.

The problem is that all that glitters is not gold. since if you pair up on your own it is likely that Meetic will give you more than one problem. In other words, if you are supposed to be looking for a partner on Meetic, but you already have one in real life, maybe you are covering too much. If you agree with all this and want to delete your Meetic account for life, read on!

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How to close your Meetic account from computer and mobile forever

Next, we will explain what you have to do to close your meetic profile both from your computer and from your mobile. To the mess!

Close Meetic account from your PC

First of all, open your favorite web browser and enter the Meetic page by clicking is located here. Once you are inside, scroll to the upper right corner and press the button "Connect". Now you just have to type your personal data as your e-mail and your password. Then click again on "Connect".

When you are already connected, the first thing you have to do is open the dropdown menu in the upper right corner and click on «My Account / My Pass».

Within this option, go down to the bottom until you find a button that says "To hide your profile, click here."

Do it and continue further down until you find the possibility of permanently close your account. Again, find the button that indicates "Press here".

Now write your e-mail and your password and click on "Save". Finally, do the same with the button "Cancel account" that will appear to you 

Clever! You have already closed your account Meetic forever.

Close Meetic account permanently from mobile (Android and iOS – iPhone)

Although there is the Meetic app for mobile devices, currently from them it is impossible to request the closure of your account, so it is impossible to do it at the moment. 

What is the only solution we have in our hand then? We only have to enter Meetic from the mobile web browser and follow the same steps that we have done in the previous process. Also, as the Meetic website shares the same design for both computers and mobile devices, we will have no problem following all the steps indicated. 

Can I temporarily hide or disable my Meetic profile?

Yes, it is currently possible and it is also really simple to do:

First open your favorite web browser and enter the Meetic page by clicking is located here. once you're inside, go to the top right corner and click on the “Connect” button. Now you just have to type your personal data such as your e-mail, your password, etc. Then click again "Connect". 

Once you're connected, the first thing to do is open the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and click «My Account / My Pass». Within this option, Go down to the bottom until you find the button that says “To hide your profile, click here”. Next, you will be informed of everything that will happen during the future suspension of your account. If you are satisfied click on the button "Hide my profile" and ready.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Meetic platform

After testing the page for a while, we have been able to verify all the pros and cons that Meetic presents today.

The truth is that we are not going to try to convince you not to leave, that only depends on you. However, we do want you to draw your own conclusions after having thoroughly assessed all the possible positive advantages that you have been able to get from here. Let's go there!

All the advantages of Meetic

  • A huge number of options: Meetic is a really great dating page. Therefore, it is really difficult not to find someone who especially catches our attention.
  • All the selection filters you need: Meetic has very useful tools to successfully filter your users. For example, you can narrow your searches using filters related to physical appearance, place of residence, hobbies or interests.
  • Go to Meetic parties: Another point in favor of Meetic is that the company itself regularly organizes parties throughout the Spanish geography. To be able to participate in these meetings we just have to be part of it and we will receive notices about these events in the mailbox.
  • Seriousness and professionalism like no other page: Meetic is one of the most serious and professional pages that we have come across. In addition, it has great functionality and a really wide variety of tools and options for the user.


  • Too many simultaneous users: One of the biggest points against all Meetic is probably that sometimes it becomes a really difficult task to find your better half. Even today there are people who give up because they can't find love after several years of trying.
  • Pay-to-Win: Another thing we don't like about Meetic at all is that paying users can't contact non-paying users. For example, you have found someone that you would really like to meet but he is not paid. Well, forget it, there is no way to contact him.

To conclude, we can state that Meetic is currently one of the most reliable dating sites on the entire Internet. Now, if you still want to unsubscribe for whatever reason, you are within your rights and you already know how to do it.

By Manuel Garrido

Graduated in Computer Science, passionate about writing and technology. In Digital Guides I am going to offer you the best tutorials of the tools that I master the most, as well as recommendations of apps and programs that will surely interest you.