The best tools to send large files for FREE from your computer or mobile

Technology today has many different forms. Our world is a multi-platform system where, in a few seconds, we went from a mobile device to a computer, from a computer to a tablet, from a tablet to a smartwatch, etc. 

Now regardless of the OS, The truth is that due to the Internet we can have everything connected. This situation, where we are passing files from one place to another, is changing to the maximum. To avoid problems when moving certain files from one device to another, We are going to need tools that allow us to carry out this transition quickly and easily.

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The eight best tools for sending files

Next, we will detail one by one the best tools to send large files for free from the computer or from the mobile:


WeTransfer is about one of the best known tools that allows you to send very large files.

This tool is available through a web version and does not require any registration. Also, you can send files up to 2 GB. As if that were not enough, WeTransfer has its own application for the Android OS known as "Collect". This application allows us to share all the content that we add through links. Just by sharing the link, the other person will be able to download everything you've added.

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Messaging apps They are mainly used to communicate with other people. However, some of them have improved so much that they can be used for a lot of different things. This can be the example of Whatsapp, Telegram or Gmail.

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Google Drive

The cloud is a concept that became fashionable a few years ago and today we have managed to internalize it much more than we think. Whether it's Google Drive, Dropbox or another program, all of them allow us to access our files from any device, which is something quite unimaginable a few years ago.

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Send Anywhere

Another of the best tools to send files from one device to another is Send Anywhere. We liked this tool mainly because of its great simplicity. Send Aywhere is a multiplatform application with which we can send files of up to 20GB.

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Box delivers 100% on what it promises: secure transfer of large files via private links. What has fascinated us the most about this tool is that you can modify the link folder without the link changing.

Also with Box we will have much greater control over what the recipient does with our shipment. For example, we will know when our receiver has downloaded the content.

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Share It

Another very interesting alternative is Share It. This tool is only available through an application, however, you can download it on computers and Android and iOS devices. This application allows us to create our own Wi-Fi network to share files. To do it, you simply have to connect to that network from your computer and access what you have shared.

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We Drop

Mi Drop is the tool to be able to transfer files that the developer Xiaomi has created. CWith this tool we will be able to carry out tasks such as file transfer without the need for the Internet. Thanks to Mi Drop we will be able to work through Wifi Direct so that we can carry out our transfer really quickly.

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Although this application is simpler than the others, it is one of the best options to work and transfer the content of our mobile device to our computer. We just have to connect both devices, install the application on our terminal and open AirMore on our computer. Then we will have access to everything that we have saved on our mobile.

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