Epublibre Does Not Work Anymore: Best Alternatives in 2022

epubfree (epublibre.org) is the platform where lovers of reading could download your favorite books at no cost. In addition, here, you could get reviews of any work to know if it was worth reading or not. 

However, some time ago epublibre stopped working and it became impossible for the community of readers to access its content at that time. Fortunately, the platform was soon back online with another domain after some time. However, this helped us to test other options and see that there are some good alternatives to Epublibre. Therefore, if this happens again, you can continue enjoying your favorite hobby. 

Next in this guide we will show you what are the best alternatives to Epublibre in 2022. 

What is Epublibre?

epublibre.org home page

Epublibre is just another community that, thanks to the internet, has been formed to bring together people interested in a specific topic in one place. In this particular case, it is a reader community. 

The people participating in this platform came to it thanks to their interest in books and reading. Here users could access a huge library of content and download books in electronic format be able to read them at any time from your mobile device or PC. 

This content library was not created from one moment to another, but is the product of years, in which anonymous users contributed their favorite digital literary works. His catalog had surpassed the incredible amount of 43.000 ebooks and people could get them via Torrent (hence the name of the community, because of the .EPUB format). In addition, it should be noted that the books were not only available in Spanish, but also in English and other languages. 

One of the things that made the platform a favorite among readers was precisely the fact that its books were downloaded in .EPUB format. This is because it is a format that can be read by Kindle e-reader and by all reading apps. 

How to access the Epublibre catalog?

anyone could access the Epublibre catalog without the need to create a user account on the web, before the platform stopped working with its original domain. 

However, because the influx of new users to the platform was so great, there was a long waiting time before books could be published or edited. This is because when creating a user account, it would not be operational immediately, but would have to go through a review process and spend several days before it was accepted by the moderators. 

However, after being offline for several months, the platform appeared with a new format. Now you need to create a user account before you can download a book. 

Will epublibre be active again?

 Unfortunately, the platform will never come back online again under its original domain. What happened with Epublibre was a closure ordered by a commercial court in Spain. The court's decision was motivated by a lawsuit filed by CEDRO (an association that manages the rights of books to authors and publishers). 

According to the CEDRO association, more than half of the content on the platform provided users with books protected under copyright. So I was committing a wrongful act.

The court admitted the claim and issued the order of unsubscribe from the platform. Which, happened since August 10, 2020. 

In the past he had already suffered other similar falls, but after a short time he was back again without problems. Users were used to this, so the despair began when after months it was still inoperative and there was no news about it. In fact, although many accounts appeared on Twitter claiming to be the official one, we never really knew if the website would come back, until it appeared again with the .free domain. 

Since then, the platform is operational and works almost in the same way as the original version. 

Is it possible to access Epublibre even when it is down?

Although the platform is offline, as is the case with many other websites that disappear from the internet, there is a way to access its content: archive.org.

From this link you can access epublibre from archive.org

Archive.org is considered the internet time machine, since it is in charge of archiving all the content of the platforms so that it can be accessible to users even after they are down. Therefore, here you can not only access Epublibre, but also any other that is no longer available on the internet.

Of course, the user experience will not be the same, nor will we have the same opportunities to access all the content. Possibly, you will have access to the books that were added earlier to the web, but not the most recent content, if it could not be saved on archive.org.

Alternatives to Epublibre

epublibre no longer works, it is better not to waste time waiting for the platform to come back online. Almost two years have passed and there are still no signs of being operational again. Therefore, below we will show you which are the best alternatives to epublibre they have a huge library of titles (sometimes free to you). 

Amazon books

Screenshot of Amazon free books

We start with one of the most suitable alternatives if you have a Amazon Prime and you use a book reader Kindle brand. 

Amazon books it is the content library that the company makes available to its users with a Prime account, who want access to good reading content. 

Here you will find one of the largest content libraries internet, so you will have many options to choose from. Best of all, these titles are being shared by the company in a lawful manner and there may not be problems in the future, like those that Epublibre had to face. 

Amazon's library is not limited exclusively to digital books. Here too there is an incredible amount of audiobooks, monthly magazines and other types of content just as fascinating. 

It should be noted that users without a Prime account and without a Kindle can also have access (albeit limited) to the platform. All they have to do is download the Kindle app on your Android or iOS device and access classic content like Don Quijote de la Mancha

Let's read

In this premium service, monthly subscription, but that it is worth every penny that must be paid. 

Let's read does not have such an extensive catalog, but the 1000 book titles that you have in your library are works of great interest and some very popular, which are not always available for a price as low as the platform's monthly fee. In addition, there is also a collection of audiobooks, available for you to listen to at any time. 

One of the advantages of this alternative to Epublibre is that it is not only available through the browser, but can also be used on smartphones through its app for Android or iOS


Screenshot of Infobooks

It is a website in which the content is divided into three sections: free books, classic authors and a blog with resources to improve your reading. 

Infobooks offers a library of content made up of titles that are licensed Creative Commons, that is, they are legally distributed to the public and are not likely to have copyright problems in the future. 

All content on this platform is available free of charge some. In addition, it is organized into subcategories such as short books, biology, languages, sports, esotericism, physics, history, children's books, medicine, mystery and suspense, among others. 

Google Books

Screenshot of Google Books

When it comes to digital services, Google is the giant in the technology industry, so it could not be left behind by offering a literary content library for its users. 

Google Books is a service with a large number of books, available in several languages, it also hosts several digital magazines and newspapers. Although there are some titles that are paid. 

The only limitation regarding this service is that books cannot be downloaded by any means, the way we can enjoy reading it is through the browser. 

Apple Books

Screenshot of Apple Books

Users iPhone, macOS and iPad have the possibility to download free books and legally, thanks to the service Apple Books

This is a huge library with countless literary titles, and although the vast majority have an established cost, there are also many that are free. 

Here are books in all the languagesFurthermore, there is a long list of audiobooks that you can listen to when you don't want to read for yourself. 

Apple's service has an advanced search engine, through which we can establish in the filter that we only search for free book results. 


Screenshot of Epublibre.free

After the users were reassigned to what epublibre no longer works, appeared a new web, that although with same name, now I had the .free domain. 

Basically, this website works in the same way that the previous platform did, that is, it offers a large collection of books at no cost to users. However, there is something that differs from the original platform: to download books we have to register. 

Here the content is mainly sorted into two sections “Most Downloaded” and “Recently Added”. However, we can also use the search engine to apply specific filters and make the titles that interest us appear. 

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg es the largest platform on the internet, that offers thousands of digital books to download. 

The library of this platform has added the enormous number of titles it has thanks to the contribution of thousands of users, who do not hesitate to share their electronic books with the community. 

The only drawback with this platform is that the digital books we find, they are usually in english and there is little content that is in Spanish. Here, most are titles that are already in the public domain, for example literary classics by Miguel de Cervantes. 


Screenshot of WattPad

More than a website to download books, this is a kind of social network, where people from all over the world meet, reading lovers. 

Wattpad works like a website and as an app for mobile devices. In addition, officially, it is a meeting point between writers and readers. 

Here the authors publish their books in real time, which means that you can read a work even if it is not finished and leave comments about what you think or leave a suggestion about the next chapter. 

As you can see Wattpad It is a website that follows a different line than Epublibre, but it does not mean that it is not worth it. Perhaps, you have the possibility of reading the next literary success of our times and you don't even know it (many famous writers have emerged from this). 

I like to write

Screenshot of Likewrite

It is a web platform that provides a space for new writers to post your talent and have contact with your potential readers. In other words, it works similar to Wattpad, but only through the browser because still does not have an app for mobiles. 

I like to write It is not a platform for you if you are looking for famous and highly popular works, since the content that is available is generally from authors who are just starting out. 


Bubok screenshot

This is a website where you can get free and paid content simultaneously. 

Bubok is a latest version and better structured of Wattpad. Here, there are popular and important literary works that you can buy or less popular books that you can access for free. 

This platform also serves as a meeting point or social network for readers and writers. Users can create an account, edit their profile and leave comments on the titles they have been reading. 


Screenshot of Libroteca.net

In this case we present a digital space where you have access to an amazing library with more than 55.000 electronic books. 

Bookstore.net it is a true digital library and allows the download of books at no cost. 

One of its disadvantages is that the user interface of the platform looks very rudimentary, however, despite this, it is still better structured than other similar platforms. 

Most of its copies are poetry and classic novels, written by great authors of literature. This means that it is not a place to look for popular works of our time.


Screenshot of eLibrary.org

Perhaps this is one of the best alternatives to Epublibre that we can find because of its extensive library that it stores more than 137.000 titles

eLibrary.org It has a wide variety of authors, genres and categories. Its user interface is too basic, but all the content it has makes up for that little detail. 


Wikisource screenshot

This is a library of books, whose content reaches almost the same number of titles as eLibrary.org. 

All the books of Wikisource are available in Spanish and totally free. In addition, the platform is part of a project under the tutelage of the same Wikipedia, so its interface is quite similar to that of the digital encyclopedia that we all know. 


Screenshot of virtual Cervantes

El Spanish government supports the population's interest in writing and reading, which is why they have started the project Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes where people can access over 6.000 books. 

This content is fully available free and is in spanish. In addition, here we can find other types of content such as famous theses, magazines, among others. 

The platform has a very attractive and easy to use user interface, but the works you find here are public domain classics, no works by modern writers like Stephen King will appear here. 

What is the best alternative to Epublibre?

Ultimately, epublibre no longer works, but this does not mean that it is the end of the free digital books An internet. 

As you realized, there are many alternatives to the platform, with equally varied content and other different authors. However, precisely all these alternatives make the choice more difficult. 

That is why our recommendation is get an amazon kindle (if your budget allows it) and a Amazon Prime subscription, in this way you would be "killing two birds with one stone". On the one hand, you have access to the Amazon library and on the other, you take the opportunity to read the books on a device that is not aggressive with your eyes. 

However, if you really don't want to spend anything on reading, you can choose to try the services of Project Gutenberg, because its library is so big and is updated so constantly that you will surely find something nice for yourself. 

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